Royal Harbor Updates – 02/25/2014

The City is now putting the new waterline project for Royal Harbor on paper and plans are to get bids and hopefully start this summer. The project will start at the southern end of Royal Harbor and move north over the next 3 years. So residents on Sandpiper, Snook, Tarpon, Kingfish and Marlin will be affected this first round. This project will require digging up the roads and putting in new water lines. The reason they are doing this now is mainly for the fire flow restrictions ( water pressure for fire hoses) that have been set by the state of Florida. Royal Harbor has the worst numbers in water flow in the city so we need this. Plans are to lay in the lines down one road then loop across and under the canals to the next road then back up to the main lines. So picture this, the line will go down Kingfish to the end, then will be horizontally bore-drilled deep and under the canal and then come out on Tarpon road where it will connect to a line down that road. The same process will  happen at the end of Sheepshead and cut under the canal to Snook, then connect there to the line up and down Snook. Looping allows for better flow and for water access to continue along the lines if one area goes out. Residents will be notified by the city as the work plans begin and plenty of notice will be given to all. This is still in the planning stages and final plans are not yet approved. This is a heads up to everyone so you will know what is going on if you are notified by the city regarding this project.

Flood Insurance. Did you know that since we live in the city of Naples we are to be getting a 20% discount on Flood insurance? For more information you can call the city at 239-213-5039 and ask for Christa Carrera. She can also get you your elevation certificate if it is on file. This could save you some money. The city is now working on revised flood maps to certify elevation requirements. This is all changing.

 I was notified yesterday that the city has a person working on FPL power outages in Royal Harbor. So far I have not noticed a  change. The power line to the entrance with the Flag Pole is scheduled to be rewired this week. They put in a new underground from my lot to the island last week.

The East Naples Advisory Board that oversees dredging will meet soon to discuss where we go now. It seem they they were unable to get bids for the remaining rock removal in Royal Harbor.  I hope that the decision now is to keep trying and not one to forget it. We need to finish this project.



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Royal Harbor Updates – 02/21/2014

First. The puppy was found.

 I am now getting data from the Fire chief on activities. Wednesday you may have noticed the smoke in the sky in the North along the beach. This is what happened. I thought I would pass this on so we can all see that the fire department does indeed put out fires. Here below the email from Chief McInerny in its entirety.

Good Evening – I am taking the opportunity this evening to reach out directly to all of our City of Naples high-rise and multiple family occupancy properties, board members, homeowner associations and even single family residents who wish to know what’s happening when it pertains to the City of Naples Fire-Rescue Department and our operations and/or activities.  We have unfortunately not done a good job in properly communicating our mission, operations, activities and/or our life-safety educational concerns to our customers and I would like to start correcting that communications concern.

 As you may be aware, we had a rather large fire occur yesterday (Wednesday, February 19, 2014) at 1919 Gulf Shore Boulevard North.  At approximately 14:42:02 hours a 9-1-1 call was received from the building manager of the Diplomat Club Condominium located at 1919 Gulf Shore Boulevard North reporting a vehicle on fire.  Several more 9-1-1 calls were received and the incident was ultimately upgraded to a building fire.  All units assigned to both Fire Station No. 1 and Fire Station No. 2 were dispatched to the fire under the command of Acting Battalion Chief Jerry Pecar as Battalion No. 1.

 A police officer (Bravo 5) was the first one on the scene at approximately 14:48:09 hours.  The first arriving Fire-Rescue Department unit was Tower Ladder Co. 2 arriving at approximately 14:50:36 hours or approximately 8 minutes and 34 seconds after receipt of the initial 9-1-1 call reporting heavy smoke showing.  Tower Ladder Co. 2 was staffed with only a driver-engineer as we were at minimum staffing.    

 Engine Co. 1 was assigned to layout the large diameter hydrant (LDH) supply line upon arrival and they were staffed with only two personnel due to minimum staffing.  The hydrant supply operation was difficult and complicated since the hydrant was located alongside the northbound lane of GSBN and the fire was located alongside the southbound lane with a divided median and that necessitated a U-turn while dropping hose.  So as a result, we were delayed in getting an attack line on the fire and an uninterrupted water supply established from the hydrant to the two trucks stretching attack hose lines on the north and south sides of the fire.

 The fire started in the southeast area of a carport located directly in front of the building.  When Tower Ladder Co. 2 arrived on the scene, fire was rapidly engulfing both the east and west sides of the carport and storage building and spreading to the north.  Fuel tanks were burning, exploding/rupturing and dispersing burning fuel that presented additional hazards and risks to our firefighters.  Firefighters resorted to foam operations to quell the burning fuel and tires.  It took three attack hose lines and approximately two-hours to extinguish all the pockets of fire.  Both the North Naples and East Naples Fire & Rescue Districts were requested to send engine companies to cover our two empty firehouses until we could free up our units from the fire scene.

 The carport provided cover for vehicles and also contained storage lockers/units.  Many of the storage units were engulfed in flames as well.  The fire destroyed at least seven vehicles including a scooter and there are at least four more vehicles with varying degrees of fire, heat and smoke damages.  The carport and unit storage structure is heavily damaged and threatening to collapse.  Heavy steel girders are twisted and the roof trusses for the carport roof are severely sagging.

 The State Fire Marshal’s Office was called in to assist with the investigation.  Since the building was structurally unsafe, the Police Department  preserved the scene overnight and until this morning.  Vehicles were moved from the building this morning so that the fire investigation could  commence.  There were no injuries to civilians and/or firefighters and as usual our personnel did the very best job that they could.  Damages are estimated to be in excess of $1 million dollars.  The fire investigation is continuing and we are looking at the possibility that the fire started with a car parked inside of the structure.  There were no sprinklers present.

 I have attached five photographs that depict our fire-rescue department operations and/or aftermath at the scene along with a video of the fire posted to Youtube and the Naples Daily News story on the fire.

 Here’s the Youtube link to video of the fire and turn up audio and you can hear the multitude of explosions that resulted from tires blowing and fuel tanks going.

RHfireimage RHfireimage002 RHfireimage003 RHfireimage004 (1)

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Royal harbor Updates – 02/14/2014


Gordon Pass Depth Problem:

The area several of us have damaged rudders, and props on Sport Fishy boats, on is surrounding Red #2 and Green #1 coming into the main channel at Gordon Pass.  After some discussion with the Harbor master he sent out a team to do some soundings in the area this summer.  He found “controlling depth” now of Gordon Pass is 6 feet.  That means that at an average low tide, in the main channel,  the depth for navigation is 6 feet deep.  So, if you are coming into the pass at low tide and have either a 2’ boat wake or a 2’ chop … you will be trying to navigate in 4 feet of water depth.  The wave will pick up your bow and your rudder will hit in 4 feet of water.  If you draw 5 1/2 feet, like I do, it’ll hit hard, with all the weight of your boat on the rudder.  That’s how Bob damaged the rudder on his new boat.  It’s also how several of us have damaged ours.

I did my own soundings for several weeks earlier in the fall and found the deepest passage through.  Just to the left of center between the markers was deepest, then, leaving the center to travel along a rhumb line from 40’ beyond the Red #2 toward the entry shoal marker.  But, there is now a hump about 100-150 feet from the red (toward the shoal marker) that’s a shallow spot. 

On his return from Key West Race Week our P.R.O., Jeff Butzer, detoured to do his own soundings with a Seatow Captain.  He found the green side of the channel (Diamond Shoal) is the shallowest.  They found that you CANNOT safely navigate on the green side of center near the #1 marker and toward the entry shoal marker.  Please, if you have knowledge of anyone having boat damage from this area contact the City Dock and ask for the Harbor Master’s email address.  If you send him an email about it he can forward it to the Corps of Engineers and US Coast Guard, who will determine if and when Gordon Pass is dredged.  If you do not report it the Pass will remain as it is.  They need several reports of boat damage, apparently, to consider it a worthwhile problem to address by dredging it.

Commodore/ Captain Elizabeth Bloch

This above from the Sailing club here in Naples and their Commodore. Remember the sand shifts all the time, so pick your way through the pass carefully at low tide, and if you have any damage, please report it to the harbormaster, Roger Jacobson.

My comment last week regarding pets brought about some comments from one resident. Here I include the ordinance for everyone to read. I specifically asked the Chief yesterday about whether a dog needed to be on a leash in the City on Naples. He said yes it does. Whether this applies in all cases such as guide dogs and other specially trained dogs I do not know. But now you know as much as I.  I doubt any officer will ticket you for walking with your dog at your side. However if an incident occurs it could complicate the issue.

 Bicycles and the bicycle riders that will not move over to let you pass. I have a report this is occurring again. Again in my meeting with the chief I asked about this. He said he would not think city police would ticket a car passing in this circumstance and he would alert his patrols. I was also told that the city police would alert the Sheriffs department of this problem and they and the city police would stop these riders if caught again. Remember also the 3 foot rule. When you pass a cyclist you must allow a minimum of 3 feet clearance.

 Flood insurance is still a hot topic and several residents had some ideas on this subject. I will collect these and distribute them. But, you may know that there is a bill now in the works that would extend the current program for 4 more years. This mainly effects older homes and is also largely affected by your elevation certificate. It was pointed out that all lenders require flood insurance and you can only opt out if you own your home outright.

 We have at least one resident dealing with the sea wall repair-and-replace issue. We are trying to find a way to resolve this issue now that the city has changed the code. It is complicated and will likely require the association to hire an attorney to figure it out, another reason we need everyone to pay the $50 annual dues and be a part of our efforts.




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Royal Harbor Updates – 01/28/2014

GarageSaleimage003The Royal Harbor garage sale is this coming Saturday. Those planning to Open Up need to get an application and fill it out and then get it to Nancy Lockwood in the next couple of days so she can get everyone’s permit.

 She is at 2150 Shad Ct. 250 3879


This is a good way to get rid of those unused and unwanted items that are collecting dust in your garages and attics.

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Royal Harbor Updates – 01/18/2014

Royal Harbor Association Annual Meeting

IMG_3589First it is great that all three candidates that came and spoke at our annual meeting have now won and been sworn in. The fourth candidate withdrew.  Saves  money on an election and if you attended you can see these three Web01Terry02candidates were all good picks. These are the three I was rooting for. Doug Finlay, Sam Saad and Linda Penneman. A lot of the data and facts  I send out comes from Doug and Sam and I know Linda from way back. She will also be an asset.

Also at our meeting we had short talks from John Sorey our mayor, Bill Moss the city manager, Greg Strakaluse the city person in charge of the dredging, also talking were Dee Sulick, councilwoman and our Police officer Tyrone Davis. (also in attendance were Lt. Ralph Anthony and  Police Chief Thomas Weschler. So we had a good group. We had about 120+ persons there and the meeting went smoothly with all board members reelected.

One main reoccurring topic was the electrical outages. Several of the councilpersons volunteered to try to help us in this project and Maureen Minker has their contacts. So let’s hope we can get some relief in this situation.

Also discussed were the new water lines to be put in starting later this year.  The project will start in the southern end of Royal Harbor and work itself north to 41. This is a 3-year, 3 million dollar project. It will be messy as streets will be dug up. However, it will be worth it.

Don’t forget the neighborhood garage sale…..February 1.  You can get garage sale permit forms from me or Nancy Lockwood Please return them to Nancy L…she will get the permit.

Booklet insertion is cut off as of the meeting so if yours is late, you will not be in until we print an additions page in a few months. We are planning to get the printing done and distribute these by the end of the month.

 Discount cards were passed out and will be distributed with the booklets  to those not attending. I am told the old ones will still be honored. If you need yours now, you can stop here for one. Just call me ahead and I will put it in an envelope and set it out by the door or meet you and hand you yours. 732 1238 Several have already called and gotten theirs.

 We are still in recruitment mode on our board as we had two members move. If you are so inclined, please notify me or another board member and our nominating committee will call on you.

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Royal Harbor Updates – 01/13/2014




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Royal Harbor Updates – 01/10/2014

I have attached the financial report from the Royal Harbor Homeowners Association to this email. Please review it before the annual meeting next Tuesday. We will be voting on its acceptance at that time.

Remember, please, the meeting is Tuesday the 14th It will be in the cottages area meeting room in the Naples Bay Resort. This is on the East side of Sandpiper at the 41 intersection. It will start at 7:30

Committee persons will update the membership on their projects for the community and we will have guests from the city who will also address the group. The Mayor, some of the council persons and the city manager will be there to speak briefly to us.

Many of you have sent your proxies to us with your membership but if you are here and can attend please come and cast your vote for the board and approval of our endeavors’ in person.

Our membership will close on the booklet after the meeting and we will be taking the then current data to the printer for the booklets to be printed. For those still procrastinating you now have about 5 days to get your enrollment in.

 I do have the new Resident discount cards now. We plan to pass these out at the meeting to those who can make it. If you need one before you can stop and I will give you one. Last year there was an additional key fob  with the card. Not so this year. If you want an extra you will need to pay an extra $3.00 for the second card. (and we may need to order more as we did not expect this)

Here below from our neighborhood officer.

 Good morning,

 I wanted to inform you that there have been several thefts and auto burglaries in the area.  The thefts are occurring at night with no forced entry.  Please remind everyone to lock car doors, remove expensive items from vehicle and secure all fishing equipment in the garage or locked shed.  Most of these crimes are crimes of opportunity and can be prevented.  If you or anyone have questions about crime prevention please feel free to call.





The Christmas decorating award winners are . ………………..Ta Da!!!!!!

First………..Rick and Jamie Spindler….2040 Sandpiper

Second…..Don Miller and Dianne……2350Snook

Third ……..Jan Lane…1560 Dolphin

2013 Official Cash Flow Report

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Royal Harbor Updates – 12/17

It was reported to me and the police that a man was walking the neighborhood asking for money over the weekend. He told  people he was a veteran and down on his luck and was begging for cash. Although this is the season for giving and charity this type of activity is strictly forbidden in the city and should be reported to the police. You never know who is at your door and what their motives may be. We also had another incident of a “party crasher” showing up at the door that turned out very ugly. If something like this happens to you don’t hesitate,  call the police at once.

 There has been much discussion about the electrical service in our neighborhood. Our board has a committee that is now in talks with FPL on this and other issues. If you are interested in this and feel our “sporadic” service should be better you may wish to add your voice and presence to this group. Let me know and I will put you in touch with those heading this up.

We now have the time and place set for our annual meeting. It will again be at the Naples Bay Resort at their community room in the building to the East of Sandpiper (where the pools, tennis courts and exercise rooms are). It will be the evening of the 14th of January at 7:00 pm. We will hope to see you there.

 As people move in and out of the neighborhood, so do those serving on our Homeowners board of directors. At this time our nominating committee is looking at potential new members to serve as members and alternates.  If you are so inclined, please let me know and I will put your name in the hat.

I have had complaints about dog walkers not picking up and of people throwing out trash from their cars on to the roads. We think most violators live in neighboring communities and/ or are visitors.

The Christmas season is upon us and many of the homes are lighted and festive. Our neighborhood officer and daughter will be cruising through the area judging the homes for a first, second and third place winner. These awards, which are gift certificates to Home Depot, will be awarded at the annual meeting. You must be a member to be a winner.

 I and the other “alliance” members  met with the Chief of Police last week and our discussion was on crime in the city. Below is a recap of the data on this. Continue reading

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Royal Harbor Updates – Boat Theft Alert 12/08

For those of you who may find you need some boat work done here is an early Christmas present. Many of you will remember this as Royal Yacht Services up Haldeman’s Creek. For your information, North, the foreman, is there too, so those of you who knew him will see a familiar face and I am sure you will get the same positive results as before. George, the new owner is a former Royal Harbor resident.

Naples Boat Yard

2775 Bayview Drive

Naples, FL 34112

(239) 234-1999

Hello Terry,

If you will, please offer the members of the Royal Harbor Association a 10% discount on any of our services through February 2014.  Please have any member just show a copy of their association roster for the discount.

Naples Boat Yard (FKA Royal Yacht Services) is under new ownership and has recently opened up as a traditional boat yard.  NBY is hauling motor and sail boats up to 60 feet in length with a 60 ton travel lift and is currently doing bottom jobs, details, prop services, and loading/unloading.  All other repair and maintenance needs are available via the boat owner’s properly insured third party vendor (feel free to ask for a vendor recommendation if need be).  Additionally, NBY has a crane on site for any heavy lifting needs (motor/generator pulls).


George Atkinson

Some of you may have hears that a big Yellowfin was stolen in this area and tracked by GPS to Mexico. Although authorities know where the boat is and even have picture of it in Mexico, the authorities have been unable to get it back yet. So heed the following advice from the Sheriff’s department.


Continue reading

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Royal Harbor updates – 11/20/13

There is a lot going on now in Royal Harbor. To keep you in the know here are a few of the items…

 You may have noticed the lights on the island on the flag are still out. There is a snag between the city and FPL on this, but I spoke to the city yesterday and they said they will get on it. With the electric off, our cameras are not working, so we need this ASAP.

 Also thank Harry and Allison Zea for volunteering to set up and provide the Christmas lights at the entrances again this year. This is a big job and adds a lot to our community. If the electricity gets fixed, this will go up next week. Harry operates Imagine Home Concepts.

The Royal Harbor board is planning 2 Christmas events. One is the Christmas decorating contest for your home. In the Holiday spirit we hope you will take the time to dress your home up for Christmas. We will have a celebrity judge from the city come and judge the homes. There will be 3 prizes $100, $75 and $50 for first, second and third prize. These will be gift certificates to Home Depot. Royal Harbor is one of the most beautiful spots in the world to live in. Dressing your home for the Holidays will enhance our overall image and make the Holiday spirit thrive and flourish in our Community. Please, make the effort to show your pride in our community by joining in. I will be sending more on this in the next few weeks.

 Next we are going to have a Christmas event. On December 21,Saturday afternoon , we will have a short Christmas parade down Kingfish road. This will be for everyone, mom’s, dad’s, your children and / or your pets. This will be a one-hour event, and end at the end of Kingfish, with popcorn and soft drinks provided. Santa will be here for the parade and snacks. He will be in my little RED corvette And you may use this time for photo Ops with you and your family. So if you would like to bring your camera we will let you/ Santa and your loved ones pose together by the car. We thought this would make a great photo keepsake.. More on this later.

RH Christmas Vette

February 7 is the date we selected for the Royal Harbor Garage Sale. At that time we will get a blanket Royal Harbor permit from the city for all homes. This will enable you to clean out your garage and make a little cash too. We have lots and lots of traffic for this event. Sign ups will start later and more will be coming on this.

 The city will be having its first reading on the installation of new water lines into this area this week. Hopefully, this will all pass. Our board is trying to see if we can coat-tail on this project. We are trying to get new cable line put in, a new underground FPL service put in, and possibly install the irrigation water lines into this area. We think that doing this when the road is already torn up would make sense. If you know anything about doing this, or have any connections in any of these industries, contact anyone on our board and help us.

We have had an issue with boats rafting up in the canals. This is not allowed. Now if a friend comes over and rafts up for the afternoon or so that is one thing, but boats rafting up for overnight stays, etc. block the thruway and have to be moved. The police have been notified of this, so if you call them, they should enforce this.

 Thanksgiving is just a week away. I Hope it is a wonderful one for you and your family. 33 days to Christmas.

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