Royal Harbor Update: November 18. 2015

First… If you have not sent in your dues and application yet, please do it. WE are trying to get our membership files done early. We also need your help. Many of you are next to new neighbors who have just moved in last year. If this is the case we would really appreciate if you would take them an application and ask them to fill it out and join.

WE do a lot for the community with that $50. >From each of you. For one thing don’t think for a minute that the city is putting up the Christmas lights and lighting our trees. This is a volunteer who has done this for several years trying to make the community look nicer. Your dues pay for the electricity, the paint for the curbing’s, the flag on the flagpole and much more. WE also buy and provide the security cameras at the entrances and because of these several people have been apprehended and our crime has gone down to practically nothing.

Volunteers make the world go around, they make good neighbors and they make your neighborhood better. Yes our city does a lot and your taxes pay for that. But the extras that are making Royal Harbor a better place come from people selflessly donating their time and money for the betterment of all. We all need to be informed and contributing members of The Homeowners association. So, please help out and sign up your neighbors.

I already have about 75 applications from the first mailing. Thank you all for rejoining. I can tell you that when I go speak for the Royal Harbor neighborhood to the city council or to the county commissioners they listen. They know that it is not just Terry Forshier talking but the hundreds of you who I speak for. They know we have a good information sharing process and that the residents here will be at the polls. We are a voice that is heard.

The new pier is now open. Go see it if you have time. It is really nice. Also walk or ride your bike along the greenway if you have not done it. It is a great spot to see old Florida and it is right in Naples.  Also remember when your family comes to visit residents are free the firstSaturday of the month at the Zoo.

This is a festive time in Naples for all. The lighting of the tree on 3rd, the Christmas parade, the snow falling on 3rd st. All free things that people from all over the world come to experience and we have it here in our own back yard.

Wishing all of you a Happy thanksgiving,

Terry Forshier

Terry Column Nov2015



Children’s names ___________________________________

Address _____________________________________________

Phone Numbers_______________________________________


Emergency Phone number______________________________

E Mail address_(s)_______________________________________

Send mail to__________________________________________

Please return this form to and your $50 check to Royal Harbor Homeowners Association to Terry Forshier….1750 Sandpiper St…..Naples …. Florida..34102  Email….

___ use this for as my proxy to the annual meeting

If all information is the same as last year just put in your name, check proxy, yes or no, and mail or drop off your check in the box by my front door.



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Royal Harbor Updates:10/20/15 Halloween !




Contact ..Maureen Minker  1525 Bonita or Jennifer Shanahan1670 Mullet ct. (both in the directory)


We have one resident who has volunteered to hold a Haunted House, as a walk through, at his carport. He envisions having children walk through and put their hands in  bowls of brains (spaghetti), eyeballs (grapes) etc. Maybe a coffin, mummy or whatever. We need a few volunteers to help construct and man this. If you would consider helping on this contact Maureen, Jennifer or myself.

All Royal Harbor residents are encouraged to attend as this is a really fun way to meet your Royal Harbor Neighbors


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Royal Harbor Update: 10/10/2015

Halloween is coming and our big Halloween block party will again be on Saturday 31 st, Halloween. We are planning to drop off flyers through out the neighborhood this week. Homes on the Dolphin entrance to Royal Harbor will be hosting the event. They are asked to decorate for the event and set up candy and treat stations in their driveways. Those living in the Southern entrance by the flagpole we ask for you to dress up, walk over and attend and bring your family. If you like hosting, then call Maureen Minker or Jennifer Shanahan (in the book) and they will set you up with a treat station. Here are shots from the past Halloweens. If you miss it you will be sorry.  A fun event for you and your family and ends up at 7 pm.



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Royal Harbor Update: 9/17/2015

Council has started up again after the summer with a lot of controversy. You may have seen that there will be a contest this next year for the Mayor’s spot. Former Mayor Bill Barnett has announced he will run against incumbent Mayor John Sorey. These two have been friends for a long time and worked together on the council in various capacities. I was told that Bill is running because he was approached by a group of citizens unhappy with the direction and style of Mayor Sorey and asked him to get back in. I am not personally involved in any of this but know many of the parties that are. It will be interesting, to say the least, and important to the city as there are many issues that affect us all coming up. Right now both candidates are trying to align supporters for their campaigns.

The firefighters are again a HOT topic. As many know, the Chief continues to ask for a larger staff and the council has denied his requests saying that there are enough firefighters to handle the number of calls that the City has. Now, one of the big issues is the fire station at the airport.

This is a very controversial issue and more so since the event last year when a home across Airport Road burned and the airport firefighters were not allowed (by the Chief) to respond and help fight the fire. Even at the request of the airport manager they were not allowed to leave their post, cross the road and respond. This event prompted a lot of investigation into the role and cost of this station.
The firefighters are again a HOT topic. As many know, the Chief continues to ask for a larger staff and the council has denied his requests saying that there are enough firefighters to handle the number of calls that the City has. Now, one of the big issues is the fire station at the airport.

This is a very controversial issue and more so since the event last year when a home across Airport Road burned and the airport firefighters were not allowed (by the Chief) to respond and help fight the fire. Even at the request of the airport manager they were not allowed to leave their post, cross the road and respond. This event prompted a lot of investigation into the role and cost of this station.

Many people have studied this and looked at the funding of this station as related to the Naples budget and the airport’s subsidizing portion of the station. Now some are calling for a separation of this station from the City of Naples. It is believed that the airport would be better served using a private company as firefighters and going it alone for their services. This would then leave 7 firefighters now employed by the city to be used in other capacities. The promoters of the plan say this will reduce the firefighter’s budget significantly just in not maintaining the station but It would also allow these extra firefighters to relieve the cost of much of the overtime expenses we now have.

Several councilpersons and some appointed volunteers have studied and have produced written reports showing evidence that this would be a prudent strategic move and save the city a lot of money. It would also, in their opinion, provide better control of services to both parties. I have followed this and feel this is the plan the city should follow.

There is also the issue of the unfunded pension liability in this department. It has grown to over 22 million dollars I am told. Where will this money come from is a big question. The city of Naples had been a leader in the State in tackling this problem and the issue is known by “the Naples Letter”. Nearly every city in Florida is facing a similar dilemma. Naples did reach a consensus with the Naples Firefighters’ and it appeared that this issue was getting resolved. However, on a State level, the firefighters Union Lobby has now successfully had a bill introduced that would negate any gains made on a local level regarding pension adjustments. This would be an economic disaster in the making, but I need not remind you, politicians are good at ignoring facts if it means losing votes. We will be watching how this turns out.

Another fire department issue is a fire boat. For the last 3 years the department has asked for a new fireboat and the council turned it down. However, It appears that now they have one that was brought in through the “Back Door”. I know several council persons who were unhappy over this. More on this later.

Besides these issues, the council will have a lot of growth issues to deal with. We will have all the new families in Grand Central Station area, the new families to the North of Bay front, the Hyatt Hotel, the new condos where the old Naples Newspaper building was and several more. All this will fill the area north and East of 41. All these people will drive cars, will want to walk across 41 to get to 5th Avenue, will need to cross Airport Rd and so on. It looks like a mess in the making. I have heard no one come up with any plan for this so far even after many, many group meetings and discussions.

Why am I telling you all this? This is your city and this is how they are planning to spend your tax money. These issues will affect your quality of life as you live here. Your opinions are important and you can voice your opinions at This email address goes to all council, the Mayor and city manager



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Royal Harbor Update: 8/27/2015


From our city manager Bill Moss. Most have done this but if you have not do it now.

Terry Forshier

Ladies and Gentlemen:

As Tropical Storm Erika approaches the Peninsula, with reports that the storm may develop into a hurricane, we are once again reminded of the importance of hurricane preparedness.  One of the most essential elements of preparedness is communication.  We recommend that Naples residents and businesses register their phone numbers to receive emergency messages through the City of Naples CodeRED emergency notification system. The system allows time-sensitive emergency telephonic communications through a robust dialing infrastructure.  An emergency message, typically 60 seconds or less, can be sent to thousands of people in a few minutes.  Messages will be sent when evacuations are recommended, when citizens may return to the city following a hurricane event, or to provide other important information.

While CodeRED’s existing database of phone numbers should include all residential phone numbers, the database may not include mobile, business, or “second home” phone numbers unless previously registered on the City’s website.  These additional numbers are important, especially if one does not reside in Naples full-time, when citizens evacuate the area and must rely on their mobile phone for communications, or when mobile phones are the only means of oral communications.

Therefore, it is recommended that citizens and businesses register their mobile phone numbers and business numbers through the City’s web site,

Citizens who have previously registered their phone numbers do not need to register again unless numbers have changedTo register, click “CodeRED” in the upper right hand corner of the home page.  Follow the instructions thereafter.  It is recommended that home, business, mobile phone numbers, and other (seasonal) numbers are registered. For those who may require assistance or who may not have internet access, please contact Stephanie Bleau at 239-213-1000 or by

 Furthermore, we recommend that all take a few moments to think about hurricane preparedness.  A good source of information can be obtained from Collier County Emergency Management.  The link to access the Collier County All Hazards Guide is:

 We recommend that citizens stayed tuned to local news media as this and other tropical systems develop.

Please share this information with homeowner association members, business associates, and friends.

 Bill Moss

City Manager



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Royal Harbor Update:June 24

Monday night several residents along Sandpiper Street had their cars broken into and one couple had a bicycle stolen. I happened to have had my truck robbed. Somehow I guess I forgot to lock my truck that always sits out front and unbeknown to me, my wallet must have fallen out of my pocket when I got out and was left overnight in the truck. When I could not find it in the morning I checked and it was in the front seat of the truck minus the cash. So here is proof it can happen to anyone if you are not vigilant.

The police have been notified and the video tapes will likely be reviewed to see if we can find the culprit. I have added a new motion sensor light on my front drive.

Here again the police number 213 4844



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Royal Harbor Update: June 15,2015

A neighbor stopped yesterday to tell me they think they were visited by “gypsies”. He said he answered the door to find a man making inquiries about lawn care. He was very engaging and they talked for several minutes. When done the neighbor noticed that four youths came around from behind a neighbor’s home and got into the white truck and off they went. He later thought this was odd that maybe he was being distracted while the others were casing the backyards for entry or things to steal.

I notified the police of this incident and they will step up patrols but asked me to remind everyone that if they notice anything suspicious to call them right away. This is the type of method used in the past, so if we can notify police early enough, they might catch them in the neighborhood.

Since we introduced the security cameras, our instances of theft in Royal Harbor is next to none.  Now, this is a very low crime area and we who live here year-round feel safe 24/7, but we still need to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police. The number again is 239-213-4844. Please post this number by your phone and list it in your cell phone contacts.

 For those on Sandpiper south of Marlin and on Sheepshead, the discussions on the upkeep of this road are ongoing. I am pushing for a resolution but ????

Those staying this summer will be glad to know the fishing reports I see look good. Some big catches reported. Summer is a great time for coastal fishing but watch out for afternoon storms. Most go early in the AM and return before 2.  Remember, if you hear thunder, head home immediately, as lightning can strike up to 12 miles AWAY FROM the storm clouds.

 Restaurants are not so crowded and this is a good time to try out the new places. Most run early bird dinners at discounted prices and for those who like it, many offer a free bottle of wine with 2 dinners. Watch the newspaper for these specials.


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Royal Harbor Update, Police report:

I received a call from Officer Davis, our neighborhood community officer, this afternoon. He asked me to ask all of you to be sure you lock your cars at night if you are leaving them outside. He said there have been reports of people opening unlocked doors and taking stuff from cars.

be sure your outdoor motion sensitive lights are on and working. Now that many have gone North the streets appear vacant and this may attract burglars of opportunity. Please look out for anything suspicious and report anything to the police. 213 4844

 I am told the mosquito control was surprised at the many calls from Royal Harbor. They have not started spraying but I am told this may prompt them to start here. Again the number is 436 1000.

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Royal Harbor Update: 05/23/2015

I have been told that mosquitoes are out and biting in Royal Harbor. You may know that Naples and Collier County has a full-scale mosquito control organization with airplanes, helicopters and other vehicles. This program sprays on a revolving system. However, I have been told that it is also consumer driven. If enough people call and complain, they move you up in the line for treatment. Here is the number to call 239-436-1000. You may have to record your complaint. If you just want to hear when the next scheduled treatment is for your area, there is also a recording at 436-1010. However, if you would take one minute and call, I bet we get a spray plane in a few days.

On this line, here is a note on alligators. Collier also has an alligator service that will remove a gator if it appears large enough to be a threat and if it is not moving away on its own. It has happened that a gator will show up under your dock in the canal. During mating season they move around more than normal. You can call 800-432-2046 or 866-432-2046 if you see one. After many years here in Royal Harbor, there have been very few instances I recall but they do occur.

If you would see other wildlife, report it to the police department. You may recall that just this season a panther was found in the yard of a home in Port Royal. Officials came and tranquilized it and moved it to another location. I personally have seen armadillos, iguanas, coyotes, fox,opossums, raccoons and bobcats in the area.  They are not domesticated and not pets. Do not let your youngsters run and try to feed or pet any wild creature. There are other animals around, but not reported, sighted  here, wild pigs and bears are also on the move on Keywayden and the islands and communities to our east. I point out no person here  has been attacked, chased or harmed by any wildlife to my knowledge. Just beware these are the animals answering the call of mother nature in the springtime.

How Government grows. Here below, from Councilman Finlay, is a sequence of videos showing the city council reviewing the cost of repairing and replacing city dock. If you care to watch these you can see how the price tag goes from a million dollars to now 7 million dollarsestimated.

Below are links to archived, City Council video. Start with the top City Dock discussion on 6/10/13 and advance 6:35, then go to 6/20/14 and advance to 8.58, followed by 5/18/15 and advance to 2:38. You will notice the City Dock capital (for a rebuild) goes from $1,000,000 (or less) to $7,000,000 in two years.


City Council Workshop Meeting – May 18th, 2015

Lastly, the never-ending saga of the dispute over wages and pension benefits and the possible merging of fire districts between firefighters and the city. I see in today’s paper that the firefighters union has successfully stopped a meeting of county officials and volunteers who were meeting to explore the situation and trying to find solutions by filing a lawsuit against the city under the Sunshine Act. Watch the newspaper for more on this. Eventually this situation has to be resolved.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and be safe in your car and on the water. I am going out now and putting out the flags.

 Terry Forshier

President Royal Harbor homeowners




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Royal Harbor Update water lines: 04/03/2015

Attached is the latest information on the waterline install for Marlin Drive and then Dolphin area. Please print out or save this information on your computer and keep it handy if you have questions as this project continues. Starts Monday 13th

Below is the contact for the city.

Allyson Holland, PE

Deputy Utilities Director, City of Naples


RH updateWaterLines

RH update street plan


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