Royal Harbor Updates – 02/26/2013

Burglaries in Naples…

On several occasions last month residents made it possible for our Police to catch burglars. In one instance a resident was home and answered the door to a stranger. Out front was a white BMW and another person or two in the car. The individual rang the bell and she answered. He asked if “Bill” was there? Then said he probably had the wrong house. He acted somewhat strange so the owner called police to report the incident. He left with his friends in the car. Very shortly, police arrived in the area and the car was spotted in a driveway with a man talking on the phone standing beside it. The police apprehended the suspect. In the back of the house two others were found with burglary tools getting ready to break in to the home. All three were arrested. The police also found a list of addresses on the suspects. The first house was one and this was another. The third address was checked and it was found broken into. Items of jewelry and coins and collectables and small electronics were taken. The car was stolen. All three are now out on bail.

In another case a similar method was used and the driver was driving a new Hyundai. (rental) AGAIN THE SUSPECTS HAD ONE PERSON CASING THE HOME TO SEE IF ANYONE WAS THERE. THEN THEY WOULD PARK IN THE DRIVE, LEAVE A LOOKOUT AND ENTER FROM THE REAR AND TRY TO STEAL SIMILAR ITEMS. Again, the owner thinking this was unusual, reported to police and they captured the suspects.

In both these and other cases, the persons were from the East Coast of Florida. Naples police think the burglars get a nice car to blend in, drive to Naples , hit several homes and then return with their loot. In one case, a woman was apprehended–she was from Golden Gate area. All are out on Bail.

There were also several car thefts and one person on Curlew, who left their condo door open, had a laptop stolen. Most know that we had several boat burglaries here in the Royal Harbor Area.

There is going to be some discussion on parking in the city. Specifically on the issue of where do service providers park. Now they park in the streets, on the grass or where ever. There is also a specified time they can park in any area. (like 2 hours) . Also, service providers park on vacant lots, on areas designated for turning and so on. There are numerous complaints on this issue.  Beside the inconvenience of half the street being blocked off, I have not heard of anyone concerned about this in Royal Harbor. This will mostly deal with Old Naples, Aqualane, Port Royal and that side of the town. Residents there complain the trucks and trailers park all day in the streets and block traffic. At this time nearly all parking in the city is free, except pier parking and beach parking.Again the number to call if you see anything is 213 4844. The Police Chief said,” PLEASE call us if you see anything out of the ordinary”

There are some volunteer vacancies in city boards at this time. Here is the information if you would be interested in serving. Attached to this email are the positions available and an application.Application with Ethics Code CURRENT_


Also here is some more information on white fly . Thanks again to Kris Morton.  link:



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