Royal Harbor Update: 06/20/18

A few things that are going on.

If you did not know SW Florida is known for the many lightning strikes we have here. This is really serious. This week a home in Royal Harbor was struck. The fire dept came and fortunately, there was little damage. However, lightning also hit my sailboat in my backyard canal. Not so fortunate here. I guess I will test how good BoatUS insurance is. So far things do not look so good. But this reminder. Lightning can strike many miles away from the actual storm. A few years ago a man standing on the steps of Tommy Bahamas was hit by a bolt of lightning in the middle of a clear sky. Last year a man and his pregnant girlfriend were struck on Ft Myers Beach.  Every year people are hit by lightning here.  So be careful and stay sheltered in these storms.

Last month in the canal between Snook and Sandpiper St. we had an alligator swimming around. This was a 6 plus footer. So if you are planning to jump in the canal look twice before you leap. Ha ha

An  Iguana was also spotted in Royal Harbor last month. I am told they do not bother people but I would not like to see one. Remember this is right near the Everglades so we have wildlife here. Just avoid contact if possible and you can report any sightings to the city.

Royal Harbor residents, Stansfield’s, have been fostering this cat part-time. They would like to know if it has a home here or not. If this is your cat please contact  them  [email protected]

Real Estate Update since the last posting’

6/1     1920 Tarpon            Expired                      $3,550,000

6/15   2156 Tarpon            Sold                            $1,050,000

6/18   1503 Marlin             Pending                     listed at $1,995,000

6/18   1840  Sandpiper     Price Decrease        $1,159,000

Terry Forshier

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