Royal Harbor update

What a summer this has been. Irma was the biggest event we have had in awhile and we escaped from what might have been a real disaster for Royal Harbor. We did have problems though. One was our new sign.

Unfortunately this sign is now gone. During the clean up of the big tree that fell across Sandpiper Street, it got destroyed and hauled away. I turned this into the city hoping for some relief from insurance. (either the city or the contractors) but so far no one will help us. So the $1625 we paid for this appears to be lost. I have ordered a replacement. We are not broke, but our reserves are smaller than we would like.

This leads into  our membership renewal. Those of you who are not new, remember we paid for the new cameras that are now installed at each entrance. Many of you contributed to this and the balance was then taken from our Royal Harbor funds. (the $50 each of us pays for membership into the association) this is voluntary and most of you do join. We also give new residents the first year free. This is our only income.  So it is time again for renewal.

I am attaching here the new 2018 form. If you want your name in the Royal Harbor directory we will need your renewal by the 31st of December. All those received after will not be in the directory as we take them to the printers the first week of the year.

We also need to know if there is a demand for the RCC cards? Every year we get them at a discount and order one per membership.  Some on our board want to know If this is something we need to continue. It is time to order them so let your local board member know or email me if you have an opinion.

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