Royal Harbor updates – May 25

Since the last email a lot of new news.

Several others have come forward and reported car break- ins last Friday night. One even said their car (a Hummer) had been moved and someone had tried to steal it. Several other people had their cars entered and lost items left in them. Multiple police reports have now been given.

One person reported that a coyote was seen in the area.

A black cat was reported seen floating in a canal and was probably the missing one. As you may know, once in the canal, getting out is nearly impossible for an animal or human. This is why many have installed ladders on their docks.

First notice ..on Water main project meeting.WaterImage

All Royal Harbor residents please plan  to attend a Neighborhood Informational Meeting sponsored by the City of Naples Utility Department.  The purpose of the meeting is to inform our residents of the pending waterline improvement project that will begin this summer and affect many of our Royal Harbor residents.  The City and their contractor will be on hand to review the project in detail, explain the phased construction program, a project schedule, talk about safety and respond to any questions our residents will have.

 All residents are encouraged to attend this informational meeting.

 The meeting will be held June 12th at 380 Riverside Circle in the Utility Training Room at 5:30 pm.

(this is where you go to vote)


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Royal Harbor Updates -Home Invasions, from NPD

Some good news and some good police work. I wanted to share this right away to all of you. You should feel proud of our Police force. Here from Chief Weschler:

On February 24, 2014, a home invasion occurred at 960 17th Avenue South in Aqualane Shores.  The incident was very similar to two home invasions that took  place in Collier County.  I contacted Sheriff Rambosk and we agreed to work together to combat these crimes.  Detectives began meeting and comparing information that was obtained at the various crime scenes.

 On March 4th, another home invasion occurred in Collier County, and the Estuary robbery took place on March 11th.

 I organized a press conference and Sheriff Rambosk joined me as we advised the media and the public of the rash of home invasions. Naples Police Department, Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), FBI, Collier County Sheriff’s Office and Marco Island Police Department investigators began meeting to coordinate efforts and process evidence.  FDLE and the FBI were instrumental in expediting responses from crime labs and the development of social media evidence.

 Local persons of interest living in Immokalee were identified and investigators focused on this group of individuals.     

 Naples Police Department developed an internal task force consisting of one sergeant and ten officers and the primary assignment was to provide high visibility at all entrances to the city and to covertly patrol the neighborhoods. 

 On April 3, 2014, a home invasion with similar methods of operation was committed in Quail West.  The group of detectives that had been working together was officially revealed to the public as the Collier Home Invasion Task Force.  Investigators from all agencies, including Naples Police Department detectives Pablo DeBien and Bijan Razilou, met each day at a CCSO office and worked the cases together.

 Sheriff Rambosk and I, along with agency heads from the other agencies, agreed that the Collier Home Invasion Task Force would provide one unified media response instead of each agency PIO sending out reports.  The task force press reports were approved by all agencies prior to release, and the CCSO Public Information Office distributed the information.

 On April 30, 2014, a home invasion occurred in Windermere, Florida.  The subject description and method of operation was very similar to the Collier County crimes.  Collier Home Invasion Task Force investigators, including two NPD detectives, drove to Windermere and briefed their investigators of the robberies in Collier County and the City of Naples.

 The Collier Home Invasion Task Force kept developing more information and it became apparent that our local persons of interest were involved in the crimes.  I cannot discuss the specifics, but many forms of surveillance were initiated and it became apparent that another home invasion was being planned in Orange County.

 Task force members, including our two Naples Police Department detectives, immediately travelled to Orange County and met with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office investigators.  Heavy surveillance was established and the subjects were located in Orlando.  On Monday, May 12th, the surveillance teams followed the home invasion subjects and placed them under arrest just prior to another robbery taking place.  The subjects were armed, clad in black clothing, and they had just cut the fence with plans to proceed to the residence and terrorize another family.

 Naples Police Department detectives assisted with the investigation after the arrests, and they continue to comb through the extensive evidence in an attempt to implicate the subject in the two City of Naples crimes. The investigation is still active and the statewide prosecutors requested that we limit the release of information to the public.  A thorough press release will be organized as soon as we receive approval.              

 I am extremely proud of all of the members of the Naples Police Department and the entire Collier Home Invasion Task Force.  The efforts of all agencies working together led to the arrests of the subjects and thwarted yet another home invasion in Orange County.  This is a text book example of agency heads and investigators working cohesively to end one of the largest crime sprees that has taken place recently in the State of Florida.


Chief Tom Weschler

Naples Police Department

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Royal Harbor Update – May 16,2014

The city is nearing the start of the new potable water lines into Royal Harbor. Soon we will be getting details and information on how this will affect our neighborhood. I will keep you posted as I get the information but be prepared for the roads to be dug up and construction all summer long. It will be inconvenient, yes, but we need this very badly.

 If you are a new resident, we have for you the RCC card (a discount resident club card) and your directory and a license plate for your car that says Royal Harbor. Please contact me to get yours. You likely pass my home to get to yours, so we can make arrangements for you to stop and get your stuff.

 Today the city has again started on the electrical work on the flagpole/median area. They are currently digging up my yard to lay in a new electrical line. Should be up in a few days.

 ****I am told that there is no one running next term for city council from our area so far. Now there are 3 candidates all from North Naples all from the condo area. We need representation from our part of the city. If you have any ideas on someone who would be interested, let me know and I will pass it on.


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A Note of Explanation

These pages have lain fallow for just about a month now. Backup to President Forshier’s reports has been absent. 

The reason is that your Webmaster suffered a heart attack while on an anniversary cruise in the Caribbean. To cut a long story short, let me report that after a Med-Evac flight from Jamaica, a triple by-pass operation (three weeks ago, today) and a couple of weeks re-hab, I’m doing well and hope to serve you for years, yet.

I wish to thank all my friends neighbors and associates for their good wishes and prayers.

One more word I regard as important. We all have our favorite Naples features of which we are rightly proud – the Beaches, the Pier, The Phil, Naples Zoo. the list goes on. As far as I’m concerned, the one real “Gem” in Naples is NCH, our Naples Community Hospital. When in Jamaica, choosing our Med-Evac destination, there was never a question – we wanted to go to one of the finest Cardiac Hospitals in the country, NCH !

I wish to pass on my thanks and kudos to the entire NCH staff. I didn’t come in contact with one individual who wasn’t dedicated, helpful, professional, cheerful and most aiding in my recovery. Thanks Again !

Ed Thieme

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Royal Harbor Updates – 03/14/2014

Those of you in Naples are all aware that there have been some disturbing break-ins in private homes here. 
there were four, 2 in the city 2 outside. All were in high end homes and all were about the same. Gunmen entered the homes and bound the owners then stole their valuables in the home. No one has been hurt but this is a very bad thing. The city police chief and the Sheriff both met and are working together to come up with a plan to prevent this. I enclose a short note I got from the Police today.Home invasion prevention tips

On another note I have been asked if our cameras are operational and to my knowledge they are. Hopefully this will be a deterrent.

Everyone should know by now that the city speed zones were dropped. So you still need to go slow in the inner harbor around the city dock etc and at Gordon Pass but the rest of the way is normal speed. (30 mph in the channel)

 I received an email from Doug Finlay on the Firefighters new call to add up to 12 new positions. I include his notes here.

Tax revenues are increasing due to increased taxable values. The Fire Chief has three NFD expansion plans going before Council for discussion. The biggest adds 12 firefighters, the smallest 3. I oppose all proposals. I always knew the grand plan was 12 more firefighters and not just 3, 6 or 8. However, no call/run data is offered to support the expansion.


I now have had another resident call about Sea Wall repair. I have discussed this before and will not go into it again here but so you know, we do have a committee working to try and get some exemption for us in Royal Harbor that will allow us to use the new sea wall repair technology and not have to build all new sea walls. We may know the answer in a few weeks. I will keep everyone updated as I get more information.

 I met with Penny Taylor this week in my Alliance group-.She is running for county commissioner which is a very big job. She is running against someone I do not know but not from the city.  We stressed to her the importance of Naples Bay, the creeks feeding it and the enormous scale hew homes being built upstream of the bay. (out East) We asked her if she thought she could be our vocal advocate on this board to help manage these resources wisely. More on this later as we get closer but we (Royal Harbor ) and some of the other homeowner associations are sponsoring a forum at city hall. See below






TIME:                 5:30 PM

 The candidates will be introducing themselves and answering questions submitted by those attending. Kerry Dustin will moderate the forum.

 The following associations are participating in this event:

 Aqualane Shores

Coquina Sands

Gulfshore Property Owners

Gulfshore Association of Condominiums

Moorings Property Owners

Old Naples

Port Royal

Park Shore

Royal Harbor

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Royal Harbor updates – 03/02/2014

The East Naples Advisory board is looking for 3 people to fill vacancies. These are the people who are overseeing the dredging in the canals. If you would like to see what is going on, and participate, open the link above and contact the city. There are also other opportunities to serve listed here.

 I have also attached a message here from our neighborhood police officer. It is a timely note on how to prevent burglary. Please open and read it.BURGLARY PREVENTION 2014    As you know there have been some strange crimes lately so be observant and please report anything out of the ordinary.

 I have been asked to remind people that you may dispose of old medicine at the police department. There is a box for this to just deposit it. Also remember the city has a disposal area at the north end of the airport on the side road. This is for used computers and electronic equipment. No charge at either location.

 I have received several contacts from individuals about the new Park on the Gordon River that will be voted on at council. I have selected one that is a good summary and include it here for your inspection and action if you so desire.

The Naples Gordon River Park needs your support.

 The Master Plan process for the Naples Gordon River Park has been a compilation of many Naples residents time and input.  This process has created a passive; yet, dynamic and interesting design for an interesting riverfront community park.  There has been some recent dissension of a few of the major park elements that were requested and supported by the City residents during the public design process.  A few of these features may be reconsidered by City Council.  These items include the viewing hill, the cafe, the bridge alignment, the stream and the community boat slips.  Since these are all major components of the park that the Naples public has requested, it is important that you continue to show your support for the park design.

 I would ask, as we are at the home stretch, for your continued support of the park Master Plan by attending the Council Hearing and either voice your opinion or if you feel more comfortable, just say that you waive your time but support the park concept as presented.

 When:  Wednesday, March 5 at 8:30AM (First on the Agenda)

Where:  City Council Chambers, 735 8th Street South (across from Cambier Park)

I have always found that there is no substitute for being in attendance and speaking in person as we know the opposition will most certainly be present; however, if you absolutely can not attend, the second best way to show your support is to send an email to the council members.  Their email addresses are listed below.

You also can reach all council members at

Here is a local neighbor request regarding a found CAT.

 To the lady I talked to about the black cat I found last year, I think we were too hasty deciding this wasn’t the one you lost.  I really now think he (I think it’s a he) might be.  Please call me so we can talk.  Maureen Porter, 417-9890

 I am still getting Flood insurance information but nothing to compile and send out. I hope we get the bill extension passed.


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Royal Harbor Updates – 02/25/2014

The City is now putting the new waterline project for Royal Harbor on paper and plans are to get bids and hopefully start this summer. The project will start at the southern end of Royal Harbor and move north over the next 3 years. So residents on Sandpiper, Snook, Tarpon, Kingfish and Marlin will be affected this first round. This project will require digging up the roads and putting in new water lines. The reason they are doing this now is mainly for the fire flow restrictions ( water pressure for fire hoses) that have been set by the state of Florida. Royal Harbor has the worst numbers in water flow in the city so we need this. Plans are to lay in the lines down one road then loop across and under the canals to the next road then back up to the main lines. So picture this, the line will go down Kingfish to the end, then will be horizontally bore-drilled deep and under the canal and then come out on Tarpon road where it will connect to a line down that road. The same process will  happen at the end of Sheepshead and cut under the canal to Snook, then connect there to the line up and down Snook. Looping allows for better flow and for water access to continue along the lines if one area goes out. Residents will be notified by the city as the work plans begin and plenty of notice will be given to all. This is still in the planning stages and final plans are not yet approved. This is a heads up to everyone so you will know what is going on if you are notified by the city regarding this project.

Flood Insurance. Did you know that since we live in the city of Naples we are to be getting a 20% discount on Flood insurance? For more information you can call the city at 239-213-5039 and ask for Christa Carrera. She can also get you your elevation certificate if it is on file. This could save you some money. The city is now working on revised flood maps to certify elevation requirements. This is all changing.

 I was notified yesterday that the city has a person working on FPL power outages in Royal Harbor. So far I have not noticed a  change. The power line to the entrance with the Flag Pole is scheduled to be rewired this week. They put in a new underground from my lot to the island last week.

The East Naples Advisory Board that oversees dredging will meet soon to discuss where we go now. It seem they they were unable to get bids for the remaining rock removal in Royal Harbor.  I hope that the decision now is to keep trying and not one to forget it. We need to finish this project.



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Royal Harbor Updates – 02/21/2014

First. The puppy was found.

 I am now getting data from the Fire chief on activities. Wednesday you may have noticed the smoke in the sky in the North along the beach. This is what happened. I thought I would pass this on so we can all see that the fire department does indeed put out fires. Here below the email from Chief McInerny in its entirety.

Good Evening – I am taking the opportunity this evening to reach out directly to all of our City of Naples high-rise and multiple family occupancy properties, board members, homeowner associations and even single family residents who wish to know what’s happening when it pertains to the City of Naples Fire-Rescue Department and our operations and/or activities.  We have unfortunately not done a good job in properly communicating our mission, operations, activities and/or our life-safety educational concerns to our customers and I would like to start correcting that communications concern.

 As you may be aware, we had a rather large fire occur yesterday (Wednesday, February 19, 2014) at 1919 Gulf Shore Boulevard North.  At approximately 14:42:02 hours a 9-1-1 call was received from the building manager of the Diplomat Club Condominium located at 1919 Gulf Shore Boulevard North reporting a vehicle on fire.  Several more 9-1-1 calls were received and the incident was ultimately upgraded to a building fire.  All units assigned to both Fire Station No. 1 and Fire Station No. 2 were dispatched to the fire under the command of Acting Battalion Chief Jerry Pecar as Battalion No. 1.

 A police officer (Bravo 5) was the first one on the scene at approximately 14:48:09 hours.  The first arriving Fire-Rescue Department unit was Tower Ladder Co. 2 arriving at approximately 14:50:36 hours or approximately 8 minutes and 34 seconds after receipt of the initial 9-1-1 call reporting heavy smoke showing.  Tower Ladder Co. 2 was staffed with only a driver-engineer as we were at minimum staffing.    

 Engine Co. 1 was assigned to layout the large diameter hydrant (LDH) supply line upon arrival and they were staffed with only two personnel due to minimum staffing.  The hydrant supply operation was difficult and complicated since the hydrant was located alongside the northbound lane of GSBN and the fire was located alongside the southbound lane with a divided median and that necessitated a U-turn while dropping hose.  So as a result, we were delayed in getting an attack line on the fire and an uninterrupted water supply established from the hydrant to the two trucks stretching attack hose lines on the north and south sides of the fire.

 The fire started in the southeast area of a carport located directly in front of the building.  When Tower Ladder Co. 2 arrived on the scene, fire was rapidly engulfing both the east and west sides of the carport and storage building and spreading to the north.  Fuel tanks were burning, exploding/rupturing and dispersing burning fuel that presented additional hazards and risks to our firefighters.  Firefighters resorted to foam operations to quell the burning fuel and tires.  It took three attack hose lines and approximately two-hours to extinguish all the pockets of fire.  Both the North Naples and East Naples Fire & Rescue Districts were requested to send engine companies to cover our two empty firehouses until we could free up our units from the fire scene.

 The carport provided cover for vehicles and also contained storage lockers/units.  Many of the storage units were engulfed in flames as well.  The fire destroyed at least seven vehicles including a scooter and there are at least four more vehicles with varying degrees of fire, heat and smoke damages.  The carport and unit storage structure is heavily damaged and threatening to collapse.  Heavy steel girders are twisted and the roof trusses for the carport roof are severely sagging.

 The State Fire Marshal’s Office was called in to assist with the investigation.  Since the building was structurally unsafe, the Police Department  preserved the scene overnight and until this morning.  Vehicles were moved from the building this morning so that the fire investigation could  commence.  There were no injuries to civilians and/or firefighters and as usual our personnel did the very best job that they could.  Damages are estimated to be in excess of $1 million dollars.  The fire investigation is continuing and we are looking at the possibility that the fire started with a car parked inside of the structure.  There were no sprinklers present.

 I have attached five photographs that depict our fire-rescue department operations and/or aftermath at the scene along with a video of the fire posted to Youtube and the Naples Daily News story on the fire.

 Here’s the Youtube link to video of the fire and turn up audio and you can hear the multitude of explosions that resulted from tires blowing and fuel tanks going.

RHfireimage RHfireimage002 RHfireimage003 RHfireimage004 (1)

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Royal harbor Updates – 02/14/2014


Gordon Pass Depth Problem:

The area several of us have damaged rudders, and props on Sport Fishy boats, on is surrounding Red #2 and Green #1 coming into the main channel at Gordon Pass.  After some discussion with the Harbor master he sent out a team to do some soundings in the area this summer.  He found “controlling depth” now of Gordon Pass is 6 feet.  That means that at an average low tide, in the main channel,  the depth for navigation is 6 feet deep.  So, if you are coming into the pass at low tide and have either a 2’ boat wake or a 2’ chop … you will be trying to navigate in 4 feet of water depth.  The wave will pick up your bow and your rudder will hit in 4 feet of water.  If you draw 5 1/2 feet, like I do, it’ll hit hard, with all the weight of your boat on the rudder.  That’s how Bob damaged the rudder on his new boat.  It’s also how several of us have damaged ours.

I did my own soundings for several weeks earlier in the fall and found the deepest passage through.  Just to the left of center between the markers was deepest, then, leaving the center to travel along a rhumb line from 40’ beyond the Red #2 toward the entry shoal marker.  But, there is now a hump about 100-150 feet from the red (toward the shoal marker) that’s a shallow spot. 

On his return from Key West Race Week our P.R.O., Jeff Butzer, detoured to do his own soundings with a Seatow Captain.  He found the green side of the channel (Diamond Shoal) is the shallowest.  They found that you CANNOT safely navigate on the green side of center near the #1 marker and toward the entry shoal marker.  Please, if you have knowledge of anyone having boat damage from this area contact the City Dock and ask for the Harbor Master’s email address.  If you send him an email about it he can forward it to the Corps of Engineers and US Coast Guard, who will determine if and when Gordon Pass is dredged.  If you do not report it the Pass will remain as it is.  They need several reports of boat damage, apparently, to consider it a worthwhile problem to address by dredging it.

Commodore/ Captain Elizabeth Bloch

This above from the Sailing club here in Naples and their Commodore. Remember the sand shifts all the time, so pick your way through the pass carefully at low tide, and if you have any damage, please report it to the harbormaster, Roger Jacobson.

My comment last week regarding pets brought about some comments from one resident. Here I include the ordinance for everyone to read. I specifically asked the Chief yesterday about whether a dog needed to be on a leash in the City on Naples. He said yes it does. Whether this applies in all cases such as guide dogs and other specially trained dogs I do not know. But now you know as much as I.  I doubt any officer will ticket you for walking with your dog at your side. However if an incident occurs it could complicate the issue.

 Bicycles and the bicycle riders that will not move over to let you pass. I have a report this is occurring again. Again in my meeting with the chief I asked about this. He said he would not think city police would ticket a car passing in this circumstance and he would alert his patrols. I was also told that the city police would alert the Sheriffs department of this problem and they and the city police would stop these riders if caught again. Remember also the 3 foot rule. When you pass a cyclist you must allow a minimum of 3 feet clearance.

 Flood insurance is still a hot topic and several residents had some ideas on this subject. I will collect these and distribute them. But, you may know that there is a bill now in the works that would extend the current program for 4 more years. This mainly effects older homes and is also largely affected by your elevation certificate. It was pointed out that all lenders require flood insurance and you can only opt out if you own your home outright.

 We have at least one resident dealing with the sea wall repair-and-replace issue. We are trying to find a way to resolve this issue now that the city has changed the code. It is complicated and will likely require the association to hire an attorney to figure it out, another reason we need everyone to pay the $50 annual dues and be a part of our efforts.




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Royal Harbor Updates – 01/28/2014

GarageSaleimage003The Royal Harbor garage sale is this coming Saturday. Those planning to Open Up need to get an application and fill it out and then get it to Nancy Lockwood in the next couple of days so she can get everyone’s permit.

 She is at 2150 Shad Ct. 250 3879


This is a good way to get rid of those unused and unwanted items that are collecting dust in your garages and attics.

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