Royal Harbor Update ..Halloween

The Annual Royal Harbor Trick or Treat Extravaganza is set for

October 31st

5.30 – 7.30pm 

Streets off Dolphin Road at the north end of Royal Harbor

Lastly, if anyone from the other areas of Royal Harbor would like to pass out candy to trick or treaters, we have several residents who have not arrived yet, so I am happy to set you up on one of our available driveways.  Please just give me a call, and I will get you a driveway. Let’s make this Halloween a fun one for the kids! 

Thanks very much!

Maureen Minker



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Royal Harbor Update (Halloween)


Reminder to all Royal Harbor residents. The Royal Har­bor Homeowners Association is setting up the Halloween Parade and Trick or Treat night. Once again the commit­tee has chosen homes on the North entrance for this event. It will be held Tuesday evening October 31 from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. (Halloween)

Residents along the street will be asked to volunteer to host little treat stands for the trick or treaters. Invite your friends from other Royal Harbor streets to join your set up and enjoy the costumed families as they walk the street.

The Naples Police have agreed to come and provide secu­rity and solve traffic issues on the street.

If this is new to you, please ask around. You will find this is a very fun and successful event. We will send out more reminders as we near the date. Oh yes, grown ups are en­couraged to dress up and participate also. This is a super fun night. Lets put Irma in our wake and move forward.


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Royal Harbor Update, 09/20/2017

Things are a lot better today. To my knowledge power is on in most or all of Royal Harbor. Some streets like Pelican in Oyster Bay reported no power yet. There may be some individual homes not on due to downed lines. I know many parts of Port Royal and Old Naples are still not on yet. Last night coming home about 7:30I passed many lineman trucks throughout the city. 7or 8 coming out of Royal Harbor area on Sandpiper. Hopefully the power issue for all is behind us.

Collection of trees, limbs, branches, fronds, bushes, etc. will start on Friday in Naples . This does not mean it will start here in Royal Harbor then so if yours is not picked up that day, have patience, it’s coming. You need to have it in a pile at the end of your yard and not on the street. Also, if you pile it with other debris such as shingles, tin, furniture, carpet etc they will pass you by and not pick yours up. You need 2 piles—separated. I know this is a pain and some yards just do not have the room. I am just passing this on.  If you drive around, you can see this ranges from large logs to half trees to palm fronds. This will be a big undertaking and I cannot imagine where they will haul and dispose of all this. There is an internet flier circulating that goes into depth with pictures on this if you need more clarification.

Also if you need help and do not know where to get it…the paper has been printing a page full of documentation on what services are out there and phone contacts. This is a good resource to cut out and keep handy.

Collier County lifted the boil water ban. I have not heard from the city other than they are planning to get results of their samples Friday.  I would hold off drinking the water until then.

Mail delivery is way behind. They are trying, but the back up is all up the line as deliveries had not been made to our area even before the storm and all that mail has to come through the pipeline. My data plan with Verizon emailed me last week that I was exceeding my limit. We called them and they said that they would forgive any overage due to the lack of wifi and the hurricane. But you have to call them and ask for it. So if you are using your phones, ipads, kindles etc without wifi and using up your data plan, you need to call and see if you can get that fixed to save some $$$. I think all carriers are doing it.

Both Publix and WalMart are open, but some shelves are still bare. They tell us that shipments are coming.  They should be back to normal by next week.

Hurricane Maria is turning North and should not be our problem. Thank goodness for that. Still, what a season. Really, very few homes were demolished in this area. Some older ones and those in low-lying areas suffered most of the damage. Assessments are not all in, but overall we fared very well considering there was a 142 MPH wind clocked at the airport only a few miles from us.







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ROYAL HARBOR Update,09/04/17

I am sure you have seen the last forecast for hurricane Irma. Current cone has it in Cuba just below Florida on Saturday. Some of the track has it coming North and moving up through Florida. The track has changed daily for the last 5 days so chances are this will not be the track of the actual event. But there are some things you should do now just in case.


if you are not signed up for CODE RED on the city of Naples website then you should do it.( ) This is where you give the city your phone numbers. They ask for your land line and all of your cellphones. They will then send you alerts about the neighborhood if events warrant. These may be recorded messages from the  mayor or City manager or they may be text messages. They will tell you what is happening in the city and can even be neighborhood specific. This is how you will be told to evacuate the area or when it is safe to return. They will give updates as they are needed.

You should also check your boat. Make sure that it is secure and lines are doubled. Allow scope for the possibility of rising water. If you are on a lift then check with the manufacturer or installer and ask them the best way to leave the boat. If you have a big boat you may call and try to make plans to have it hauled into dry storage. (Boat US will pay for part of this if it is a named storm. You need to call them to check how much and details) I am not suggesting you do this but check into it and reserve a spot if you think you will need it. If you have a sailboat plan the day when you remove all canvas and sails. If you are up North get someone to check this for you now so it will not be last minute and then everyone will be doing their own preparation.

Look at your yard. Strong winds can blow even heavy stuff around. Make a plan to get it stored and secure if need arises. If you have hurricane windows you are golden. If you have electric shutters even better. Close them when you leave. If not plan when you will put on plywood or plastic storm shutters. I use plastic overlays and it takes me about 3 hours to put them up. If it looks bad I will be doing it on Friday afternoon.

If you would have to evacuate you will want to take valuable items. Plan ahead what you want to take and see if you have room to take them. If you are flying out plan early because all flights will be booked. Also driving will be very difficult as everyone will want to go North at the same time. Just be ready for this as it is frustrating crawling along I-75 at 30 mph.

I have been here 15 years and my parents were here 15 to 20 years before that so I have some history. Chances are this will not be a problem but as a Boy Scout I had “be prepared” the Scout motto, drilled into me at an early age.

I will send more info as we go along.

This is the new directory. All new residents get a free one. If you have a new neighbor have them contact me for theirs.

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Royal Harbor Update 08/29/17

The sun is out and no clouds in the sky here today. After the past 5 or so days of rain, it is welcome. Parts of Cape Coral had over a foot of rain. My rain gauge showed nearly 10 inches overall in the 5 day period.  It is very low tech. A tube with a large mouth and shows how many inches of rain fell as the tube fills up. I have to empty is at just over 5 inches. The news reported less in this area but ???

If you are up north, then you have seen the weather and flooding. Here in Royal Harbor we really had nothing to speak of. A few streets accumulated water but soon drained. Nothing like the folks up north and inland who were water-skiing in the road. Even today some residents in Lee county were being evacuated. Some boats were reported as filling up and breaking lifts and/or sinking at the docks, but none here in our neighborhood. (you  need your bilge pump on)

We are all thankful that we had nothing like those folks in Houston. Most of the people here were fixated on The Weather Channel. We are lucky it is not us.

The Tree Trimmers are out again. They are hired by FPL and come and chop all our trees that are close to the power lines. It looks really bad where they have been. Still, whenever we complain about outages, the folks at FPL always blame it on a palm frond or a branch crossing the line. So I guess for now we have to put up with it. If you are new to the area, I am sure you will think that the power company should just bury the lines. We have tried for years to kick start this, but to no avail. Port Royal, Aqualane Shores, Old Naples, Coquina Sands and others all have the same problems and all have tried. I even sat in a meeting with the FPL president and the city manager and other presidents of Naples subdivisions and we discussed this, but nothing was resolved.

There are no homes now on the market in Royal Harbor under a million dollars . Ten years ago we sold some lots in here in the $400k range. Now it is not unusual to see 3 and 4 million dollar price tags. All my sources tell me this will be a good year in the RE market. Already many markets are selling better right now than even last January or February.

Naples Bay Resort has presented its plan to bypass US41 (at the corner of Sandpiper and 41) to the city council. I mentioned before they want to discontinue shuttling people from the Resort to the Cottages recreation area using their bus. They want to use golf carts and come across the little park that they built and bypass 41 altogether. I think this will pass council, as it seems like a good solution to avoid more crossings of US41. They also agreed to put in a parking lot for carts and open it up to local resident use.

Home Rule..As you may be aware Naples is a very well run city. Leaders in Naples for the most part have the mantra, of keeping Naples with a small town feel, and with that in mind they try to look at the big picture. They can do this because we have home rule. This allows communities to set up their own guidelines a to how they want their city to operate. There are, however, restrictions and one of these is that the State can overrule. We have seen this recently in the pension situation in Naples. The city had met with the various city workers and their representatives and worked out a long term solution for the unfunded pension liabilities that the city will face. But along comes the state and passes a law prohibiting cities from acting on some of the agreed changes. So now we are back to the drawing board. Now we see that the state again is exercising its muscle on signage. As you know Naples has a very strict sign rule to keep signs from overpowering the beauty of Naples. Now the state has come and signed into law that certain signs must be allowed and may overreach the limits that Naples has set. So do not be surprised when you see them crop up.

If you are a new resident, I have resident directories for you and also your discount RCC card. Please email or call me and stop by and pick yours up.

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Royal Harbor Update, 06/26/2017

We have passed the summer solstice now and the days will begin getting shorter. That does not mean cooler though. It seems that July, August, and September are the hottest months in SW Florida. As I get older I appreciate this less and less. I now find I need to get up and get my yard work and outdoor projects done before lunch to avoid the heat and humidity of the afternoons. Soon now, this will translate into afternoon thunderstorms. These do cool things off but only briefly. They also mean you need to watch the weather if you are fishing offshore. What did people do here before air conditioning?

A few things are going on. First, we had an incident last week where a couple of guys were caught stealing the plantings that the city put in, in front of the monument at the Dolphin Entrance to Royal Harbor. A resident saw the men taking some of the plants and called the police. I guess the first day nothing happened but the second day when she saw them she photographed the incident and called the police again. They responded but to her dismay, the police asked if they were her flowers and said they could not file a report unless the owner of the flowers signed it. Well, she called me and I went to the corner. The police then asked me If I owned them.  After a bit I just called Tyrone, our neighborhood officer, and explained what was happening. He then took over and handled the problem. I will be speaking to the city manager about this.  As Tyrone said, theft is theft. We all pay for the flowers and to just think these are free for the taking?

The city replaced the old electrical box that housed the electrical equipment on the Marlin entrance monument. They brought me the old one as we had paid for that one. If anyone would like this let me know. Free for the taking. First come, first served. It is heavy.

Rental homes are still being discussed in the city.  There is a difference between renting your single family home and renting a condo. Each has its own set of regulations in the city of Naples. Condos are usually governed by the condo associations within the restrictions imposed by the city. If you are thinking of leasing your home out for a month or two, you really need to contact the city and or the city website to see if you can first understand the rules. This topic is heating up since it involves money. Really, there are two issues. One is the city priority, which is how they can collect the bed tax money and the second is the neighborhood concern of having “party houses” in normally quiet residential home neighborhoods. Imagine, if you will, a College fraternity renting your neighbor’s home for a week. Think you would get much sleep?


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Royal Harbor Update, 06/05/2017:

The rain has started now. This week the forecast calls for rain nearly every day. Humidity is high and the temperature will hit 90 daily. Summertime in Naples. Fishing will improve though and restaurant waits will be few. Traffic has calmed some but still there are lots of cars out there.

Many people are now bicycling. It is cooler than walking as you provide your own breeze. It involves fewer mosquitoes, as riding along makes it harder for them to get on you. As more and more people bicycle, the need for understanding of the rules of the road become more necessary. I told you in the last post that the city has a new website and it is easy to use.

In the site is a part about bicycles. It has a downloadable booklet on Florida Rules of the road for bicycles. If you are going to bicycle you should read it. Nearly every week there is an accident involving a person on a bicycle and an automobile. You do not want to be the subject of one of these articles. Admittingly many times it is the car driver who is at fault, but not always. You are the only one who can make sure you are not the problem.

Do you know which side of the road you are supposed to be riding on? Can you legally ride on the sidewalk? Can you ride 2 abreast? What is the law concerning riding in groups? Do you need to stop at STOP signs? Do you need lights on your bike to ride at night? Can you ride double? Where can you park your bike? Do you need to wear a helmet? How about glasses? Can you ride while listening to music on earphones? This is not the land of your youth. Things have changed since most of us were kids when bike riding was how you got around. If you do not know the answers to these questions, you need to download the booklet and read it.

I am getting bitten like crazy by mosquitoes. They are everywhere and it is difficult to go outside. A lot has been written about this current outbreak of saltwater mosquitoes and even the news reports on TV has been talking about this problem. Here is how you can help here in our area…by calling the mosquito hotline and reporting how bad it is and asking for spraying we get better coverage. It really makes a difference. If we can get 20 or 30 people calling complaining we can get better service than if 2 or 3 call. So please pick up the phone and punch in..239 436 1000 and tell them you need spraying.

If you just cannot call then here is the app..Collier Mosquito Control District. If you load this in your phone, Ipad or tablet, you can go there and request spraying.

I like summer fishing. This is my best catch this year so far 30 inch Snook. We caught it up the river in Rookery Bay. It was a keeper but I released it. If you have some pictures of your catches, please send them to me and I will publish them here.


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Royal Harbor Update, 05/26/2017:



First I am sorry to report a home burglary in Royal Harbor. A neighbor told me that he went over 2 days ago to check on a neighbor’s home for them as they live abroad. He found the house had been broken into and TV’s and many other items were stolen. He called the home watch company who then called the police. This was at the corner of Kingfish and Trout. The police did a thorough inspection of the property and were on site most of the rest of the day. The neighbor then said he followed up yesterday as he saw an older Mercedes in the drive. He drove in, blocked the car, and talked to the driver who had a story about working on pavers. He took the license number of the car  and the guy left. Later he noticed a broken window and then he called the police. The police came again and found that the car’s plates were from a stolen vehicle. The neighbor was able to give a description of the driver. Young in 20’s, Latin looking. (he said Spanish/Cuban)  The thought is the second break-in was likely someone coming back for the cars as the keys were secured in the safe that had been stolen the first time. I think the neighbor said the owners were listed in VBRO as for rent.

So he speculated that the burglars knew the property was vacant.

I urge all of us who live here to increase vigilance as the neighborhood empties. After season we probably lose half of our residents as they go North to cooler climates. Our police are good about driving the neighborhood and you can call them and request that they stop and check you home throughout the summer. This usually involves them driving around the neighborhood with a list and stopping and walking around the property if anything looks out of place and occasionally just for a look see. I have talked to the police on this matter and they tell me they do not mind doing this. They also want you to call them on ANY activity that you see that is not normal. The number to call is 239 213 4844.and then send them to the police. Do not wait until the next day to report something, and please do not think you are being silly by reporting something that does not look right.

As always, in an emergency call 911.  Remember, too, you probably do not want to confront someone, so use your phone camera and take pictures of cars, people and license plates

CODE RED… Naples has a new website. If you go there you will see how user friendly it is. On the very first page it has a red square near the bottom that has the name CODE RED click it. Here you can register your phone numbers with the city. In case of an emergency the city manager or the Mayor can call everyone at once with updates on the community. They can also select various neighborhoods and zip codes. In cas e of, say, a bad storm or hurricane, you will get telephone updates of what is happening, what happened, and what you need to do, or when you may be able to return home.  Include all your phone numbers, as it can ring them all, home land line, and cell phones include you, your spouse, and any family members who need to know.

The mosquito hotline number is 239 436 1000The squeaky wheel gets the most grease. If you are getting bit, call them and report and ask for more spraying.

Also this is Alligator mating time.. (oh goody) if you see a gator you can call 800 432 2046 for removal.

In the summer we have lots of thunderstorm power outages. To report your area to FPL call 800 468 8243

When you get to the corner of 41 and Sandpiper, you see the stop light mast arms there are very shabby as the paint has peeled over the years. I just found out the city now is repainting some of these. We were always told that this was a FDOT function, but now it seems this is not the case. I just put these on the list to be painted, but if a lot of people complained, then maybe we would get higher on the list. If you are inclined, send an email to [email protected]

And ask Greg to please paint these as they are at the entrance to not only us, but to Naples Bay Resort as well, and they paid for the parks there.

More Later…


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Royal Harbor Update, 04/27/2017

There are a few things going on now, but mostly people are planning for the summer off. Yesterday I met with the city manager, Bill Moss, for the President’s Council meeting. Here is what is going on with the city.

First was street repairs. Gulf Shore Boulevard is getting new drainage system upgrades similar to what we had a few years ago. Some streets around the Naples Beach and Golf club are affected. Also there were several city streets that are to be resurfaced over the summer. None set for Royal Harbor though.

The new fire station plans are approved. It will replace the old station next to the City Hall. The old one will be torn down this summer. The new building will be a 50 year structure capable of withstanding a Category 5 hurricane. It will be roughly 20,000 square feet and nearly double the size of the one now. It will cost taxpayers over 6 million dollars. We saw plans; it is really something.

We also had a big discussion on landscaping noise led by the president of Gulf Shore Condominium association. He had done a lot of research and presented a very compelling case on noise reduction.

His premise was that the present gas-powered lawn care products are not being studied and improved upon to reduce noise. Makers have decided not to go this route but to put their R and D into electric machines. These include blowers, weed whackers, mowers and so on. He stated that these machines , although more expensive, are much quieter and had recyclable batteries that could be recharged using solar panels affixed to landscaper’s vehicles, very similar to the panels used by the boating public to recharge boats.

His idea was to try and see if Homeowner associations would buy into a voluntary program that would ask landscapers to start to convert these gas machines to electric or battery ones. He suggested starting with just blowers or weed whackers, and ask the lawn companies if they would agree to start using them. His thought is that if many associations insisted on hiring people that would convert, the noise level would decrease a lot. I think this has merit and so did many of the people in attendance. It was voted to try some experiments. One was to see if the City could get their landscapers to only use electric on areas around 5th Avenue, see if it makes a difference. Several other presidents said they would approach their landscapers to see if they would try it.

I will keep you informed on this. This approach uses the power of the purse, and it may well be an idea whose time has come.

Discussion then led to solar power. FPL is trying to outreach customers to increase their solar presence. They had several proposals that were presented, but all in attendance felt they were “ugly” and disrupted the beauty of Naples.

One of the firefighters in attendance had been working on the recent wildfire. He stated the fire was caused by a lawnmower. I read somewhere it was a spark from throwing a rock but he could not confirm that. Anyway it started from a small spark and the fire traveled a total of 9 miles before they stopped it.

You can see on the corner of Sandpiper and Marlin the county is now repairing the rail and pipe under the road. It has been the victim of a errant driver. Seems to be a good corner for this. However, if you drive through Royal Harbor, you might see how many mailboxes have also been bumped.


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Royal Harbor Views

Interested in seeing Royal Harbor from 100 ft. altitude ?

We’re new at this,so we expect to make some errors.



These shots are from about a year ago. More recent views to come later (hopefully)

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