Royal Harbor Update: 5/29/18

Wow, last night when I was out checking my boat I was nearly carried away by mosquitoes. I came in and was covered in them. It is time to call or contact the mosquito control people to ask for spraying. You can do this in 2 ways. One is to call and report we need sprayed. The number to do this is 239 436 1000. If you would like to get the recording of scheduled spraying you can call 239 436 1010.  Remember the more people call in and complain, the quicker we get on the schedule.

The other way to report and ask for spraying is by going to the APP. YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD IT TO YOUR SMART DEVICE. It is Collier Mosquito Control District. Once downloaded you open it and follow directions. Please take a minute and do this. We need to get those little buggers before they can multiply even more.

I am asked to remind people that Naples code does not allow personal signage to be placed on the right of way (or even in your own yard) If you are driving around this area you may notice personal portable signs placed on the side of the road. These include…Thank you for not parking on my grass,

Drive like your kids live here and please slow down. Please remember this is the city code and these signs are subject to removal by the code officers or citations to the owners of the property. The Code personnel does not want to have confrontations with residents so by this email we are asking you to remove them.

I am sure you are aware by now that the council has approved the design for the new Hotel and business complex  in the 3rd avenue area. I am a supporter of this as that valuable area has been an eyesore for far too long. In case you missed this…the land between Naples Sandpiper Bay club and Royal Harbor’s Sandpiper Street has been selected to be purchased by the county to be used as set aside, preserve. This eliminated the worry about a development there. Thanks to all who worked on this and to all of you who took the time to write to the county about this. It made the difference.

The construction at the intersection of 41 and Pine, just west of McDonalds is going to be a Woodbridge Suite Hotel. It will be an extended stay facility as is the new Hyatt on the causeway. Hopefully upscale and look nice.

Trio that was scheduled to start at the point on the triangle has gone on hold, as I am told the developers have difficulties. The development behind Trio (to the East) with the three 13-story buildings and the commercial and residential mix is still progressing.

The lot that used to house Publix and Boat Us and Payless etc is reportedly going to be an apartment complex but this is second hand.

Royal Harbor Real Estate activity since last time:

4/30   2156 Tarpon                        Price Decrease        $1,248,000

5/3     2068 Snook Dr                    Price Decrease        $1,750,000

5/4     1840 Sandpiper                  New                           $1,295,000

5/8     1525 Bonita Lane               Withdrawn              $1,595,000

5/9     2156 Tarpon                        Pending                     listed at $1,248,000

5/11   1560 Bluefin                        Sold                            $1,180,000

5/16   1955 Tarpon                        Sold                            $2,030,000

5/24   2135 Snook Dr                    Sold                            $4,150,000

5/29   2450 Tarpon                        Sold                            $3,550,000

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