Royal Harbor homeowners association will have the annual meeting on Monday February 2nd. It will be at the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club this year.

We will have a short address from some of the City councilpersons and City Staff.

A brief report from committee chairmen will be given. Updates on events etc.

Financials for review will be emailed out to members this week.

Time 6:30 pm

Parking at the site is available.

Terry Forshier…president….. 239 732 1238




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Royal Harbor Update: January 14, 2015

RCC cards are mailing out today to those who have paid their dues. You should get them in a few days. Those who picked them up will not get one in the mail.

Tomorrow, Thursday, January 15, there is a big airport meeting at 8:30 am at city hall. At this meeting the group wanting to change the flight path is planning a big presence. The summation of this is they want to move the flight path down the bay then out over the gulf. This then would affect Royal Harbor, Port Royal and Aqualane Shores. Residents in these communities feel that things should be left alone and that people who purchase homes are responsible to check these things prior to purchase.

The flight path is regulated by the FAA and the city can only ask for a change. I do not think most of the city council are in agreement with changing, but this group is trying to intimidate by attending in large numbers.  We have two of our board members, Dave Gardner and Don Miller, who are attending and will speak on behalf of Royal Harbor, but anyone interested who would be willing to speak out or just show up would be more than welcome. If you are so inclined, please show up.

Membership is progressing, but the last 75 or so of you are pretty slow and some will miss out on being in the directory. We have had a few apps cross in the mail and by delivery but we are trying to sort all these out. Some on this list are possibly moved since we have not culled out all those, but are getting there.

 We have set the annual meeting for Feb 2 at 6:30 at the Naples Sailing and Yacht club. All are welcome to attend. We will have many of the city council and other city officials present. This is about an hour and a half meeting and will contain reports from our committee chairmen.




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Royal Harbor updates: December 3, 2014

You have now seen the new lights we have up for Christmas. Thanks to Harry Zea, who lives on Marlin, for these. Harry is the person who built the homes under the IHC banner in this area. Tell him thank you if you see him.

This is not a small undertaking and we have been working with the city for a year to get the electrical working correctly in the medians. (this last upgrade was done by Harry too)

 In this theme we are again going to have a Christmas decorating contest in Royal Harbor. Please share the joy of the season with your neighbors by decorating your home or yard. Nothing is more inviting in an area than seeing it all lit up for the Holidays. If you want to see an area that really goes all out, go to Victoria Park and drive around. This is a fantastic display. (it is located north on Airport about a mile past the Tiburon entrance and is on the West side of the road. It is worth a trip up. We will be giving three prizes this year. A $100, $50 and $25. Our judging will be done by our community police officer Officer Tyrone Davis and his daughter.

 Occasionally we get some vendor who does an outstanding job and the resident will want to share it. I add the following email I received from a resident as an example. If you also have had great service, please let me know and I will start a list.   I have no experience with these people so understand this is not coming from me or the board.

As a boat owner, I am sure you know how difficult is it get a party to your house that will do a stellar job.  I lucked out and hired Affordable Professional Detailing.  The person that recommended them is the one that dives under my boat monthly to clean the bottom.  Affordable Professional Details removed the oxidation from the hull and deck fiberglass with a light compound.  They then sealed the surface, waxed the boat fully and cleaned the stainless steel.  They also cleaned all the isinglass.    The result is just great.  For a 35 foot Island Packet that was built in 1998 the result is just fantastic.  I paid $650.00 for the entire job.

 Affordable Professional Detailing would like to provide customers in Royal Harbor with a special pricing.  They currently detail boats on Port Royal and have customers in Collier County including Marco Island.  The contact information for Affordable is as follows:

 Affordable Professional Detailing

(239) 601-2905

Kelvin Escalante – President


As another example I get quite a few calls about needing a plumber to install a faucet, repair a leak or whatever. I have had great success using the installers at Home Depot. Last week, for example, Rhonda wanted a new faucet so we picked one out at Home depot and for $99 they sent out a plumber who did an excellent job. He looked familiar and we remembered he was the same person who installed new bathroom fixtures for us some months back. I have this guys card and he does other work in the area besides Home Depot.

 I have the new RCC cards. If you want yours early you may stop and get it. Call first if you want to be sure I am home. 732 1238 (Terry or Rhonda) we will be mailing them later on this month but with Christmas mail etc ???

 I am sure you know about the big discussion at the city council and the staff over cost of researching data.. There was a big article in the newspaper this week about it. It seem that the city now wants to charge city council members for collecting data if the process takes over 30 minutes. This is a direct reference to Doug Finlays many fact finding searches that he has done to check the costs, budgets and monies the city spends and then putting it into an understandable format and emailing it to the various people who then distribute it to residents. I get a lot of my material I share this way. To compromise they (the city)  have said 4 council members are required to sign off for this if they want it free, otherwise they council person will be accountable.

My question is “if the city is making decisions on money matters and items costing millions of dollars wouldn’t you think they would have already researched this information and have it ready to support their decisions?”  The most recent inquiry was regarding how much we are paying in legal fees to the city attorney and his law firm. While the line item on the budget seemed fairly reasonable after digging it proved to be much higher, closer to a million dollars. I ,for one, think Doug is doing a great service to us and feel this action is not in the best interest of we residents. I would hope you too feel his watch dog attitude and attention to detail a good example of what a Council person should be doing. You can make your feelings known by emailing you may also refer to the Brett Batten article in the paper a couple days ago. So you know, when I email council,  I always get a response for the Mayor, Finlay and Saad. Remember this when we vote.

 On this also, I am told that right now we have no one living in our area running for council next round. In fact no one from Royal Harbor, Oyster bay, Port Royal, Aqualane or Old Naples will be represented. We need to put on our thinking caps and find someone to run to speak for our interests. If you agree and would like to be part of a search group let me know.

 Dredging…Well we are still not any closer to having the dredging project finished. Most of the Royal Harbor canal system was left untouched in the last project and the city  allowed the contractor to leave without finishing the job. So here we are. After some discussion at our last board meeting we decided our best interest was to try and dissolve the taxing district and form our own. That way we may have more control over the project and will not be funding Oyster Bay’s project again. This has been a big disappointment for Royal Harbor.

 I think the waterline project is moving right along. I have had very few complaints. All that I know about were resolved.

Terry Forshier



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Royal Harbor Update: November 19

These are busy times. Lots going on.

 Thanks first to those residents participating in Halloween this year. Everyone who attended thought it was great. At our last meeting we discussed next year. It appears that next year the water mains will be going in to the North entrance side of Royal Harbor so we plan to switch back . Then maybe alternate each year back and forth if we get enough enthusiasm. As always, plans pending, BUT this year was great.

 Resident Club cards.  The cards for 2015 have been printed and we are soon to receive them.  Distribution again will be the hard part. We wanted to do this at the annual meeting but  that may be too late. We will see about maybe mailing again. There was some discussion as to whether residents were using them. Since the price of the cards had risen to $10 each, (discounted to $8 for us) it was suggested we not include them in the membership for next year. (2016). We will see, but right now we think residents want them and we have them coming.

 There was a lot of discussion about sea walls, replacement and repair. Our subdivision is all sea walls and our regulations for repairing and replacement are also different. We are looking into alternatives remedies for this. More on this later.

 Commissioners approved to move forward on the plans for the big Hotel complex at the triangle at 41 and Davis and Palm. We will see. More on this later also.

 I saw our city Fire Chief on TV last week again pleading his case for more staff. More on this as we get into the new year.

 The outer marker light at Gordon Pass and the outer marker light at Marco have both been removed. According the officials there is no need for them. I think this is crazy. More on this as we find out more.

 Our dredging plans to finish up the project in Royal Harbor has come to a halt. No one is actively searching anymore for contractors to finish up the work left undone from the last round. Our board has discussed this at length and we are planning to propose a new approach. Stay tuned.

 We plan to have the Christmas decorating contest again this year. We hope you all will try to do a little lighting and decorating to help promote the spirit of the season. The prizes will be $25, $50 and $100 and will be judged by or community officer, Tyrone Davis and his daughter. Awards will be given at the annual meeting. You must be a member to win.

 Have a Happy Thanksgiving..

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Royal Harbor Update 11/9/14

First a message from the contractor on the new water line. See Below..

We have received some phone calls concerning the water main installation process, specifically why the Contractor digs an area up more than once.  Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to provide a quick overview of the water main installation process.  We would appreciate it if you would forward this email to the Royal Harbor homeowner association members.

 1)    Per State Law, the Contractor requests utility locates to be performed prior to digging.

2)    Per State Law, utility companies in the vicinity of the proposed project mark their existing utilities (paint and flags).

3)    The Contractor installs the new water main along an entire street and roughly places fill (dirt) back over the pipe.

4)    Pressure and bacteriological testing is performed on the newly installed water main.

5)    Following successful test results the Florida Department of Environmental Protection approves the water main for use.

6)    The Contractor begins installing the new water service lines from the new main to the individual meters at each property.  This requires the re-digging up of the newly installed main.

7)    While the Contractor is installing the new service lines, the Contractor restores driveways and performs final grading, in preparation for sod. 

8)    Once all the new services lines are installed from the new water main to each individual meter, the Contractor performs final restoration.

 Please feel free to call me with any questions.


 Justin Frederiksen, P.E.

Deputy Utilities Director

City of Naples

Office: (239) 213-4762

SECOND.. We will soon be starting the push for 2015 memberships. There are a lot of new people in the community and we need you as a neighbor and ambassador to help explain to these people why we need their $50 and what you feel you get from the association. (like cameras, updates etc)  Ask them to Email me or Donald Miller for an application.

THIRD.. I received an email from a resident who informed me that he had had great service from a boat detail company and they were looking for work in this area. If you need this done and want a recommendation you can contact Maarten Heybroek [] for details and contacts.

 SEA WALLS.. Our sea walls are now mostly 50 years old and many need repair. Recently I needed some work done on my dock where it is attached to the sea wall. The first person I called spent about 30 minutes here telling me I should replace my entire sea wall and told me all reasons why my sea wall was not worth fixing. Having spent considerable time researching sea walls over the past 10 years, I could tell when I was getting a line. I called another company who promptly came out and repaired the problem in short order. So get more than one estimate and call more than one company.

This brings up the topic of contractors working in Royal Harbor. Some are good, some not so good. If you have had great service and would like to share, please email me, and I will let others know. I do not want to put names in, but would like to have other neighbors be able to call you and get your recommendation. I know many people have varying success in lawn service, pool maintenance, handyman work, plumbers, boat repair, etc. would be good to have a resource list.

Halloween was great this year. I did not get photos, as my photographer had left his camera up North. If you have some good ones, send them and I will post them for all to see.


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Royal Harbor update … Ebola and the Naples Community

EBOLA and Naples..For your information.. Terry

Dear Naples Presidents’ Council and other Naples Stakeholders:

Perhaps the last thing you want to read is more information about Ebola.  The national news rarely goes a day without an Ebola story.  Yet, it is important to understand that the spread of the Ebola virus can quickly become a local issue.  We therefore ask that you take a few minutes to read this brief message to learn what your city is doing to prepare for an Ebola outbreak, including changes in first responder protocol (EMS, Fire-Rescue, and Police).

Over the past three weeks, representatives from all Fire-Rescue agencies, EMS, the Collier County Medical Director, Naples Police, the Sheriff’s Office, and the Health Department in Collier County have been meeting to discuss and formulate protocol for emergency response and care that may be required should there be a person(s) who may have contracted Ebola.  One of the participants was Dr. James Augustine, Medical Director for Atlanta Fire-Rescue.  Dr. Augustine is also on the faculty of Emory University.  Emory has one of the several advanced facilities for the treatment of highly infectious diseases.

Those attending the meetings have learned several things about the outbreak of Ebola.  These include:  the medical community does not know how Ebola works outside of Africa because Ebola may not affect populations in the U.S., Europe, and other areas in the same way due to different immune systems; based on recent experiences in the U.S., the early indicators of Ebola are different that those observed in West Africa; in West Africa, the mortality rate is high, around 50%, and it looks like that mortality rate may be the same in other parts of the world;  it is not known why some exposed to Ebola become ill, while others do not; while it appears that the virus is spread through contact with bodily fluids, it may be transmitted by the coughing of a patient with advanced symptom; the most contagious stage of Ebola is in the last, most traumatic phase, rather than in the earlier phases when flu-like symptoms appear; and it looks like the Ebola virus can easily be removed from flat surfaces (airline seats, door handles, desks, etc.) with chemical disinfectants and/or bleach and water.

It is fairly clear that Ebola will continue to spread in West Africa.  Several African countries that have had Ebola cases are no longer a concern because of the lapse of 42 days since the last known case.  The medical community does not know if the Ebola virus will create a world pandemic.  Many are fairly certain that there will be other Ebola patients in the U.S., but we do not know if the virus will be contained to a few locations.

Failure to prepare for an outbreak could severely impact the first responder and medical care personnel of a community due to their exposure to Ebola patients.  Therefore, preparation and established protocol are essential if these personnel and facilities are to effectively serve their local population during an outbreak of Ebola or any other contagious virus. Continue reading

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Halloween News 10/10/14

(CLICK ON IMAGE for SharperTEXT)RH2014Halloween

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Royal Harbor Updates – October 4,2014

The Annual Royal Harbor Halloween event is on. We will be using the north Dolphin entrance and streets this year. We had a number of people step up to volunteer. More later.IMG_2838





Water Lines.. The contractor for this project  is supposed to leave your property as they found it. They should replace sprinklers, grass, drives,etc. as they found them. Those concerned should contact the Bob Middleton. In every case I know they have resolved all issues.

There is more going on in the area but I am as busy as a one armed paper hanger this week. So more to come next week.


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Royal Harbor Updates – September 9, 2014

Here is what is going on. 

 The water line install is still underway although it runs in spurts it seems. Lots of workers working then a stall of a few days then resuming work again. The line down Snook is laid out now and  it crosses the road twice. It goes down the East side of the road going south from Marlin, then crosses the road at the curve to the North side. Then at the west curve where the road turns back south it again crosses the road back to the East until the end where it loops under the canal. I can only suppose it follows the old line.  So far I have not seen any horizontal boring under driveways. Sandpiper Street south to Sheepshead and down appear done as far as burying the line. Not yet re-grassed or finished up.

 The city is again considering new firefighters, a fire boat (or a water Boat) and these are under review by the council. The whole firefighter situation is again rearing its head as the State union reps are trying to work on maintaining the status quo from the state level. State mandates could wipe out all the gains made by local cities and counties in firefighter contracts and pension reforms. This state wide city reform has been led in large part by the city of  Naples. I will be sending more on this as it becomes more clear. In summary, it does look like as we slowly recover our tax base, all city departments see an opportunity to increase their individual funding. In their defense many have taken cuts and most have not seen increases for years. Still, just because we are seeing increased revenue, should not mean to go on a spending spree. Fortunately, we have several very good bean counters on council. Some moderate growth and possible consolidations could be beneficial in many instances.

The topic of shared response through 911 is HOT now as everyone here has an opinion of sharing facilities, costs, response times for emergencies and other related factors. Right now the city of Naples is the only hold out in this program to combine all efforts. In Royal Harbor,we do not have a city fire department station on this side of the bay nor do we have an ambulance center. Our closest center for this is East Naples, however, the city is reluctant to jump in to this as a full compliant member participant. This program is for firefighters and paramedics in Collier County. Recently cited was the house fire across the street from the airport. Even though the airport director saw the fire and tried to send the firefighters from his facility to assist in this (and they would have been first on the scene) they were prohibited from leaving their post by the Naples command in the city. Many think this was a bad decision. Now the director of the airport has requested other fire departments bid for the services on their location. (the airport pays for their station in most part) There is a lot of rumbling and grumbling among many citizens on these issues.

 I am including as an attachment some information from the police on Fraud prevention. In this light, many of you know we have had some residential burglaries. At least one of the burglars was caught and arrested. Events leading to this arrest were interesting. We had video surveillance from some homeowners, we had our video cameras and one resident even saw something  that they deemed suspicious. They took photos of the vehicle and plate. It had not only the stolen items in it, but was driven by the, then, prime suspect. Arrests  were then made. Good Jobs by everyone.Fraud-prevention-tips

Nothing new on Race Track station. There is a group complaining about mosquito control. Is anyone getting bit and should we add our name to the complaint? I have not noticed a worsening problem.



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Royal Harbor Update – August 18,2014

There is a lot going on for this time of year.

 First is the water project. This is the laying of the new 8 inch water lines in Royal Harbor. Right now the project is past Sheepshead and moving along down Sandpiper toward Marlin. They are going right along and you can drive down the street to see how the project is going. If you recall we were told that driveways would be horizontally drilled under. I see no evidence of this and it appears they are taking up pavers, digging then replacing them. In concrete drives they just cut the concrete then dig and, I suppose, replace it. I guess we should have known from the dredging project that the plans change once the contracts are awarded and the project begins. I also see they are putting in some new water hydrants and I know some are unhappy with their placement. If you have questions, you have to contact the city for answers. The link is (Bob Middleton) he can field your questions or send you on to the contractor’s people.  Overall, I have to say it looks like they are moving along and the outcome appears will be fine. No one likes inconvenience, but this is the price we have to pay to update our water supply.

Many times people stop me and complain about the decisions the city makes. If you would like to have a say in the city, you can always volunteer for one of the many advisory boards. Available openings can be found at If you would like to volunteer, please read details and apply. Get involved and make a difference.

 RaceTrac . The petition for stopping the new RaceTrac is attached if you are against this and want to add your name. Just click the link below. .

 In 2 days the council will take the initial vote on the merging of the emergency responders 911 system. I have mentioned this last month but again will summarize using the Naples Daily news article below. (Brett Batten)


NAPLES, Fla. – In this corner, the city staff and fire chief, with a raft of technical questions and gloomy scenarios.

And in this corner, the county’s foremost self-made expert on matters of emergency services coordination, ably but not unequivocally supported by the Collier County Medical Society.

That’s the fight that’s shaping up Wednesday over whether the city of Naples should take part in a new emergency dispatch system that would send the closest appropriate unit to medical calls regardless of political boundaries. It would mean paramedics on a North Naples Fire Department truck, for example, might respond to a medical call in the city of Naples or a Naples firetruck might be sent to East Naples.

GPS transponders in more than 450 emergency vehicles countywide would allow a computer to find and send the closest unit in a process called Computer Assisted Dispatch, or CAD.

Sitting as ringside judges in the contest will be Naples’ mayor and City Council members who will decide whether to join the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, county ambulance service, Marco Island police and fire and seven independent fire districts already committed to participating in CAD and closest unit response.

The sheriff’s office is spearheading the initiative, installing a new dispatch system to replace the one it now operates for itself, EMS and the fire departments.

The city staff, heavyweights including City Manager Bill Moss and Fire Chief Steve McInerny, are recommending a split decision. Their advice to council is to join the CAD system, allowing the sheriff’s new computer to keep track of its police and fire vehicles while city employees dispatch them from the city’s own call center. But they recommend against participating in closest unit response, saying the logistical and technical questions are too many and worrying the net result might be a lower level of service for city residents.

That’s raised the fighting ire of Marvin Easton, a proponent of closest unit response who’s been lobbying tirelessly for its adoption by the city. Easton has recruited the Collier County Medical Society, whose president, Dr. Mitchell Zeitler, has penned a letter on behalf of the group. “If feasible for the city, we recommend implementing the ‘Closest Appropriate Available Unit Response’ by use of the new CAD system,” Zeitler wrote.

That “if feasible” could be a sticking point.

A lengthy report attached to Wednesday’s City Council agenda shows city staff is not convinced closest unit response is feasible.

Among the potential drawbacks:

Units from other jurisdictions may not be familiar with city streets and buildings, meaning any time saved en route would be negated.

And, if city units are called to emergencies just outside the city, it could slow the response to a concurrent emergency in the heart of the city.

“While some citizens may benefit by implementation of ‘closest unit response,’ there is no compelling evidence that the majority of citizens of Naples will benefit. In fact, the overall emergency response capabilities will diminish for most citizens,” the staff report states.

The staff report envisions a situation in which neighboring departments will come into the city more often than city units will go into them. That could lead to those neighboring departments seeking money from Naples to cover the costs.

“If it is later determined that compensation is to be paid for an imbalance of calls, are these funds better utilized to staff and equip the Naples Fire-Rescue Department?” the staff report asks.

That line, Easton says, is telling.

He believes the reluctance to participate in closest available unit response is rooted in a desire to add men and equipment to the Naples Fire Department instead. In his proposed budget, to be discussed Monday by the council, McInerny asks for one new firefighter.

Less than 2 percent of the calls the fire department responds to are fires and most of those are out before firefighters arrive.

The biggest chunk of the roughly 5,000 calls the department gets each year are medical calls. Why add firefighters and resist a plan to get people to medical emergencies quicker, Easton wonders.

“I don’t know how the addition of more staff will reduce the time it takes to get from a fire station to a critical medical call, but maybe we will be enlightened on this on (Wednesday),” Easton wrote in one of dozens of emails he’s written on the topic.

The staff recommendation suggests waiting until after closest unit response is working in other parts of the county and then join if everything is going well.

Easton says that’s backward. The city should move forward now, to get in on the initial planning and programming of the system, which is to go operational at the start of 2016. If things aren’t working out, it can back out before the system is turned on.

In addition to the Medical Society, Easton has asked the Chamber of Commerce and various city property owners associations to weigh in Monday.

The chamber’s public policy committee hasn’t taken a formal position but former NCH administrator Ed Morton, a member of the committee, said he intends to speak in favor of closest unit response. He understands the city may want more data, but it’s just common sense that having closer units respond will save time and in turn lives. “Why would you not want to get emergency services to those in need faster?” Morton asked.

Just a week ago Morton said, he was at a Naples restaurant when a woman died of a sudden heart attack. A police officer with an AED device was on the scene quickly but it took several minutes for Naples firefighters/medics to arrive. The restaurant was probably closer to a North Naples fire station than a Naples station, he said. “That puts a human face on it,” he said of the experience.

Easton says he doesn’t plan to speak at Wednesday’s meeting. “I’m not going to say a word. I’ve inundated them with my thoughts.” Instead, he hopes for a big turnout of heavy hitters like Morton and Zeitler to make the case. Regardless, he knows convincing a majority of council members of the efficacy of closest unit response will be a fight.

“There is only so much we can do when more staff and more equipment is the objective,” he said.

If you want your opinion heard email and sound off. As a note, we in Royal Harbor do not have a firestation or EMT on this side of the bay so the ones closer for us would be East Naples. What do we do if the bridge is closed from an accident or other problem and we need an emergency vehicle? It seems to me on what I have studied this would be good for Royal Harbor.

Another related Council issue—another city boat. I am told there is one now in the proposed budget. It is listed as a $135,000 expenditure. However here is another persons take on the actual cost of such a boat to the city.

If the City gets another water rescue boat, will it need a certified diver/paramedic, to man the boat Will it be manned 24/7/365 or fewer hours or days in the year? 

Will the water rescue crew be housed at station #1 and driven to the harbor (how long will that take?), or will there need to be auxiliary housing built complete with sleeping area, workout area, TV and kitchen for the crew? 

Will the rescue boat need a crew of the diver/paramedic plus someone to man the boat while the diver/paramedic is performing his rescue  Who will decide which of and how many of the 7 rescue boat are dispatched for each rescue?  

If there is a rescue need, and it is outside of Naples City waters, who will decide if the Naples rescue boat is dispatched? 

Or do we find that out after City Council buys the boat, like they did with the quick response vehicle? 

Is this all covered in the $135,000? 

(short answer is NO , this is cost of the boat)

 Lastly the cameras. Our association spent the dues money collected from residents to purchase the surveillance cameras. We also pay monthly to maintain these and each time the police need access we pay. For members we provide the service free, but to those 75 to 100 persons in Royal Harbor who choose not to be members, we will bill for this. The cost is about $150 per download. How this works is this. If you have a crime and fill out a police report, the police determine if there is any benefit in looking at the videos taken during a certain period. They then inform me and then we give permission to the cameras maintenance persons to take a download and give it to the police for review. Evidently some newer officers are uninformed of this process. I have alerted the Chief of this situation so it should be resolved now.




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