Royal Harbor Update – April 16,2018

Even though season is winding down there is a lot going on.

The Collier county commissioners have stalemated on the tax hike they were contemplating. It seems to me that, once elected, government officials feel their job is to grow government. In this case there was a long list of projects that the county wanted to fund. Some of the commissioners felt, as I do, that many of these projects should be funded from other sources not taxpayer’s backs. Even this sales tax is a tax on us. The big selling point on this was to be that 30% would come from tourists. Well, that left 70% to be paid by you and I. Regardless, this is just another government hand in your pocket. Next is affordable housing that many feel we are obligated to fund. I am happy to report that several of the commissioners and I agree that the marketplace is where affordable housing should take place and not out of the taxpayer’s coffers. When the government starts interfering with the natural flow of the housing market they just create disaster. How many housing projects have you seen that end up, more or less, as slums? Probably most or all. When the government starts to adjust costs to make things more affordable, they are sooner or later going to end up with an area that stands out as less desirable than its neighbors. This, in turn, pulls adjacent neighborhoods values down also. I believe this is the thought process being used by some of the commissioners and I applaud them for it.

This is not a done deal and if you disagree and have better ideas I know they would love to hear them.

If you recall last month I sent out a notice regarding the beach access bill that was coming up. This bill was sponsored by our representative, Kathleen Passidomo. I met with her and listened to her explain the process outlined in the bill as it stands. The media has turned this around and has done its best to sensationalize it. They slant it so that it appears the average citizen has lost his right to walk the beach. This is just more FAKE NEWS. In reality, this bill allows citizens to petition local courts to allow public access to private land. If successful, then the public is granted access. Many are already trying to tie Governor Scott to the bill since he signed it. They hope to use it against his Senate run.

I include this because this is our money and our government, and we need to be aware it has our best interests in mind.

If you recall many were asked to write to the county regarding the property at Marlin and Sandpiper. The marshy acreage that lies between Sandpiper Bay Club and Royal Harbor. Although noting is definite I was told this week the county has moved this parcel up to #1 as far as properties to acquire. So maybe this will get put into conservation land. that would be a great solution.

Naples has a great volunteer community. People who give up their time and talents to serve the rest of us. One of the nice things that can happen is that occasionally one of these people is recognized for their service. We have a local resident in Royal Harbor who was recently recognized by being named a SAM NOE AWARD Winner.(details at  ,search for SAM Noe Award )Please congratulate Jim Krall, 2190 Sheepshead, for his outstanding work on our behalf and his award.  


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