Royal Harbor Updates – September 9, 2014

Here is what is going on. 

 The water line install is still underway although it runs in spurts it seems. Lots of workers working then a stall of a few days then resuming work again. The line down Snook is laid out now and  it crosses the road twice. It goes down the East side of the road going south from Marlin, then crosses the road at the curve to the North side. Then at the west curve where the road turns back south it again crosses the road back to the East until the end where it loops under the canal. I can only suppose it follows the old line.  So far I have not seen any horizontal boring under driveways. Sandpiper Street south to Sheepshead and down appear done as far as burying the line. Not yet re-grassed or finished up.

 The city is again considering new firefighters, a fire boat (or a water Boat) and these are under review by the council. The whole firefighter situation is again rearing its head as the State union reps are trying to work on maintaining the status quo from the state level. State mandates could wipe out all the gains made by local cities and counties in firefighter contracts and pension reforms. This state wide city reform has been led in large part by the city of  Naples. I will be sending more on this as it becomes more clear. In summary, it does look like as we slowly recover our tax base, all city departments see an opportunity to increase their individual funding. In their defense many have taken cuts and most have not seen increases for years. Still, just because we are seeing increased revenue, should not mean to go on a spending spree. Fortunately, we have several very good bean counters on council. Some moderate growth and possible consolidations could be beneficial in many instances.

The topic of shared response through 911 is HOT now as everyone here has an opinion of sharing facilities, costs, response times for emergencies and other related factors. Right now the city of Naples is the only hold out in this program to combine all efforts. In Royal Harbor,we do not have a city fire department station on this side of the bay nor do we have an ambulance center. Our closest center for this is East Naples, however, the city is reluctant to jump in to this as a full compliant member participant. This program is for firefighters and paramedics in Collier County. Recently cited was the house fire across the street from the airport. Even though the airport director saw the fire and tried to send the firefighters from his facility to assist in this (and they would have been first on the scene) they were prohibited from leaving their post by the Naples command in the city. Many think this was a bad decision. Now the director of the airport has requested other fire departments bid for the services on their location. (the airport pays for their station in most part) There is a lot of rumbling and grumbling among many citizens on these issues.

 I am including as an attachment some information from the police on Fraud prevention. In this light, many of you know we have had some residential burglaries. At least one of the burglars was caught and arrested. Events leading to this arrest were interesting. We had video surveillance from some homeowners, we had our video cameras and one resident even saw something  that they deemed suspicious. They took photos of the vehicle and plate. It had not only the stolen items in it, but was driven by the, then, prime suspect. Arrests  were then made. Good Jobs by everyone.Fraud-prevention-tips

Nothing new on Race Track station. There is a group complaining about mosquito control. Is anyone getting bit and should we add our name to the complaint? I have not noticed a worsening problem.



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  1. BruceR says:

    I had the opportunity to watch the installation of a multiple section of the new water line (blue pipe) being installed today on Snook Drive. It’s an interesting process and does indeed go under the driveways without disturbing them. The pipes themselves just snap together and then a long section was pulled from the green space between two driveways and snaked underground past two homes and their driveways to another green space between two more driveways. The process then repeats for the next section. Aside from the “incisions” made to insert and pull the pipes there is no trenching and laying of pipe as in ancient times (like when I was young).
    As I understand it, the white pipes with all the little hoses running into the ground every few feet are used to pump water out of the ground.

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