Royal Harbor Updates – Boat Theft Alert 12/08

For those of you who may find you need some boat work done here is an early Christmas present. Many of you will remember this as Royal Yacht Services up Haldeman’s Creek. For your information, North, the foreman, is there too, so those of you who knew him will see a familiar face and I am sure you will get the same positive results as before. George, the new owner is a former Royal Harbor resident.

Naples Boat Yard

2775 Bayview Drive

Naples, FL 34112

(239) 234-1999

Hello Terry,

If you will, please offer the members of the Royal Harbor Association a 10% discount on any of our services through February 2014.  Please have any member just show a copy of their association roster for the discount.

Naples Boat Yard (FKA Royal Yacht Services) is under new ownership and has recently opened up as a traditional boat yard.  NBY is hauling motor and sail boats up to 60 feet in length with a 60 ton travel lift and is currently doing bottom jobs, details, prop services, and loading/unloading.  All other repair and maintenance needs are available via the boat owner’s properly insured third party vendor (feel free to ask for a vendor recommendation if need be).  Additionally, NBY has a crane on site for any heavy lifting needs (motor/generator pulls).


George Atkinson

Some of you may have hears that a big Yellowfin was stolen in this area and tracked by GPS to Mexico. Although authorities know where the boat is and even have picture of it in Mexico, the authorities have been unable to get it back yet. So heed the following advice from the Sheriff’s department.


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Royal Harbor updates – 11/20/13

There is a lot going on now in Royal Harbor. To keep you in the know here are a few of the items…

 You may have noticed the lights on the island on the flag are still out. There is a snag between the city and FPL on this, but I spoke to the city yesterday and they said they will get on it. With the electric off, our cameras are not working, so we need this ASAP.

 Also thank Harry and Allison Zea for volunteering to set up and provide the Christmas lights at the entrances again this year. This is a big job and adds a lot to our community. If the electricity gets fixed, this will go up next week. Harry operates Imagine Home Concepts.

The Royal Harbor board is planning 2 Christmas events. One is the Christmas decorating contest for your home. In the Holiday spirit we hope you will take the time to dress your home up for Christmas. We will have a celebrity judge from the city come and judge the homes. There will be 3 prizes $100, $75 and $50 for first, second and third prize. These will be gift certificates to Home Depot. Royal Harbor is one of the most beautiful spots in the world to live in. Dressing your home for the Holidays will enhance our overall image and make the Holiday spirit thrive and flourish in our Community. Please, make the effort to show your pride in our community by joining in. I will be sending more on this in the next few weeks.

 Next we are going to have a Christmas event. On December 21,Saturday afternoon , we will have a short Christmas parade down Kingfish road. This will be for everyone, mom’s, dad’s, your children and / or your pets. This will be a one-hour event, and end at the end of Kingfish, with popcorn and soft drinks provided. Santa will be here for the parade and snacks. He will be in my little RED corvette And you may use this time for photo Ops with you and your family. So if you would like to bring your camera we will let you/ Santa and your loved ones pose together by the car. We thought this would make a great photo keepsake.. More on this later.

RH Christmas Vette

February 7 is the date we selected for the Royal Harbor Garage Sale. At that time we will get a blanket Royal Harbor permit from the city for all homes. This will enable you to clean out your garage and make a little cash too. We have lots and lots of traffic for this event. Sign ups will start later and more will be coming on this.

 The city will be having its first reading on the installation of new water lines into this area this week. Hopefully, this will all pass. Our board is trying to see if we can coat-tail on this project. We are trying to get new cable line put in, a new underground FPL service put in, and possibly install the irrigation water lines into this area. We think that doing this when the road is already torn up would make sense. If you know anything about doing this, or have any connections in any of these industries, contact anyone on our board and help us.

We have had an issue with boats rafting up in the canals. This is not allowed. Now if a friend comes over and rafts up for the afternoon or so that is one thing, but boats rafting up for overnight stays, etc. block the thruway and have to be moved. The police have been notified of this, so if you call them, they should enforce this.

 Thanksgiving is just a week away. I Hope it is a wonderful one for you and your family. 33 days to Christmas.

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Royal Harbor Update – 11/12/13

You may remember we are having problems with the electric service at the entrance to Royal HARBOR. When the service is off the cameras will not be on. I just received this message from a resident who apparently interrupted someone trying to burglar their car. Be sure you lock up your car.  ( 17 days to thanksgiving), (42 days to Christmas)

 Hi Terry,

An FYI; This morning at 4:30 my husband David was getting ready for work; he was putting stuff in his car when he saw someone trying to open our daughter’s car in the driveway, which was locked.  David asked the guy what he was doing, and the guy took off toward the road.  We called the police who came and looked but so hard to find anyone in the dark.  David said the man was a white guy wearing a camouflage hoodie. 

 The Naples Police officer who responded said this is common this time of year, as our winter residents return and sometimes leave cars unlocked outside.  He said they are not looking so much to steal the car, but to see what they can find inside: electronics, etc

Hopefully you can warn our neighbors, thanks,


And a Halloween update – Photos of our 2013 parade can be viewed at:




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Royal Harbor Updates – 10/30/2013

OUR FLAG POLE AND FLAG  …We have a flag pole and flag at the entrance to Royal Harbor. The association has purchased large American Flags to fly there. Over the past year or so, someone is changing these out to other smaller flags. Someone is also lowering the flag at half staff for various reasons. We would like to know who this is so we can coordinate these efforts. Email me, please. You may have noticed the lights here were out. It seems the electrical box needed changed out and we are in the process of doing this.

 Royal Harbor continues to tear down and rebuild. Every week another older house is demolished and lots are leveled for new super homes to be built. This is causing the supply of (If I dare say affordable) homes to diminish from the market. Properties are now starting here in the $900,000 range and up from there. REALTORS I have spoken with all think this will be a great selling and buying season in this area.

Many of you followed the decision to purchase the land for the Gordon River Park. It is now reality and an architect has been hired to design it. He is asking for public input. I sat in on a meeting with him, and he mentioned a few ideas that I thought were good. These included having free dockage for boats along the waterfront. This would be for residents like us, in Royal Harbor, to take our boats to the park, tie up and have a picnic there. He also talked about an elevation feature where people could get a wide view of the river and the city. (Like a little mountain) Also a water feature like steps leading to the river where people could sit and kids could fish and so forth. This, along with rest rooms, a possible concession stand, picnic areas and walking paths with flowers etc. This will be a passive park. No ball fields, tennis courts, etc. Below are times for get-togethers to discuss the park and get ideas. Your input is requested.

 I have been getting many renewals. I will be sending out another application and request to those who have not responded next week. If you get the notice next week it will mean we have not logged in your payment. So if you cannot remember, just wait until next Tuesday and if you get a notice it should mean we have not received your check or application. No need to email me and ask if I got it.

Tomorrow is HALLOWEEN  and our annual block party. Those of you who are not on Snook and have no where to go I encourage you to do as we Forshier’ do. We take off and walk the street with our bag of candy and stop and give it to the kids as we pass them this way we see everyone and the decorated homes. So I hope to see you there. 5:30 to 7 pm

RE:  City of Naples Gordon River Park - A note from the Park Architect:

The Naples Gordon River Park Master Plan is officially under way.  City Council has recently directed that the park will be “passive” by nature and will focus on providing public access to the Gordon River.  The park now officially has a web presence at  For information, please contact: or the Naples Community Services Department at 239-213-7120.  This website was designed to continually inform the public about the park as well as encourage the public to post input.

 The most important portion of the master plan is to receive ample participation and public input. This is a park for the people and without good attendance at the planning meetings known as charrettes, the process will be flawed.

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Royal Harbor Updates – 10/24/2013

Next week we will be having our Halloween Block Party. Most know how this works. We block off Snook with cones and then Halloween trick or treators walk up and down the street soliciting treats from Homeowners who have decorated they homes and/or are giving treats from tables set up in their driveways. All resident are encouraged to participate. There will still be car access to Snook but since the streets will be full of walkers it will be slow going. See sample of outfits. For additional info call Nancy Lockwood at 239 250 3897







Here is some interesting data about fires in NAPLES from Doug Finley.

 Of the 42 structural fires reported for 2012 only two were major fires and both of those fires were mutual aid calls to NNFD . . . . two separate fire events on Bald Eagle Drive which is Naples Bath and Tennis.

 For the City of Naples all incidents were minor and most would not rank as fires in the eyes of people. Of those that were fires (open flame), the incidents were quite small but certainly threatening:

 1. Candle/lamp shade/paper fire extinguished by resident.

2. Contractor started small fire on roof. Extinguished by contractor.

3. Dumpster fire at Allen Tennis Center started by vagrant. NFD extinguished with garden hose and extinguisher.

4. Fire at NCH linen storage, extinguished by sprinkler.

5. Small attic fire extinguished by NFD water can.

6. Small attic fire extinguished by NFD water can (2).

The life of a firefighter in Naples. Hardly Detroit or St Louis. No wonder it makes no sense for this city to meet expensive NFPA, apparatus staffing standards.

It will take some time to prepare the full summary report (more detail) of all 42 incidents as I must transfer over hand written notes to the computer.


 Here attached is also some information on the sand fill I just got in from City manage Bill Moss. See attachments..

Truck Routes Beach Renourishment

Beach Renourishment Safety Letter to Residents revision 1

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Royal Harbor updates – Halloween Reminder

Thursday October 31st

5:30 to 7:00 pm

Snook Drive



Halloween shots from last year. Here is what we do. If you live on Snook drive we ask you to set up a table in your driveway. Invite your friends from the area and have them join you in hosting a trick or treat station. Don’t know anyone? Call Nancy at 250 3897 and she can find you a spot. Another option is to dress up and join the parade. This is a fun, safe night. Starts at 5:30 and ends officially at 7:00 pm. (we know some of you party on)  Whatever you do do not miss this fun evening ! ! !

(Note: If you want to see photos from previous Halloween events, go to )


HalloweenReminder02 HalloweenReminder03 HalloweenReminder04 HalloweenReminder05 HalloweenReminder06 HalloweenReminder07 HalloweenReminder08 HalloweenReminder09

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Royal Harbor Updates – Summer re-cap

September 18

First the cat was found shortly after the last posting. It was not my cat. I was just doing my duty posting for the owners. I am happy to say all is well on that front. Most of you know how attached one gets to their pets.

If you are driving into Royal Harbor on Marlin, past the flagpole , look at the curbing. Thank Mark Miller who lives out on Tarpon Road for his paint job. Here he is early Sunday ready to paint.








The rain yesterday poured 3.75 inches into my rain gauge in about 30 minutes. I mean it was a goose downer.  Sandpiper street down by Bluepoint had well over a foot of water in the road. Even after the new drainage tile they just put in there.ted down the sign proposal to allow arrow direction signs for Open Houses in Naples.

Most know that the city council voted down the sign proposal to allow arrow direction signs for Open Houses in Naples. I heard it was a 3 to 4 vote.

September 16

We have lost our cat, Lily, this morning and was wondering if you could kindly advise residents to keep an eye out. We are at 2120 Sandpiper Street and our cell number is 239 595 3123.









September 11

You may remember the discussion over the last year involving the adding of firefighters and the purchase of a fireboat and on and on. All these additional costs were asked for by the fire Department in order to insure our state rating for insurance did not drop below a 2. (1 the best 5 the lowest) It was argued that insurance companies rates are connected to these values. After much discussion and investigation we found that a rating drop of 2 to a 3 would not automatically affect most insurance costs in Naples. However, all this is now moot as the city has found areas of improvement to rating-measured items that has allowed the city to keep its #2 rating. I believe because the citizens in Naples weighed in on this issue, we have saved a LOT of money and forced the Fire Department to improve in other less costly areas. Thanks in large part to the many of you who took the time to write the city council and express your views. Here is a link regarding firefighters in the Boston area. Good to read and digest. Plenty of firefighters, but where are the fires? – Ideas - 

There are still many issues that are not resolved with the fire department and its spiraling cost. As they get discussed and/or ironed out, I will report them and ask your opinions. The pension reforms are still being challenged by the union.

I sent the results of the polls we took  to the council this week. It does appear that the cut outs may be approved but not necessarily the roof structures. It also appears that there is a lot of resistance to Open House signs at the council level. In our pole 100% of responders felt that arrow signs  should be allowed. Some wanted restrictions but all felt that this was a silly rule and one costing the city additional business. Several of the council members cited the city attorney who stated that allowing Open House signs would open the door for signs like dating services and other advertisers. I find this an unworthy argument and one reasonable people could resolve. Somehow, when this topic comes up, many on city staff think it is humorous and poke fun at REALTORS caught with signs up. You can voice your opinion to staff and council and the mayor on these issues by emailing

Love to paint? We could use a volunteer or two to paint the curbing around the island at the entrance at Marlin and Sandpiper. (where the flagpole is) If we paint the curbs we are allowed to use white paint. If we ask the city, they may send out someone with safety yellow. There is a big aesthetic difference. Let me know  and I will get you the supplies. 732 1238

September 5

The topic of Open House signs came up at the Presidents Council meeting. The topic here was whether arrow or direction signs for Open Houses should be allowed in the city of Naples. The code now states only one Open House sign is allowed and it is to be on the property. No arrow or direction signs at this time are allowed in the city. The discussion is that many people drive around neighborhoods looking for Open Houses on weekends. In many cases if Open Houses  are on a main street and the Open House is down at the end of the street, one would not know it was there.  What happens in real life is the REALTOR (under direction of the owner usually) puts up an arrow sign at the end of the street to tell passersby that the home is Open today. The REALTOR goes to the house, sets up, and waits.  Next along comes code enforcement and they pick up all the arrow signs and load them into a truck and then take them to the city building where they are eventually thrown away. Result is, the REALTOR spends an afternoon and no one shows up and sellers are disappointed because buyers drive past the street unaware of the Open House.

Since Real Estate is big business here in Naples, it is argued by many that this is another form of city regulation that has gone too far. Many ideas have been tossed out. One I like is to set a time (say Sunday afternoon) ALLOW SIGNS UP DURING THAT TIME, have REALTORS put their names on the signs and have them be responsible to retrieve them when the Open House is over. Signs not picked up can be confiscated or the REALTOR could be fined or something.

Anyhow, this, or something like this, would enable buyers and sellers a valuable tool that is now not available. We have been asked to ask our members how they felt about this issue. If you have an opinion, please let me know. As a REALTOR with first hand experience with this issue, I am hoping for some form of compromise, but we will see.

On the survey about the boat docks, I did hear from many of you. Most felt that roofs over the cut outs were something they did not want. Most also felt that a cut out would be ok. One or two were against the whole idea. So I will be sending the results along to council along with any feedback from this topic.

 Pets, I have had several complaints about pets this past week. One person said a dog chased and nipped at her, several complained about owners not picking up after their pets and one complained about pets not leashed. I love pets but please remember to mind and pick up after your pet.

 If you are one of the new members and did not pick up a discount card or a directory, I still have some available. Call or email me and I will leave one for you.

August 13

I send these emails out 3 or 4 times a month. As your president  I try to keep up on all the news that pertains to Royal Harbor and try to summarize this into readable and understandable short messages. I try not to take sides in controversial issues, but I am sure many times you can see through my words to my true feelings. All that said, as you read these, please understand I am not trying to push any political agenda, but understand, too, I am a conservative and believe in minimal governance. These are my thoughts and not those of everyone on the board.

So here we go again. Many have read about the sand re-nourishment needed on our beaches. It appears we are going to have trucks hauling sand in over this tourist season. The city is having a special session to go over this issue next week. They plan to nail down many of the ‘so far’ undecided issues involved in this major undertaking. For now, I will not go into detail, only to tell you that the first article in the newspaper touting the truck haul as a cheaper alternative was bunk. Thanks again to Councilman Finlay, who actually did the math and his homework, it now has been disclosed that the truck haul will cost somewhere between 40% and 60% more per load than a 2012 truck haul on an area on our beach. I am in regular contact with Saad and Finlay and I know both these councilmen are investigating alternative methods to keep our beaches intact. I do not hear from the other council persons much, so cannot speak on their feelings. If you are in contact with them, I would appreciate knowing if they are also thinking along these lines. You know, sunshine laws prevent the council persons from talking among themselves, so the only way they know other decision-makers ideas is if we can pass them along. Unfortunately, this is our system. I report this because all our businesses depend on our pristine beaches. This is what draws tourists to visit here. These tourist dollars are spent in local businesses and many of these vacationers end up buying and settling here. The cycle starts with the dream of lying on the beach, sailing down the coast or pulling in the big tarpon. It is our draw, and we need it. We are in competition with the whole coast, so if we let up, we will fall behind. If we get to a point where we need a call to action, I will email you, but right now we are in the fact finding and investigation stage of this dilemma.

Many of you are boaters. If you did not know, a recent sounding chart was made of Gordon pass and the shoaling that has happened there. This area is the responsibility of the federal government, so we wait and see their response to the request to maintain the channel. For now, you can download the link below:

New Depth Sounding Chart Gordon Pass 5/10/13

I know many of you are golfers, so I pass this on to you from Lakewood country club. Apparently, several residents are members here and thought some of the rest of you might like to consider this nearby club and the “special rates” now offered. I am not a golfer and am not endorsing this. I just include it as requested for those who may think it is a good deal. It is in the Microsoft Word attachment above, if you want to see it.

 The flight path issue from the airport is still going on, but I have nothing new to report.

For the joke, see this one.

“Woman stops gator attack with a small Beretta pistol.”

This is a story of self-control and marksmanship by a brave,cool-headed woman with a small pistol against a fiercepredator. What is the smallest caliber that you would trust toprotect yourself?

A Beretta “Jetfire” testimonial.

Here is her story:

While out walking along the edge of a bayou just below Houma,Louisiana with my soon to be ex-husband discussing propertysettlement and other divorce issues, we were surprised by ahuge 12-ft. alligator suddenly emerging from the murky waterand charging us with its large jaws wide open. She must havebeen protecting her nest because she was extremelyaggressive.  If I had not had my little Beretta “Jetfire” .25caliber pistol with me, I would not be here today!  Just oneshot to my estranged husband’s knee cap was all it took. Thegator got him easily and I was able to escape by just walkingaway at a brisk pace. It’s one of the best pistols in mycollection!  Plus… the amount I saved in lawyer’s fees wasmore than worth the purchase price of the gun.

 Keep smiling, no storms in the forecast…




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Royal Harbor Updates – August 28,2013

The city has been reviewing docks and sea walls in and around the bay and in the canals. I reported last month that Royal Harbor has a different sea wall lot line set up than any other subdivision As we own 5 feet into the canal. This somehow makes repair of our sea walls more difficult and costly at this time. We, your board, are considering remedies. But this topic here is on cut outs and boat slips and roofs cover them. You can see by the attachment that the city’s planning dept wants to now allow this again and to allow roofs over the cut outs. At this time the proposed ordinance only would allow cut outs perpendicular to the canal and not horizontally. There would be no height restriction. Some on the presidents council did not think these open air boathouses  (No walls permitted) should be allowed as they might block a neighbors views. Reviews here were mixed and I was asked to get a feel for this area. So if you have an opinion send it on and I will report to the city staff our responses.

The second big discussion going on is the beach re-nourishment. I have seen the proposed truck routes now and since we are not on the beach this does not affect us. Still there will be over 9000 truck trips starting from October through January, dusk to dawn to and from the beach. Add this to the bull dozers spreading the sand and the loader elevators and you see it will be problematic. Hopefully we will not have the brown water from the fresh water run off like Sanibel Island. (still we have some as seen by the color of the water in the bay and canals) Expect this to have a negative affect on our season. WE will see.

 Here is an interesting statistic I got from councilman Finlay. His quote below.

 ”Parking tickets bring in a significant amount of revenue into the Beach Fund–sometimes exceeding $300,000 annually and never less than an expected $250,000. In reference to a comment I made during the City Council budget meeting, I show the following for parking tickets.

Year                Tickets Issued                Tickets Paid                Collection rate

 2010                   15,451                            8,272                             54%

 2011                   15,109                          10,430                             69%

 2012                    17,984                           8,125                             45%

I am not totally surprised by the 2011 collection rate but 2012 rate looks pretty bad. Based on the 2012 collection dollars ($285,000), about $350,000 in parking tickets went uncollected in 2012.”

 I also heard from the Police Chief and his deputies on residential burglaries. Overall crime was down 16%Last year there were54 actual burglaries

 22 stole jewelry, 2 cash, 8 electronics,9 fishing gear. Tools, etc (like from the garage) 9 were attempts noting taken, 2 mischief, 2 wire from construction.

Again Police say report anything suspicious to the police. Especially cars cruising by several times, slowing, etc. Stopping knocking on doors, solicitations etc., If you see something call the police. Calling me only takes more time. Email me if you want me to also follow up.

Terry Forshier


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Royal Harbor Updates – July 27,2013

In my personal newsletter earlier this month I sent some information on problems we may have in Royal Harbor on sea wall repair. Hopefully you will not need to repair yours. I have attached here some tips and information on sea walls. This is something I wrote about 6 years ago for the “Royal Harbor Pilot”. At that time, we had several properties that were experiencing sea wall failure. You may wish to print this out and then check your sea wall with this in hand. I am not an engineer or expert, but this is a summary of what I was told. Use it to determine if you need an expert to come look at your sea wall. Cheaper to fix it before it fails, by far..

I met with the city today on the street flooding problems we are experiencing along the bend on Snook Drive. The engineers and staff had been out to the area after the last big rains we had and saw first hand how the problem is getting bigger. The system used in Royal Harbor to drain streets is two fold. One is the use of swales and the other a series of underground drains along the road way that catches the water and routes it out to the canals. When flooding occurs,  it may be from plugged drains, swales that are too high, or even residents landscaping over the swales and preventing the water from having an escape route.

The city is going to check elevations in this area and come up with a water drainage plan to alleviate the standing water. You can see, if you drive through this area, that current building codes are higher than the road by several feet. So when a new home is built, it is elevated to pass code. Sometimes the swales between the homes are filled in or landscaped over. This does not allow water an exit way. This may mean some new water drainage lines will need to be installed in this area. Although some may be inconvenienced, and some properties may need trenching, the city will replace sod and return the property in good condition. However, if landscaping is a problem, some may need to remove it. Nothing is determined yet, I am just telling everyone this is happening. As we get more new homes built, this problem will continue unless the problem is addressed in the initial planning of the lot and the new build.

Lastly, the properties at the north end of Dolphin along the turn around is also being looked at for standing water.

I received an email from the airport authority informing me that the residents across the bay in Old Naples have requested a change in the airplane flight path that would move it down the bay and much closer to Royal Harbor and then have them  turn out over Port Royal. They asked how we would feel about this. I responded that I felt no one here would welcome more airplane noise. One of the reasons many bought here was to get away from the bustle of town and noises that go with it. Here is the name, email, and phone number of the solicitor, who is chairman of the noise compatibility committee, if you have an opinion you would like to express on this. ..SCOTTIE YEAGER [EDITHSCOTTU@HOTMAIL.COM]   239.821.8212

For those up North—The current tropical storm is not expected to develop into much at this time. Today’s forecast said even if it developed, all the tracks push it on west with no upswing to Florida. So relax for now.


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Royal Harbor updates – July 14,2013

Quite a week here in Naples. The remnants of Chantal have dumped a lot of rain the last 24 hours. I have a 5 inch rain gauge and have dumped it once already. Lots of water on the streets. I see white fly is back in force also. If you treated last year it is probably time again. Here is  a photo of a car at the end of Sheepshead that is sitting under a Palm tree. Your boat will look like this if it is under a palm too.IMG_2134

There are many forms of treatment but the cheapest, if you are here, is to order an injection kit and do it yourself. l have done this. I used the website Or google white fly treatments. Most lawn people are now up on this and can treat your trees. Pay them or order here below copied from their site.

Whitefly Control Products Now Available.

Due to incredible demand for Spiraling Whitefly Control products we have teamed with Mauget and we are now the South Florida distributor. We are currently stocking Imicide (10% Imidacloprid), a systemic injectable insecticide in 2 forms: individual capsules and in bulk 1 liter bottles. Please call if you have any questions or need help setting up a Whitefly Control program. 

  Use the coupon code “whitefly” for free shipping on your first order. Order supplies here:

The sand haul by truck to replenish beaches is now approved.Assuming an average of 16.2 c.y. of sand per truck, the re-nourishment for the City’s beaches will require 9,568 one-way trips to provide the 155,000 c.y. of sand. It looks now like the amount of sand will be cut for this project and made up next time. We can be grateful that the truck route does not go anywhere near here.

The owners of Marine Max boat yard are in contact with me about our community. They are planning a progressive cocktail party by boat for Royal Harbor residents. I am meeting them next week to see what exactly they have in mind. They are making an effort to know their market and have picked our community as one of their priorities. Hopefully we will have a good turn out as it seems like a really fun event. More later.

The area is buzzing with several topics, Joes Crab Shack closed and so did Big Al’s on north 41.  The British are getting a new heir to the throne and the verdict is in on the Zimmerman case. With all this, it is a wonder we have time for anything else.


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