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Notes of Interest to Royal Harbor Residents

President’s Update – August 6

Good News, since we have installed the cameras at the entrances we have not had one home break in. Maybe the word got out. Regardless, before this, we were having an incident about every 2 weeks. We have had a couple problems though. Several cars that were unlocked and left in driveways have had items taken

from them. The police want to remind us to make sure you lock your car. Some think these thefts may be bicyclist but I have also had reports of pick up trucks seemingly canvassing the area.

Those of you up North, the weather is hot and very humid. Thankfully wind sheer is blowing all the tropical waves apart so no big storms yet. Keep our fingers crossed. More good news is we have 6 new home starts in Royal Harbor going on and 2 more in the wings I know of. Real Estate is starting to move here again but prices are lower.

There is a concern now with the lower property values that this will affect dredging. Let us hope we can move forward on this with no problems. Nearly all the members of the east Naples Advisory committee are residents of Royal Harbor and will, I know, do their best for us. We just have to convince the council to move ahead.

The newspaper yesterday in a short budget review stated that there will be no property tax increase, however, in the same line stated the mil rate would increase by .05. Makes no sense to me? isn’t an increase an increase?

I have received two emails from the city needing to recruit citizens for the various advisory boards. I will attach these to the email and if you are so inclined please read them and you can decide if you want to throw you hat in the ring and apply for any of these positions.Our government is only as good as the people who represent us. If you have knowledge in any of these areas please consider volunteering. The requests appear below.

Terry Forshier

President Royal Harbor Homeowner Association

From Collier County

1. The district needs your help in getting the word out to those in your circle of influence regarding a vacancy that exists on the Collier County Value Adjustment Board (VAB). Anyone who owns a business occupying commercial space located within the school district is invited to apply to serve as a representative of the district on the VAB. Citizen members are included on the board along with School Board Members and Collier County Commissioners. The board serves the community by hearing appeals from homeowners who feel their property was appraised too high by the county. The school district citizen representative will join a counterpart from the county, one school board member, and two county commissioners.

Anyone interested in being considered for a seat on the board should fill out an online application on the home page of the District Web site at They may also obtain an application or information by calling our office at 377-0180. The application deadline is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 3rd. An appointment to the Value Adjustment Board will be made by the School Board at its September 16th meeting.

According to statute, a citizen member appointed by the school board “must own a business occupying commercial space located within the school district. A citizen member may not be a member or an employee of any taxing authority, and may not be a person who represents property owners in any administrative or judicial review of property taxes.”

Thanks in advance for your help.                                                                                                 Joe Landon                                                                                                                    Communications Services Department                                                                                          The School District of Collier County                                                                                             & The Education Channel, cable

From the City of Naples

(Click on following  link for PDF file.)

City Request for volunteers 2010

Neighborhood Maintenance – Freqently asked questions

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  1. George Ryan says:

    Great website! Thank you for the hard work to get it online. Would you think about using a beautiful water view down a canal for the main photo?

    • Ed says:

      Thanks for your kind words. Your idea of a canal view as a heading photo is a good one. The problem of selecting a photo is finding a good one that fits our panoramic format. We plan to change photos, even having different views for different pages. Lots of good things coming, stay tuned.
      Ed Thieme

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