Royal Harbor Update, 01/10/17

I have the new RCC cards and I am planning to mail them out next week when I can get volunteers to do it. If you want yours now, you may stop here and pick yours up. We ordered each family one card. They cost us $8 each so this will be your cost if you want another or extra one. Call me ahead so I here to get yours ready for you and make a note you have picked it up.

The new entry into Royal Harbor sign is now installed on Sandpiper Street. It took forever to get the OK and permit from the city to replace this sign. Working with government is frustrating, but thankfully our liaison from the city, Bob Middleton, helped and we got this done. We paid for this out of your annual $50 dues, just like we paid for the other two monuments and our electricity used there for lighting. This is a good reminder to all for when you are entering Royal Harbor.


Work on the sewer line is going on and should be completed soon so the detour sign will go away. It has led to more people stopping at the 4 way though.

I still have about 50 people from last year who have not renewed their membership. Please get this done this week if you can. Next week we will be sending out our board members to finish up this drive. They will be knocking on your door to get you signed up. I do not know why this is always such a monumental task.

ANNUAL MEETING  Since this is an ‘off election’ year we are not going to have an evening annual meeting and invite the city manager, Mayor, council persons, police chief and fire chief etc. Last year we had as many people on the agenda as we had from the community which shows there is not a lot of interest in coming to meetings. So we will have our ‘regular’ February meeting be the ‘annual’ meeting. All members are invited to attend. We will send our financial report out ahead by email. More details to follow after we meet next week to iron out the details.

Another change in our normal operation is that we are now going to offer the first year membership to the association free. So if a new member moves into Royal Harbor all we need is you to get their names, email and address and send them to us and we will put them on the membership rolls. This will recycle every calendar year. So please help us get everyone enrolled.

As you can see I am still acting as president of the association. I have agreed to continue awhile longer. Like it or not. HA HA


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Royal Harbor Update, 12/30/16

I hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a Happy New Year.

Here are a few items to update you on.

First a reminder of the work to be done on Sandpiper Street starting the 2nd. Where the little bridge is in Oyster Bay you can see the temporary patch of Blue pipe that the city installed a month ago. This is a sewer line patch and the city is going to fix it starting next week. They will be doing an under the road bore placing the new pipe so traffic may be slowed or even stopped for periods of time. If possible you should avoid this street. You can go down Marlin and take Palm out to 41 and avoid it all.

Another note on streets. Since the last update I have had multiple people contact me regarding speeding on Sandpiper and on the Streets in Royal Harbor. Especially Tarpon and Sandpiper past Marlin. Several residents say they have identified the habitual speeders and they are residents of the neighborhood. Please remember the people walking along the side of the street, biking the roads and walking dogs are your neighbors. We all need to slow down and realize the speed limit here is 25 in the neighborhood.

I now have about ½ of the people signed up for Royal Harbor association for next year. Next week I will be letting you know exactly who has and has not updated for 2017. Remember this is a voluntary organization. We hope that you feel the board here is helping the community and your membership is worthwhile.

Do you have a loved one that is not computer savvy but would like to receive daily emails? We have a Presto machine that does this.  We gave it to one of our parents who has passed now. So we have it and would like to give it to someone who could use it. It sets up and works over the phone line. Once installed (about 5 minutes) you can use it to send email and it prints out just like an old fax machine. So the recipient can stay in touch and receive emails from  the family. There is a very minimum monthly charge to Presto. If you want this call me and come pick it up. It worked great for us sending daily updates to grandma up in Illinois .

A resident on Tarpon contacted me last week and said someone took a Hobi Kayak off their dock. Sad to say they just missed it and do not know when, why or how, but use this as an alert to secure your stuff and keep an eye out for anything suspicious. Obviously someone just put it in the water and took off.

Lastly, it is nice to see you all back and the community full and bustling.


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Royal Harbor Update, 12/21/16

Thank you to the nearly 60 people who sent in their Homeowner applications for 2017. For the rest of you please try and get this done. Again if your data is the same all we need is your check, name and address and corrections for the directory. Also let us know on your proxy for the annual meeting. Application attached.

A couple things. January 2 the city will begin on fixing the sewer leaking pipe that has been temporarily patched along Sandpiper in Oyster 

Bay. This is by the little bridge and the big blue pipe is a temporary fix. The repair project will affect Sandpiper street as it will be one way in that area. There also may be delays as they bore drill under the road. So I will remind you again as time gets closer but that is what is going on there.

Also another Sandpiper Street reminder. The speed limit on Sandpiper is 30 mph and there is a stop sign at Sandpiper and Marlin. Complaints are still coming in from residents of speeders and reports of few people actually stopping at the stop sign. I am not the police, I am the messenger. If you get a ticket do not say you were not told about this. Right now this street is crowded with walkers, bicyclists, dog walkers, runners and lost drivers. Remember… please, this is Season AND PATIENCE IS REQUIRED.

Our new entrance to Royal Harbor sign that is along Sandpiper street just past Jewel Box will be installed next week. I hope you like it.

We also have ordered new RCC cards again for al members. These will be available next week too.

For all you boaters…Also attached is the proposed new manatee zone that has been, or will be, submitted to the State and Federal governmental bodies. This is predominantly to enforce slow speed zones. This is NOT yet a done deal, it is still in the planning stages. This is just to keep you informed.  Remember all canals are slow speed NO WAKE.

Only a few days now until Christmas. I hope you are all ready and all have a very warm, happy weekend. Thanks to all who put up festive lights and decorations. It makes our little Subdivision seem a cozy and happy place.

Since people are constantly moving in and out of Royal Harbor, Our Association Board now has a few vacancies we are needing to fill for next year. If you think you might be interested in working with us please send me your information and I will pass it on to the nominating committee. We meet monthly on the third Tuesday of the month at9:30 am at the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club. We, like the council, take the summer off from meetings.





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Royal Harbor Update, 12/13/16

Here is the 2017 application for membership in the Homeowners Association. This year Gil Leavitt  (and Mary) will be heading up the membership drive. As always if your data is the same and you are just renewing then you can just drop off your $50 check with your name, address and yes or no on your proxy for the annual meeting. I will have a box on my garage door by the flagpole on the front of the house for you to leave it. Knock and say hi if you can but just drop it off if you are in a hurry. We will do the rest.

Again this year the Christmas Lights at the entrances to Royal Harbor were donated and put up compliments of Harry and Allison Zea who live on Marlin Drive. THANK YOU for helping spread the cheer.

Hopefully you have not been stopped by the police for speeding along Sandpiper on in Royal Harbor. Complaints  were received by Council from residents last month regarding speeding so enforcement has increased. Remember this also if you are driving home after dinner especially if you enjoyed an extra glass of wine. Stop at the stop sign. They will be patrolling the area.

Season is starting and traffic is back as well as increased pressure on dining facilities. Best to try to go early or call for reservations at least a day ahead.

Here is the 2017 application for membership in the Homeowners Association. This year Gil Leavitt  (and Mary) will be heading up the membership drive. As always if your data is the same and you are just renewing then you can just drop off your $50 check with your name, address and yes or no on your proxy for the annual meeting. I will have a box on my garage door by the flagpole on the front of the house for you to leave it. Knock and say hi if you can but just drop it off if you are in a hurry. We will do the rest.

Again this year the Christmas Lights at the entrances to Royal Harbor were donated and put up compliments of Harry and Allison Zea who live on Marlin Drive. THANK YOU for helping spread the cheer.






Phone Numbers



Emergency Phone number______________________________

E Mail address_(s)_______________________________________

Send mail to__________________________________________________

Please return this form to and your $50 check to Royal Harbor Homeowners Association to Terry Forshier….1750 Sandpiper St…..Naples …. Florida..34102  Email….

___ use this for as my proxy to the annual meeting

If all information is the same as last year just put in your name, check proxy, yes or no, and mail or drop off your check in the box by my front door.   1750 sandpiper St…Terry


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Royal Harbor Update, 11/17/2016

I know many of you are now arriving back in Royal Harbor. One thing I always found when I would get here was that I need to do some work on my boat. Seemed like no matter how well I thought I had put things away I always forgot to do something or something just broke over the summer.

Many of you already have a relationship with a boat repair person and many of you may still be under a warranty with the dealership. But those of you who are like me and  have a now older boat may need to have a repair man come to your dock and fix things.

I do know of some of these mechanics who work out of their Mobil trucks. Some have been good others not so good. If you contact me I can direct you to a good outboard specialist that I use with good results. I also can recommend a good diesel mechanic for you boat. Then too if you need something like an item put on like a new sounder or voltage regulator or whatever there are a few places I could steer you to. Also If you need bottom paint or repair I can recommend a good place that will offer you a Royal Harbor 10% discount.

So Just a heads up. Feel free to email me and I will be glad to share these contacts. I have no relationship or financial interest in any of these people. I do not guarantee you will like them but I did and I use these people and trust them to do a good job at a fair price.

Terry Forshier


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Royal Harbor Update, 10/27/2016

Incase you are here and wondered what was happening on Sandpiper St.

At approximately 11:45 AM, Wastewater Collections responded to a possible 12-inch forcemain leak on the east side of Sandpiper Street in the Oyster Bay area.  Crews arrived at the location and found sewer flowing from the forcemain that runs under the drainage ditch that flows through the box culvert into Oyster Bay.  The forcemain was shut down by 12:15 PM.  Based on an account from the property owner next to the drainage ditch, he noticed leak at 11:30 AM.  It is estimated that the forcemain leaked for approximately 45 minutes.  At this time, the volume of sewer from the system cannot be determined. 

One of the City’s underground contractors is onsite to replace that section of 12-inch forcemain as a temporary repair.  The temporary pipe will be laid along the top of the small bridge crossing the drainage ditch.  The long term solution will be to install a new section of forcemain under the drainage ditch via directional bore.

AS of right now they are still out working on this. 8 pm , Thursday night

Next from City manager Bill Moss on the new roundabout now open in Naples

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The City of Naples installed new modern roundabouts on Central Avenue at 8th Street and 10th Street.  The attached brochure is offered to assist Motorists, Bicyclists, and Pedestrians in the proper use of roundabouts.

Please share this brochure with members of your organization, colleagues, and friends.

Thank you,

Bill Moss, City Manager




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Royal Harbor Update, 10/12/2016




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Royal Harbor Update: 08/25/2016

As tropical system 99 approaches you should all check to see if you are registered with CODE RED in Naples. See Below from Bill Moss the City Manager.  Also a note on water quality and testing scams.

We know that residents are, once again, receiving letters or other solicitations regarding free testing of drinking water.


Please see the below message from your City’s Utility Department regarding these solicitations and the quality of the City’s drinking water.

On a different subject, we are currently observing the development of several tropical storms.  Residents are reminded to register their telephone numbers with CodeRED, the City’s emergency notification system.  Registration of telephone numbers is available through the City of Naples web site  Click the Code  RED tab in the upper right-hand corner of the home page.

 You may wish to share this message with members, associates, and friends.

Thank You

Bill Moss, City Manager

Solicitations for water quality testing.

Residents may receive notices from companies promoting free water quality testing of drinking water in their home. This may include inspection of any in-home treatment devices such as a water filter, water softener, or any type of water purifier. The end-goal for these companies is the sale of a home treatment device, whether needed or not.

The people marketing these products may rely on high-pressure sales tactics using skeptical water testing tablets intended to change the color of the water. They may then inform a homeowner that the water is contaminated and should be filtered with their product.

We are aware of a tactic used that gives the impression that the company is affiliated with the City’s Utilities Department. This is not the case. The City of Naples Utilities Department does provide a service for our customers in instances where there are concerns related to water quality. However, that service is initiated by the customer and not through mail or a personal visit.

The City’s water supply is regulated by the USEPA Safe Drinking Water Act and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  The City’s drinking water meets or exceeds all drinking water requirements set by the Safe Drinking Water Act and Florida Administrative Code.  There are approximately 96,000 water quality tests performed annually by licensed staff in the City’s certified environmental laboratory. Other tests are outsourced to state-certified laboratories.  All drinking water sampling and testing procedures conform to the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program.

If residents are interested finding more information on the quality of their drinking water, they should contact the City’s Water Treatment Plant at 239-213-3004 and one of our licensed personnel will be happy to assist. In circumstances where a visit to the residence is required, homeowners will immediately recognize the city uniform and badge worn by Naples employees.

Furthermore, upon receiving any form of communication or advertisement from one of these types of businesses, an internet search of the company may reveal reviews and comments on the history of the company.  We would encourage city water customers to research such companies prior to purchasing any home treatment systems.

On another topic of relevance. Here again on Mosquitoes and our area. From the county.

Hello Residential Community Partners,

As we enter the rainy season, the Department of Health in Collier, Collier County Emergency Management and Collier Mosquito Control District would like to share ways to prevent mosquito-borne illness.  Please consider the following public safety message. 

“We are fortunate that most mosquitoes in SW Florida do not carry disease. Most are only a nuisance. However, there are a few types of mosquitoes that can carry disease, which are collectively referred to as Arboviruses. The diseases potentially carried by mosquitoes could affect you or anyone in your family, including horses and canines. The diseases include Dengue Fever, Chikungunya, Zika, West Nile, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, and Dog Heartworm. The best method to prevent arbovirus transmission is to prevent mosquito bites.  DRAIN standing water from garbage cans, buckets, pool covers or any containers where sprinkler or rainwater has collected. COVER your skin with long pants and long sleeves. Apply mosquito repellent with DEET to exposed skin and use mosquito netting to protect children younger than 2 months old. This “Drain and Cover” approach reduces mosquito reproduction and your personal exposure, reducing the risk of an Arbovirus. Stay safe by planning now!”


Lastly, many of you have asked about the primary elections and who to vote for and who I think is looking out for this area. . If you want my opinion and picks just email me and I will gladly send it to


It’s always something

Terry and Rhonda


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Royal Harbor Update, 07/26/16:

Thanks to those of you who contributed earlier this year to the video camera project we just finished and installed in Royal Harbor. The following is proof that this was and is a great idea and is paying off. Feel proud that here you have made a difference. Read below..Terry


 The below information recounts an arrest related to construction site burglaries.  The referenced LPR cameras are those funded by the Port Royal and Royal Harbor Associations and recently installed by Tech Services.

 Bill Moss

City Manager

 —-Original Message—–

From: Thomas Weschler

Sent: Monday, July 25, 2016 4:17 PM

To: Bill Moss; Roger Reinke

Subject: Excellent arrest

 On July 22nd, detectives arrested a subject that committing construction site burglaries in Port Royal, Royal Harbor and other locations throughout the city.  The investigators did an excellent job of reviewing the license plate reader (LPR) cameras and pawn records to identify the subject.

 Lt. Fletcher’s synopsis of the investigation is included below: 

 In July 2016, the City of Naples experienced a string of construction site burglaries, particularly within the Port Royal and Royal Harbor neighborhoods. At a burglary of a construction site on Rum Row, Detectives obtained video surveillance which captured the burglary suspect and suspect vehicle. Detectives spoke with a witness that described a small red vehicle leaving construction site occupied by a male and female. Detectives utilized the license plate reader (LPR) cameras located at the entrance to Port Royal to identify the vehicle as a Red Toyota Rav4 and the vehicle’s owner.  Through further investigation detectives were able to identify Kyle Nochta, 26, of 1775 Kearny Avenue, Naples, who was responsible for the burglary, grand theft and subsequent sale of the stolen tools.

 On July 22, 2016 Detectives observed that Nochta’s vehicle was in the area of Royal Harbor after passing the Royal Harbor Association’s LPR cameras.  Detectives responded to the Royal Harbor area and located Nochta and his vehicle.  During a traffic stop involving Nochta, Detectives observed several construction tools in his possession.  After further investigation, Detectives learned that he had just committed a burglary of two construction sites on Dolphin Ct. and Dolphin Rd.  Detectives arrested Nochta and recovered the stolen property.

 Detectives have charged Nochta for 3 counts of burglary, 2 counts of grand theft, and 1 count of petit theft related to these two cases (16-01593 and 16-01668).

 Additionally, Detectives have reviewed recently reported construction site burglaries within the City of Naples. Through pawn records, Detectives have probable cause and have linked Nochta as a suspect in relation to 6 additional construction site burglaries reported to the Naples Police during May and June 2016.  Additional charges on Nochta will be completed early next week. These burglaries occurred on Gin Lane, 3rd Street South, Spring Line Dr., Banyan Blvd., Cutlass Lane, and Tarpon Rd.

 During the month of July 2016, Nochta is suspect in 23% of the reported Part 1 crimes.  Nochta was released from prison in April 2016. 

 I met with Lt. Finman on Friday regarding a potential press release.  It was decided that we intend to issue a release early next week when the additional charges are filed.

 Chief Tom Weschler

Naples Police Department

(239) 213-4853


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Royal Harbor Update, 07/22/16

Last night a car on Bonita Lane was broken into and the contents rifled and a few items were stolen. The owners reported that the car was left unlocked. I have to admit last year I had the same thing happen to me with my truck sitting right outside my front room window in my driveway. I lost all the cash I had in my wallet as I somehow had left it in the car. Fortunately the wallet was left.  I know of one individual a few years ago who left a pistol in the car and it was also stolen. Right down the street on Marlin drive a resident caught a young man rifling through his car a couple of years ago. He heard something outside, opened his front door and saw the boy in the front seat going through his stuff. The boy fled and he chased him and saw where he went.  The police were called and eventually the young man was caught and went to jail.

 We all get distracted and forget to secure our property. we have to lock our vehicles and be aware that there are people out there who think it ok to steal from us. When you are a victim please call the police and report it. Vigilance will enable the police to apprehend the criminals. Better to call and nothing result than to ignore and have this continue. This is Especially important now that many are gone.  Police Number is 213 4844  (emergency is still 911)

The new video cameras are great and police can search through them to see suspicious activity and have a better chance to apprehending someone.

Also do not forget to put up motion sensor lights in your driveway. If someone stalks around your car, many times a light in their eyes will deter them .

Once a community gets a reputation of policing their neighborhood word gets out and that community becomes less of a target.



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