Royal Harbor Update:December 3,2018

We now have about 1/3 of our past members renewed with their checks and data sheets. Several of you have notified me that you will be coming by and dropping yours off when you get into town. This notice is going out to everyone so you may have already renewed, if so, just ignore this part. Starting next week the notices for renewal will only go to those who have not renewed. So after this, if you get an email we do not have yours. Also after that, we will be asking our board members to contact those of you who we still have not heard from. To remind you to renew.

*** If you have MAILED your check, or DROPPED OFF your check when I was not home, PLEASE STOP BY and pick up your RCC CARD and YARD FLAGS.  This will save us having to distribute by hand.***

We need your data so we can include you in the Royal Harbor directory. If you are renewing and your data is the same, you do not have to fill out the form. Just let us know about your proxy for the annual meeting. Presently our nominating committee is preparing the slate for 2019. Know anyone that would like to apply to be on our Royal Harbor Board? Email me and I will pass it on.

Are you wishing you knew more people here, would you like to be more involved in what is going on in Naples? Here is an invitation from the city for you to become an ambassador.


I would like to reach out to the local housing associations in Naples to see if there is any interest from community members in getting involved with various activities around town. We are looking for people to help at the Naples Preserve, the parks and beaches, afterschool programs etc. If there are any upcoming association meetings that it would be possible for me to come to talk please let me know. If you have any space where we could post a flier about our Volunteer Ambassador program I can send that as well. If you would like any more information let me know or give me a call: 239-213-3061

Thank you and best regards,


Douglas Mitchell

Recreation Supervisor – Norris Community Center / Cambier Park

Community Services Department

755 8th Avenue South – Naples, FL  34102

PHONE: 239-213-3058   |  FAX: 239-213-3053

For those following Real Estate sales, there was nothing reported sold in Royal Harbor in November. Pretty unusual. Below is the activity on new listings and price decreases and terminations since my last update.

11/21             2100 Kingfish          Price Decrease                    $2,975,000

11/23            1555 Dolphin Ln     Price Decrease                    $3,275,000

11/22            2295 Snook             Back on Market                  $5,500,000

11/24            2150 Tarpon            Expired                                  $1,349,000

11/26            1810 Kingfish          New                                       $1,350,000

11/28            1860 Sandpiper      New                                       $1,595,000

11/30            1660 Dolphin Ct      Terminated                          $4,850,000

11/30            1355 Marlin             Terminated                          $4,550,000

11/30            1650 Dolphin Ct      Terminated                          $3,295,000

Many residents are now returning to Naples from their summer places. They come home and find that their boat won’t start, a tree has fallen down in their yard, they have toilet leaking, they find a wet spot on the roof, their dock needs repair and the list goes on. Many of these people call me and ask if Rhonda and I know or can recommend someone or company that can solve their problem. Here is where you come in. Do you have a provider that has done great work for you that you would recommend. If you do and will email me the information I will pass it to these new people when people ask. I will tell everyone that we do not guarantee anyone but that these providers have done good work in the past. I will then just keep an informal list and pass on all recommendations and any comments you wish to include.

Terry Forshier… president

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Royal Harbor Update: 11/22/2018

First let me wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Holiday season is always busy but there are a few things you should know so please take a moment to read through this.

Many saw in the paper that Port Royal was able to get the city council to pass the parking ban on commercial vehicles and trailers. They are especially targeting the big landscapers trucks with large trailers that can collectively hold a weeks work of clippings in their beds. These will no longer be allowed to park on the street, toss out a couple cones and stay there for hours taking over half the roadway. On other vehicles like builders trucks, suppliers trucks etc; they will also have restricted parking. This community has been working on getting this passed for several years. It may well be that the rest of the city will follow suit. You may want to think this over because we will be looking at this in Royal Harbor too.

Next there is a major change happening at our local community Hospital. It has to do with NCH changing how your doctor will be allowed to administer your care in their facility. The Hospital is now assigning each patient one of their doctors called a Hospitalist for your stay there. My personal doctor feels he is being “shut out “ as do all of the doctors I have spoken to. If this new policy stands, then I am told many will begin using the “other Hospital” for their patients.  All of the homeowners associations in Naples that I have spoken to or had email contact with are against this. Our board voted to join with them to ask the Hospital to reverse this decision. I urge you to follow this as it unfolds and consider your health care and how this will affect you should you need to be hospitalized. There is a lot to this and not nearly enough time or space for me to really go into it here. I will report more as it unfolds. For now please join in the protest however you can. If this really is a community hospital shouldn’t it reflect the will of the community it is to serve?

Our membership drive has started for 2019. It really is mostly a renewal but there are new people and we want them to be a part of our association. Attached here is an application. You can print it out and fill it out and return it to me. If you have a new neighbor, please consider taking them an application. The first year here is free, so all we need is the application. If they will stop it by, I can then give them the card and flags and explain what we are doing to better the community. So Far I have about 75 renewals. Starting next week board members will be contacting people to remind them to renew. We need the renewals in so we can order the directories. If you have questions, contact me or any board member listed in the directory.

Many of you who came to the door last week with your renewals asked about my boat and the lightning strike. Well, I am happy to say all is well. It did take 4 months to get things corrected and working again but Boat US insurance was easy to work with. I had SEA TEK do the work and although they were slow they were thorough. I guess all is well, now just finding time to get out on the gulf and raise those sails.

A short personal note here…

Sometimes it’s hard to keep a positive attitude. Things in life seldom go the way most of us would like them to, but we all plow on and deal with life in the best ways we know how. Another Thanksgiving is here and a time when most of us will probably spend at least a little time thinking of the things we have to be thankful for. This is the positive part we like to remember. It’s good we have a day like this especially in times like we have now. It is easy to watch the news or read the paper or your favorite magazine or surf the net and get bombarded with tons of negativity. This past month I was amazed at how mean and hurtful some of the political ads were. I am glad that is in the past.

I hope for each of us that on Thanksgiving we all can take a moment, maybe at your dinner table, maybe playing with your kids or grandchildren or maybe with your spouse as you turn out the lights at night, to just say thanks for the things and people making your life worth living and bringing joy to your heart.

If we would all do that we might wake up Friday with a better, more positive outlook.

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Royal Harbor Update:10/30/2018

I just went to the Norris center and voted. There were a few people in line but I only waited a few minutes. Still, it was a steady stream. I heard there was a big wait Sunday at the courthouse and also last Saturday. The point is there will be a big turnout and the smart voter will go early and get their vote cast. Saturday is the last day for early voting.


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Royal Harbor Update, 10/25/2018:

Early voting starts today. You can go to the Norris Center in Cambier park or the courthouse and get your vote cast early. No lines. Be sure to vote..

Here are some photos of past Royal Harbor Halloween nights. Don’t miss out. Just come over and walk around.

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Royal Harbor Update, 10/09/2018

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Royal Harbor Update:October 3,2018

If you have not registered to vote you have a week to get it done. You can do this at City Hall, the courthouse or online. This year is critical for Florida and the two platforms have never been more polarized than now. Even nationally many are watching Florida as a microcosm of the nation.

This year we have 12 amendments to vote on. These range from allowing felons to vote, offshore drilling, casino gambling, victim rights, dog racing and property taxes among others. All these will affect life in Florida, and you need to voice your opinion by voting.  Please take the time to register and vote. I think in the last election about half of our residents actually got out and voted.

Landscapers here in Naples will soon have to contend with a new parking law that is going into effect in some parts of the city. Now these lawn trucks and trailers will not be allowed to park in the street, set out a couple cones and block traffic on one lane. The areas that are implementing this will require lawn and other worker trucks park in driveways or on your lawn but will not be allowed to block the road. This is an issue that could come up here in Royal Harbor so be thinking about it. Another issue is noise, I reported last year that some areas are no longer allowing gas-powered lawn tools. They are requiring electric ones that are many times quieter. Some experiments were done on this over the summer, and it will be interesting to see how these worked out.

We have a new city manager. Charles Chapman. He was offered the job after the first candidate turned the offer down saying housing costs were too high for her. (did she not look at this before she went through the 6-month process of applying and interviewing  for the job?) Just saying.  I have not met him yet.

I keep seeing the commercials for the 1% increase in sales tax. Remember, if you think we are taxed enough, this is your chance to vote NO. One advertisement has a lady saying, “well its only a penny” do not be fooled it’s a penny on every dollar you spend. That adds up to quite a bit. The ad says something like $150 per household, but that is the tax on $15,000. Think you can live on spending $15,000 a year?  Do you think that if passed this will actually end in 7 years? You know that at that time the government will tell you we need the money and it will cost you no more than you are paying now. They always find a way to keep taxes coming in.

Someone reported they had White Fly in their palm trees Royal Harbor… I hope not but you better check yours to see.

Also, I saw a big alligator last week in Naples Bay in the river by Naples resort and Naples Sailing and Yacht club. Look before you jump in.

The board is working on the Halloween venue for this year. More to come.

Real Estate happening since the last update:

9/19   1939 Tarpon            Sold                           $1,150,000

9/19   2540 Tarpon            Pending                     listed at $2,580,000

9/25   1650 Dolphin Ct.    Price Decrease        $3,295,000

9/26   2155 Shad Ct           Sold                            $3,570,000

9/27   1300 Cobia Ct          Pending w/Cont     listed at $1,599,000

9/27   1539 Marlin             New                           $3,295,000

10/1   1571 Bonita Ln        New                           $3,295,000

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Royal Harbor Update: September 17,2018

What a week. If you are like me, you spent a lot of time watching Hurricane Florence and remembering just a year ago this was us. All hurricanes are bad on those they directly affect, but they also affect us in ways we may not realize. Take our insurance costs. Big disasters cause all at-risk areas to get increases. This includes homeowners and boat insurance especially. We are all waiting for the shoe to drop on flood insurance. We know that the federal government now is subsidizing most of the cost of this and that they are looking to slowly ween the public off the subsidy. These big expenditures for coastal housing recovery will add fuel to those wanting to cut back on the governments costs.  As we look at North Carolina, one can see that with the enormous amount of rain, areas not in flood zones will flood. So many will need assistance and have nowhere to go as flood insurance was not available. Then those who chose to gamble and did not buy the insurance will be stuck also. Expect this to be a political football in the elections. But the outcome will affect your pocketbook.

The city has a new manager. I have not met her but the newspaper has done a good article about her past record and it looked like she got a vote from every council person. I think she starts right away.

On flooding again. You know whenever we get a big rain in Naples there is flooding along the gulf coast road. Along this road in various spots the city has large outflow pipes that collect water in and along the road and lets it flow under the roads and under the beach out to the Gulf. If you walk the beach these are visible. The State of Florida has mandated for nearly a decade that the city make a plan to eliminate these. The state has said unless the city resolve this they will not permit sand nourishment along the beaches. (among other threats) The big problem is no one knows what to do with the rain water when it builds up. If you cannot funnel it to the Gulf, then what?   A remedy has been proposed that will involve the city collecting the water in underground drains, pumping it to a central holding area, filtering it and then pumping it out over 1000 feet into the gulf. If approved, it will be done over the next 3 years. I do not remember the cost, but it will be plenty.

I was told all the street signs, stop signs, etc should be fixed and looking good by the end of November.

I am sure most have heard Naples is a Blue Zone city. This means that the city has voted to try and follow the Blue Zone  guidelines. This nationwide  program has many facets. Some are community events. (getting communities to go on walks, projects etc to bolster fitness and neighborly spirit,) they also have restaurant guidelines asking for healthy meals, (a number of city restaurants are now doing this). So healthy eating, fitness and community. Good concepts. Where we fit here is unknown.

The city is also doing a city-wide vision statement to try and see what the residents of Naples would like to see happen in the next 5 to 10 years. To do this they are trying to get volunteers from all the areas  in the city to be represented at various meetings. These area representatives would speak for their respective areas and carry back to their associations the thoughts of others for their consideration. Anyone out there interested in volunteering for this?

Real estate since the last update:

8/27   1939 Tarpon            Pending w/Cont     listed at $1,200,000

8/28   2375 Tarpon            New                           $2,395,000

9/10   2540 Tarpon            New                           $2,580,000

9/12   1560 Bluefin             New                           $3,997,500

9/12   1920 Tarpon            New                           $3,800,000

9/13   1300 Cobia               New                           $1,599,000

9/13   2155 Shad Ct           Pending                     listed at $3,900,000

9/14   2500  Tarpon          Sold                            $1,900,000

More later

Real estate since the last update:

8/27   1939 Tarpon            Pending w/Cont     listed at $1,200,000

8/28   2375 Tarpon            New                           $2,395,000

9/10   2540 Tarpon            New                           $2,580,000

9/12   1560 Bluefin             New                           $3,997,500

9/12   1920 Tarpon            New                           $3,800,000

9/13   1300 Cobia               New                           $1,599,000

9/13   2155 Shad Ct           Pending                     listed at $3,900,000

9/14   2500  Tarpon          Sold                            $1,900,000

More later


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Royal Harbor Update, August 6,2018:

I got word this week that the deal on  the property at the corner of Sandpiper and Marlin, the 13 or so acres, that the county agreed to buy as preserve, has fallen through. >From what I saw in my email the seller wanted more money. The county explained it can only offer fair market value and that after the appraisal was done the seller did not take the deal. How disappointing.  I have no other details but will send them on when I do get some.

Most of you have received your sample ballots for the primary. It appears to be a crowded field. I always am confused when it comes to electing school board and judges because you never get any feedback on them. I just do not know them. I have reached out to some of my friends in political circles to find out which of these thinks most like I do. If you are like me, and want help in deciding, I will be glad to send you my picks. If you have a special candidate you like, then please feel free to share that. I know we do not all like the same things and am just offering.

I met with a potential customer this morning and talk centered around the coming market. He felt that the climate for selling would be good this season and was wanting data and my opinion on his property. Thinking some of you might also be in similar circumstances, I can tell you the feeling in this conversation was that the market will be good for sellers this year. We have a low inventory on the market and now many Northerners are starting to sell out and come down to get their slice of paradise. I know of several homes that were and are held off the market still waiting for the effects of Irma to be repaired. These will likely be up for sale as the season comes. So remember higher inventory means prices go down, and lower inventory means prices rise. In 2007 the bottom of the Royal Harbor market was approaching 1.3 million dollars. Now after the recession and bottoming out at in the $600k mark, we are seeing Royal Harbor prices all over a million dollars again. Some asking prices are in the 4 million range right now. Whew!

Since many of you are boaters I want to share with you the ongoing process I am in after lightning struck my sailboat. I admit as this started I was skeptical of the process and the people I would have to deal with. First, I have BOAT US insurance (by Geiko).  I called and they were right on it. In a day or so they sent a surveyor out to verify the claim. She helped with getting the boat hauled for inspecting the bottom where the lightning bolt probably grounded. Next, she recommended a company to do the appraisal for the damage and helped with the logistics in setting all this up. After conferring with the people on the damage and agreeing on the repair, an estimate was approved by the surveyor and sent to Boat US. They called a few days later and approved the claim. 
Within a week they mailed out the check for the repairs and assured me that if other items appeared after this first evaluation, I could apply for further repairs. Repairs are now underway and hopefully, in a week or two I will be back on the bounding main. Ha Ha  Seriously, this has gone too smoothly, surely something will mess up.

It is still hot and this is the rainy season, but we have had to use sprinklers because the rain is not often reaching the coast. If you are gone for the summer you may also be experiencing higher than normal water bills because of this.

Lastly, we do have a few volunteers out with traps catching Iguanas. If you are seeing one or more, let me know, and I can have someone come over to your home and set up a trap. Reports are that iguanas are really taking a foothold in Marco Island and many have been seen now in the islands between us and them.

More later

Terry Forshier

President Royal Harbor Association

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Royal Harbor Update: 06/20/18

A few things that are going on.

If you did not know SW Florida is known for the many lightning strikes we have here. This is really serious. This week a home in Royal Harbor was struck. The fire dept came and fortunately, there was little damage. However, lightning also hit my sailboat in my backyard canal. Not so fortunate here. I guess I will test how good BoatUS insurance is. So far things do not look so good. But this reminder. Lightning can strike many miles away from the actual storm. A few years ago a man standing on the steps of Tommy Bahamas was hit by a bolt of lightning in the middle of a clear sky. Last year a man and his pregnant girlfriend were struck on Ft Myers Beach.  Every year people are hit by lightning here.  So be careful and stay sheltered in these storms.

Last month in the canal between Snook and Sandpiper St. we had an alligator swimming around. This was a 6 plus footer. So if you are planning to jump in the canal look twice before you leap. Ha ha

An  Iguana was also spotted in Royal Harbor last month. I am told they do not bother people but I would not like to see one. Remember this is right near the Everglades so we have wildlife here. Just avoid contact if possible and you can report any sightings to the city.

Royal Harbor residents, Stansfield’s, have been fostering this cat part-time. They would like to know if it has a home here or not. If this is your cat please contact  them

Real Estate Update since the last posting’

6/1     1920 Tarpon            Expired                      $3,550,000

6/15   2156 Tarpon            Sold                            $1,050,000

6/18   1503 Marlin             Pending                     listed at $1,995,000

6/18   1840  Sandpiper     Price Decrease        $1,159,000

Terry Forshier

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Royal Harbor Update: 5/29/18

Wow, last night when I was out checking my boat I was nearly carried away by mosquitoes. I came in and was covered in them. It is time to call or contact the mosquito control people to ask for spraying. You can do this in 2 ways. One is to call and report we need sprayed. The number to do this is 239 436 1000. If you would like to get the recording of scheduled spraying you can call 239 436 1010.  Remember the more people call in and complain, the quicker we get on the schedule.

The other way to report and ask for spraying is by going to the APP. YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD IT TO YOUR SMART DEVICE. It is Collier Mosquito Control District. Once downloaded you open it and follow directions. Please take a minute and do this. We need to get those little buggers before they can multiply even more.

I am asked to remind people that Naples code does not allow personal signage to be placed on the right of way (or even in your own yard) If you are driving around this area you may notice personal portable signs placed on the side of the road. These include…Thank you for not parking on my grass,

Drive like your kids live here and please slow down. Please remember this is the city code and these signs are subject to removal by the code officers or citations to the owners of the property. The Code personnel does not want to have confrontations with residents so by this email we are asking you to remove them.

I am sure you are aware by now that the council has approved the design for the new Hotel and business complex  in the 3rd avenue area. I am a supporter of this as that valuable area has been an eyesore for far too long. In case you missed this…the land between Naples Sandpiper Bay club and Royal Harbor’s Sandpiper Street has been selected to be purchased by the county to be used as set aside, preserve. This eliminated the worry about a development there. Thanks to all who worked on this and to all of you who took the time to write to the county about this. It made the difference.

The construction at the intersection of 41 and Pine, just west of McDonalds is going to be a Woodbridge Suite Hotel. It will be an extended stay facility as is the new Hyatt on the causeway. Hopefully upscale and look nice.

Trio that was scheduled to start at the point on the triangle has gone on hold, as I am told the developers have difficulties. The development behind Trio (to the East) with the three 13-story buildings and the commercial and residential mix is still progressing.

The lot that used to house Publix and Boat Us and Payless etc is reportedly going to be an apartment complex but this is second hand.

Royal Harbor Real Estate activity since last time:

4/30   2156 Tarpon                        Price Decrease        $1,248,000

5/3     2068 Snook Dr                    Price Decrease        $1,750,000

5/4     1840 Sandpiper                  New                           $1,295,000

5/8     1525 Bonita Lane               Withdrawn              $1,595,000

5/9     2156 Tarpon                        Pending                     listed at $1,248,000

5/11   1560 Bluefin                        Sold                            $1,180,000

5/16   1955 Tarpon                        Sold                            $2,030,000

5/24   2135 Snook Dr                    Sold                            $4,150,000

5/29   2450 Tarpon                        Sold                            $3,550,000

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