Royal Harbor Update:07/05/2020

If you have been out in your boat you have noticed the dredgers that have been staged near Gordon Pass. These are Army Corps of Engineers and they are going to dredge the area west of Gordon Pass. They are awaiting final approval, but it should be within 2 weeks. This is much needed as any sail boater will tell you. It appears they are offloading the sand on the beach south of the pass. If you are familiar with the rip rap that has been placed there, it looks to me as though the plan is to fill the beach up to these rocks.

This weekend is the 4th of July and all parades and fireworks have been cancelled due to the pandemic. However, I have been told a protest march or gathering is being planned for Fifth Ave that day. If that happens, I am told the police will be monitoring it.

If, when you put out your yard flags, you find some need replacing or if you lost yours, I have extras. They will be on my bench by my front door. (1750 Sandpiper) and you may just stop and pick some up anytime. You do not need to knock and tell me, but if you just want to say hi that’s great.

Your Board is working over the summer on several projects. One is trying to improve the entrance monuments into Royal Harbor. Many have felt ours are dated and that our community should have more modern and updated monuments. Surprisingly, these are very costly, so we are researching on two fronts. One is to use the same monument, but reface it with a new look. The other is to just replace the whole structure. I have seen some of the suggested designs and was very impressed. More later..

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Royal Harbor Update:April 13,2020

Note from your Webmeister:

As it has for so many activities, The Corona virus pandemic has interfered with updating this site. This update will attempt to bring things up to date.

From Terry ForshierWed, Apr 8, 11:47 AM (5 days ago)

I hope this update finds you well and safe,,,

So we took the directories to the post office to mail them.

After talking to the postal service they determined that the mailing envelope was a package and wanted $3.90 to mail each one. The board members doing the mailing felt that spending nearly $1000 on these made no sense since we are trying to gather monies for the entry way monument replacement we are working on. They have decided to hand deliver those to homes that appear to be here now. So they will be going around placing them at your home. (in the mailbox if our local postman will agree its ok. If not then up by your door.  Delivery people are Gayle Napoli and Greg Guliani.

I still have Flags if you or your neighbors want to use them They are on my porch and free. Just stop and pick up and bundle. Those of you on corners may want another bundle to wrap around the street.  We use a screwdriver to make the hole for the flag if the ground is too hard.

To many it seems that we are not in an affected area since we may not know anyone affected with the virus. However there are cases in our zip code, which is 34102. That is the city limits of Naples.  Right now there are 15 reported cases. This may not seem like a lot when you factor in our voting population is just over 22,000 people and with visitors it could be half that again. But it is here and if we are not practicing social distancing it could spread.  If you want to see where (by zip code), the cases are in Florida this is the website.

Since it appears many of us are now taking daily walks I thought I would share this with you. From the City of Naples..

Reminders for Pedestrians, Bicyclists, & Motorists…

Cyclists: Kids 16 & under must wear a helmet.

Motorists: 3 feet from cyclists is the law. 

Pedestrians (walking or running): If sidewalk is available, a pedestrian is not allowed to walk upon the roadway. If sidewalks are not provided, pedestrians shall walk on the shoulder on the left side of the roadway FACING traffic.

Be vigilant.

Be kind

Be patient.

And don’t forget to continue to practicing social distancing!

The attachments and emails below relate to the auto thefts this past week.  I found very interesting. It clearly shows these thefts are occurring by people living across the state. Since we are mostly all at home and many are on the computer you might find it interesting as I did.

Subject: Re: AUTO THEFTS

Good afternoon,

I have received many inquiries from our homeowner’s associations in regards to the auto thefts in our city.   

Please understand that our Criminal Investigations Division is diligently working to solve these cases and there is some information that is confidential to law enforcement.  

I have included a press release that was sent out by The City Of Naples Police Department on Saturday, April 4, 2020.

A bulletin has been created by our Criminal Analyst that will provide clarity to many of the questions that have been asked.  I have attached that as well.

For those who have sent reminders to our residents to lock their doors and remove the keys from their vehicle, THANK YOU!  This was the common denominator in EVERY theft.

We appreciate your assistance in combating auto theft in our community.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you,


Master Officer Sean Phillips

City of Naples Police Department

Community Policing Division


Good afternoon,

My name is Master Officer Sean Phillips.  Although I may not be the Community Policing Officer that is assigned to your neighborhood, I have some important information to share.

Please see included email as well as the attachment I have forwarded.

Your Community Oriented Policing Division is asking for your assistance in combating auto thefts in our city.

Feel free to share the flyer with your residents and remind them to lock their doors and keep their keys fobs with them.

We appreciate your help!

Thank you,


Master Officer Sean Phillips

City of Naples Police Department

Community Policing Division

(239) 351-4212


Good morning,

I hope that everyone and their families are doing well.

Since March 13, 2020 the City of Naples as a whole has had eight (8) vehicles stolen.  During one incident two vehicles were taken from one residence.

As of this email we are in the process of investigating other vehicles that may have been taken during the early morning hours of April 4, 2020.

The common denominator in most (possibly all) of these auto theft were:


I have attached a flyer from The City Naples Police Department titled “Lock It or Lose It”.  It outlines precautions that can be taken to ensure property is not taken. 

Please feel free to share the flyer with our residents to raise their awareness.

As always, if there are any concerns you may have please contact me via email or my department cell phone listed below.

Thank you,


Master Officer Sean Phillips

City of Naples Police Department

Community Policing Division

(239) 351-4212

If you made it this far I am almost done. Someone found a remote lift control on Sheepshead. It was new still in the package. If it is yours and you can describe it I will connect you to the people who found it.

Also a package was wrongly delivered on Sandpiper Street. If you got a package on your door step and it was not for you please contact me and I will tell you who it belongs to. And we can get it to the owner.

From April 4:

I just received a call from Officer Davis, our neighborhood police officer. He told me that last night several vehicles were stolen from city residents. None that he knew of were stolen from Royal Harbor but… Two nights ago a resident here reported that someone had tried to access his car parked in his driveway . That same night at about 2 am I was awake and noticed my security light on my porch went on, followed by the one on the side of the house. I checked and did not see anyone but that was where I had parked my truck. Also that night, a resident reported a man in his backyard. Officer Davis told me that that night the sheriffs department reported auto and home burglaries in areas just East of Royal Harbor.

In our discussion we talked about the possibility of this type of criminal behavior escalating. He felt, as I do, that if things continue on like they are now and more people are out of work and have no income or way to sustain themselves, we may indeed see more criminal behavior.

So what can you do? A few things you should do are to put your car in the garage and close the door. If your car is outside remove all valuables and lock it up. Install motion sensor lights around your property. Put the Naples police department on your speed dial on your phone. (239 216 3000) Call the police immediately if you see or hear anything suspicious. Do not call anyone else, just call them, they will come out and check it out. We have a very good police force and they want us to notify them on anything.

As a personal note, I am a farm boy and grew up in the country. We hunted, fished, planted gardens and farmed and learned how to live off the land and take care of ourselves. We did not have police force nearby to call. Our home was always prepared for all possibilities including intruders. Now, no one thinks we’re facing immediate danger but as any scout knows, “Be Prepared “ is a good motto.  Hopefully this will soon be behind us and things will come back to normal. Expect the best and prepare for the worst.

I still have flags available for anyone in Royal Harbor that wants to fly them in your yard. Just stop by and pick them up on my porch. They are in bundles of 10.

Rhonda and I are starting to address the directories for mailing to residents. We are mailing to your local address unless you have instructed otherwise. Several have already asked we mail to another address. If you have already done so, please don’t ask again.

Our new mayor has announced the formation of 2 new departments of oversight: One on economic and businesses, the other on environment. We are growing government again.

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Royal Harbor Update March 11, 2020

We certainly live in interesting times. We have a city election underway, and a National presidential election coming along with the all the negative ads we will have to be seeing. My phone rings 20 times a day and its either a robocall where no one answers,  a political survey or someone with a new scam trying to get my social security number or get me to send gift cards out to them to pay an old IRS levy someone just found. I turn on the TV and all I see is we are being attacked by the coronavirus and we all need to get hand sanitizers or be prepared to die. But is this getting me down? NO, because living here in Royal Harbor and Naples makes me one of the luckiest people in the world.  Rhonda and I road trip somewhere every summer and I have yet to stop somewhere where I would trade places to live. I hope you feel the same.

You know Naples didn’t get this way by accident. It has had really good leadership. The city of Naples Staff, from the city director on down to the people driving the street sweepers, are all good at their jobs. I have had a chance to work with a lot of them and please take my word for this, most try to be the best they can at their jobs. Then there are the public officials. Naples has been blessed with conservative leadership. We weathered the recession here in Naples by trimming city government and cutting non-essential personnel and services. Did any of you notice a lack of anything during this time? Likely not. I like Naples, I like where we are now, where we are going and the leadership that has brought us here. Can you believe the many number one spots Naples now sits in? Like most desirable to retire, healthiest city and happiest city in the whole country. Again, this did not just happen because we have a good beach, a nice bay, and sunny weather. It happened because people thought things through and planned it that way. This is what got us here. Only one thing can make us change course.

That is if we elect officials who want to change direction and who want to grow government at the taxpayers’ expense. So before you vote for change, take a few hours and drive around town. Go down Sandpiper and take a left and cross the bridges and see the new Hyatt on the right and Naples Bay Resort on the left. Both new beautiful resorts. Go on to Fifth and drive down the street. Do you see lots of buildings that do not fit in or look out of place? Do the streets look cluttered and messy? Do you feel safe? If you decide you want to stop and look around, can you find a place to park for free?  Try this anywhere else.

Go down Third Street and see the restaurants and stores. They are beautiful, go to the Pier, its new, beautiful and free, too. Swing around to the city dock. It is also new and inviting. Stroll down the dock, check out the boats, use the public toilets, clean and nice. Everywhere you go someone has taken the time to do things right… to make the city a more beautiful and a more pleasant place to live in.

Your vote is really important in Naples this election. You can decide which Naples you like best. You can vote for the one we have now, or something else. But please vote. Right now early voting is at the Norris Center. No lines..

(the above are my opinions alone) Terry

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Royal Harbor Update:01/23/2020

You may have already heard but there has been a person walking and riding a bike around Royal Harbor that has been seen looking into peoples windows and accessing their back yards and sea wall areas. Several people have reported this to the police as non-conforming behavior. If you would see something like this just call the police. They will come out right away and check it out.

You may also know that there is a big city election coming this year. There are 7 people running for council seats and the mayor has a challenger. It appears some do not like the present course the city is on. To help you understand the issues there are several forums being held where you could go see these candidates. Here is one.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 in City Council Chambers; 735 8th Street South

4:00 PM – 2020 City Election – Mayoral Candidate Forum

6:00 PM – 2020 City Election – Council Member Candidate Forum

At our annual meeting, we will also have a time set aside for this. The annual meeting will be held at the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club on Monday, Feb. 24. We plan to start at 9 am and dedicate the first hour or so to letting the candidates introduce themselves and give a short (5 minute) introduction and election speech) Then at approximately 10, we will take a short break and then resume with our annual meeting. So this will take a little longer but may give you valuable insight into the various candidates.

Do not forget the Royal Harbor garage sale will be Feb 8. Applications can be received from Donna Krall by emailing her.    ([email protected])

Everyone needs an application as they are free but required from the city. This is a good time to clean out the garage/attic, spare room etc. We usually have a LOT of people come to this.

We have Royal Harbor slate of nominees that will be voted in at the annual meeting. They are: Maureen Minker, Kimberly Alvord, Gayle Napoli, Debra Alvarez, Greg Guliani and myself. Those who will be continuing three year terms are: Mike Kehoe, James Doane, Ed Thieme, Mike Rinaldi, Fred Hoffman, Donna Krall.

We are getting ready to close up the membership list for the printing of the Royal Harbor Directory. Board members have been trying to locate all those who have forgotten to sign up. Hopefully you are not one of them.

Lastly, I am asked to remind you that there are lots of people here now and many of them take evening walks because the weather is so nice here. Many times they are also walking dogs or grandkids and are not wearing light or reflective clothing and are not carrying flashlights. They are hard to see.

Keep this in mind as you rush to get home. Nothing will ruin your day more than an accident.

More later,


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Royal Harbor Update 11/27/2019

I was asked to remind you all that evenings are darker now so you should carry a flashlight and wear light-colored clothing if you are taking your evening walks. We all know the speed limit is 25 on most city roads but also we know many are in a hurry and forget. So be careful when walking and when driving.

We are still signing up memberships for next year’s directory. If you dropped yours off and we were not here please stop to get your RCC card.

Have a happy thanksgiving.

Terry Forshier

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Royal Harbor Update:November 1,2019

Yesterday Baker Park officially opened  I attended and took a few photos so I could show you how beautiful it is. This is only a small sample as I did not walk around the features like the docks and over the bridge and along the riverfront. However, it is now open so you can all go and take a stroll through.  Here are some of the photos I took of the event.

A good crowd enjoyed the ceremonies and a very successful opening of Baker Park!

Another heads up. Michelle McLeod, city councilperson, will be going door to door in Royal Harbor on weekends next month to meet each of us. She is running again for a second term. Welcome her and tell her your thoughts on the city.

Terry Forshier


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Royal Harbor Update: October 17, 2019

There are a few things going on you may wish to know about. Some good news to start… let’s look at canal work in Royal Harbor. The East Naples Advisory Board has had a bathymetric survey of our canals done. The prospect now of having the rocks and outcroppings removed in our canals is now expected to occur in the next 2 years. This is a great start but still a long way to go.  I am told the committee has several items still under review. One is a concern that even if the canals are completed to the proper depth, shoaling around the entrances to the canals and along the shoreline of the bay and back bay may need dredging. However, the homes that border the bay are not included in the East Naples Bay Taxing district so at this time there is no funding for this. A solution is being sought for this.  

Another ongoing problem in Royal Harbor is happening. Those of you who have lifts have found that you are having problems getting your boat off the lift at low tide. What has occurred while you were away for the summer is that the silt that flows through the canals settles in the divots that were dug out under the lifts. When the lift lowers then it hits bottom sooner because the bottom of the canal has raised up from the silt. Now the problem is how to get it cleared out again.  Homeowners want to just push it out of the way. Some have used boat prop wash to blow it out, others used vacuum hoses and others have just dug it out again at low tide. Seems simple but I am told the city has determined that these are not to be allowed. From what I understand, if you want to remove the silt, you have to suck it on to dry land and then remove it. If you are having this problem you should call the city to find out exactly where this stands.

HALLOWEEN IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER. The Halloween walk, trick or treat night is scheduled for 5:30 to 7 pm Halloween night. Be sure to look over the Halloween notices we will be sending out so you can get in on the fun.

Florida Power and Light or FPL has become more amiable to discussions of burying power lines. Board members are continuing efforts to this end. Like all things, it is a process. I hope to have more information as we go along this year. It is sort of like being asked to push a rope up the road.

Last month our Royal Harbor website was hacked. Since it is read-only, the hacker was limited to the administrator’s powers. However, should you find something in there not looking right you might notify Ed Thieme as he is the administrator.

Our discussion of Truck Parking in Royal Harbor came to a halt since we had so few people actually respond or weigh in on the problem. We received less than 10 responses and of those not all were for it. We will focus on areas of more concern.

We are currently reviewing our Royal Harbor entrance signs. Some people think that we should update these. We have a volunteer architect looking to see how they might be updated or replaced and at how much this will cost. The HOA is solely responsible for these and the city only gives approval.

The city of Naples is planning a big remake along Gulf Shore Boulevard. They are asking residents to weigh in. This is for city residents only. Here is the link to take the survey.

Did you know City code requires all Royal Harbor residents to have their house numbers affixed to their sea wall?

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Halloween in Royal Harbor

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Special Announcement

Some security issues have interfered with the posting of updates for several days.

These problems have been dealt with and operation of this site has returned to normal.

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Royal Harbor Update:09/26/2019

Summertime and we all spend a lot of time watching the weather to see if we appear in any cone of hurricane probability. So far things have been pretty quiet here. Karen looks like she is going north for now as does Lorenzo both on the radar already. We have turned the corner on the season though and are now on the backside with only a few more weeks of continuous waves coming off Africa. Not to say a storm cannot happen at any time but the probability goes down and vacationers and would-be home buyers are more likely to be here in fair weather times.

If you are here and driving around you likely have seen the many new housing and commercial starts in our area. Rhonda and I went last week to preview the new Mattamy Bay Arboretum, that is now up along Bayshore Drive down by Botanical Gardens/Windstar area. These are 1400 SF and up units that are villas and townhomes. They are connected units in row homes. These models were all decked out and priced in the $300k to $400K range. They were very nice with tall ceilings, big bathrooms, pretty nice views and all come with garages. There is a sales center set up but you would be well served to go with a REALTOR if you are looking to purchase. They might have some ‘Open to the public’ days so watch the paper. They have other developments in SW Florida and they have a web site.  For renters, there is the Springs at Hammock Cove. They are down by Publix on Thomasson Drive. They have a web site if you would like to see what to expect. They have a lot of locations in Florida. We noticed they are wood Frame buildings. Mattamy Bay is cement block construction. We think these will be competition for the condos in our area. Royal Bay, Royal Arms, Sandpiper Bay Club, etc.

There is a new owner for the vacant parcel attached to Sandpiper Bay Club that borders Marlin and Sandpiper. You may have noticed the stretch of land between the road and the mangroves along Sandpiper has grown into weeds. Several residents have called the county and city to see who is going to maintain this and when they are going to do it. Right now it continues to be an eyesore.

Back in June, the East Naples Bay Taxing District hired a survey firm to go through the canals and do an underwater survey to determine depth and debris in the canals and I guess to see if dredging was needed since the last round this was left undone. I do not have any data on this, but expect we will hear something soon.

I told you all at the beginning of the summer that we were talking to FPL about underground wiring. We were not the only area interested as you well may ascertain and the outcome is that we were not selected at this time by FPL as one of the areas they may “experiment” on and do a trial area. This does not mean we are doomed forever to power lines but it does mean we will likely not be the first to get this done. Bummer.

Also we talked last Spring about the truck situation in Royal Harbor. To refresh your memory this concerned the blocking of the roads by service providers trucks. I mentioned that in Port Royal the city allowed a ban of truck parking over a certain size. While a few people felt this was a great idea some felt that banning truck parking was over the top. To be fair only about 10 people responded so maybe there is not enough of a problem for residents to care about.

As we gear up for this season, we are, as always, looking for people interested in Royal Harbor who would be willing to serve on the HOA board. If you are such a person and would please identify yourself, someone from the board’s nominating committee would contact you about serving. Our terms are for 3 year periods but reaffirming every year.

A Royal Harbor resident sent me this photo a few weeks ago. Keep an eye out for these as we have some volunteer trappers who will come and try to catch and remove them. They have multiplied and become a problem on Marco Island.

Real Estate Update.. (over the summer)

5/23   1696 Sandpiper      New                             799,000

5/29   2061 Snook             Withdrawn              4,495,000

5/29   2140 Shad                Price Decrease        2,599,777

5/29   1696 Sandpiper      Pending                     listed 799,000

6/1     1520 Sandpiper      Expired                      2,299,000

6/1     1810 Kingfish          Expired                      1,250,000

6/1     1498 Marlin             Expired                      2,995,000

6/3     2100  Snook            New                           1,295,000

6/7     2211 Kingfish          New                           2,295,000

6/10   1580 Bonita Ln        Sold                            2,900,000

6/11   1850 Kingfish          Price Decrease        1,599,000

6/11   1820 Kingfish          Pending                     listed 1,450,000

6/24   1560 Bluefin            Pending                     listed 1,849,000

6/24   1920 Tarpon            Withdrawn              3,250,000

6/28   1920 Tarpon            Terminated              3,250,000

6/28   2111 Tarpon            Price Decrease        2,145,000

7/1     2061 Snook             Expired                      1,334,000

7/1     2156 Tarpon            Expired                      4,495,000

7/1     1807 Snook             Withdrawn              2,885,000

7/5     2111 Tarpon            Price Decrease        2,095,000

7/8     2156 Tarpon            New                           1,344,000

7/8     1820 Kingfish          Sold                            1,375,000

7/10   2140 Shad                Price Decrease        2,499,777

7/11   2345 Tarpon            Sold                            1,900,000

7/13   2100 Snook             Price Decrease        1,250,000

7/16   2290 Tarpon            Sold                            4,450,000

7/18   2111 Tarpon            Terminated              2,095,000

7/18   2275 Trout               Price Increase          4,195,050

7/20   1571 Bonita             Price Decrease        2,895,000

7/22   2140 Snook             Pend w/ Cont          1,195,000

7/22   2180 Sandpiper      New                           3,200,000

7/29   1505 Dolphin Ln     Terminated              5,595,000

7/30   2185 Sheepshead  New                           1,695,000

7/31   1696 Sandpiper      Sold                              799,000

8/5     2180 Sandpiper      Price Decrease        2,999,000

8/7     1250 Tuna                New                           1,200,000

8/8     2615 Tarpon            Pend w/ Cont          listed 7,950,000

8/19   1250 Tuna                Pend w/ Cont          listed 1,200,000

8/20   1560 Bluefin            Sold                            1,750,000

8/27   2100 Snook             Sold                            1,075,000

8/27   2160 Snook             Expired                      1,350,000

9/9     1250 Tuna                Withdrawn              1,250,000

9/9     2150 Tarpon            Withdrawn              1,299,000

9/9     2360 Snook             New                           2,350,000

9/10   2150 Tarpon            Terminated              1,299,000

9/11   2140 Shad                Withdrawn              2,499,777

9/16   1505 Dolphin Ln     New                           5,595,000

9/17   1505 Dolphin Ln     Price Decrease        5,395,000

9/24   2295 Snook             Terminated              5,500,000

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