Royal Harbor Update, 07/22/16

Last night a car on Bonita Lane was broken into and the contents rifled and a few items were stolen. The owners reported that the car was left unlocked. I have to admit last year I had the same thing happen to me with my truck sitting right outside my front room window in my driveway. I lost all the cash I had in my wallet as I somehow had left it in the car. Fortunately the wallet was left.  I know of one individual a few years ago who left a pistol in the car and it was also stolen. Right down the street on Marlin drive a resident caught a young man rifling through his car a couple of years ago. He heard something outside, opened his front door and saw the boy in the front seat going through his stuff. The boy fled and he chased him and saw where he went.  The police were called and eventually the young man was caught and went to jail.

 We all get distracted and forget to secure our property. we have to lock our vehicles and be aware that there are people out there who think it ok to steal from us. When you are a victim please call the police and report it. Vigilance will enable the police to apprehend the criminals. Better to call and nothing result than to ignore and have this continue. This is Especially important now that many are gone.  Police Number is 213 4844  (emergency is still 911)

The new video cameras are great and police can search through them to see suspicious activity and have a better chance to apprehending someone.

Also do not forget to put up motion sensor lights in your driveway. If someone stalks around your car, many times a light in their eyes will deter them .

Once a community gets a reputation of policing their neighborhood word gets out and that community becomes less of a target.



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Of Interest – Royal Harbor from 100 ft. altitude





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Royal Harbor Updates : 07/07/16

This is extreme heat even for here. In the years we have been here, this tops them all for a prolonged and early heat wave. At least there are no storms on the horizon. Guess we have to be thankful for air conditioning. The heat has really put a damper on the market though, as there are not too many buyers looking right now. This is a good time to be out on the water fishing the coast early mornings or catching the tide looking for Reds or snook. (I myself have not been very lucky but some are doing great)

In the city there are a few things going on. One is the settling in of the new Fire Chief. As you know our last chief was let go. He was not a favorite of mine, as I, and many of my colleagues, felt he was empire-building and exaggerating in his reports. It now appears this was the case as many of the firefighters have now acknowledged.  He was eager to enlarge the department and increase the numbers. Since we already have a huge unfunded pension liability in this department, the city managers were trying to get a handle on this and also trying to keep the balance of what we can afford and what we really need. The fireboat is a good example. The old administration tried unsuccessfully to get council to vote them a new fireboat, but they would not. After a couple years getting no where on this, the Police requested a new boat for the harbor. This boat was approved, but to make this story short, after a couple years, this is now the new fireboat. Working the system.

Anyhow, the department is now transitioning how they do calls.

As you know if you live here… If you call in for an accident or health problem, you get an ambulance, a ladder truck and a police cruiser. Well, this is a pretty big response for someone who fell or someone who had a stove fire and put it out but still called it in. Or any number of minor accidents that get called in. So I believe these calls are now being screened and the department has a smaller vehicle they send out for these calls. The utilization of these vehicles is now being looked at. (the reason being we do not need a million dollar ladder truck being used for minor calls) So using smaller specialized, less expensive vehicles makes sense. Next is the review of staffing these vehicles and the ongoing discussion of whether we need new people for this or if we can cross-use personnel. This is what is happening now. I will keep you informed as we go along since our taxpayer dollars are funding this. Do not expect logic to prevail on the first round.

Another big thing going on is the Triangle redevelopment. You must know that this area is undergoing a major transition. Those little shops in that area will be gone in a year or less and in their stead will be bigger, taller, expensive enterprises. Exactly what and how they will all go in there is still under review, but now there is a 9-story condo building and an 11-story and an 18-story building proposed. Chances are these will be toned down some, but the values here will increase many fold in a few years. This is why we have county commissioners and county staff to review these projects and make sure they fit  and are safe and do not cause a burden on existing residents and businesses.  Lastly, the RaceTrac gas station will be decided this coming fall. I know many are against this, but I also know many are not. I will say this, those against have put up a valiant fight against near impossible odds. We will see.

Real estate values continue to slowly rise in the area, but we are not nearly as high as 8 years ago. Maybe this is good? New homes continue to sprout up as every piece of unused ground is being snapped up and converted to housing. I will look at this as the summer progresses and have more to report then. Prices on these look big now, but perhaps in a few years people will be saying. “boy we should have bought then”

Taken with my iphone on the intra coastal between here and Marco island. Wild hogs


Feral Pigs01


Feral Pigs02


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Royal Harbor Update: July 2, 2016

I have a message from the county regarding mosquitoes. I am passing this on to you. You may wish to print out the flyer.

Hello Residential Community Partners,

As we enter the rainy season, the Department of Health in Collier, Collier County Emergency Management and Collier Mosquito Control District would like to share ways to prevent mosquito-borne illness.  Please consider the following public safety message for your residents’ newsletter or weekly bulletin. 

“We are fortunate that most mosquitoes in SW Florida do not carry disease. Most are only a nuisance. However, there are a few types of mosquitoes that can carry disease, which are collectively referred to as Arboviruses. The diseases potentially carried by mosquitoes could affect you or anyone in your family, including horses and canines. The diseases include Dengue Fever, Chikungunya, Zika, West Nile, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, and Dog Heartworm. The best method to prevent arbovirus transmission is to prevent mosquito bites.  DRAIN standing water from garbage cans, buckets, pool covers or any containers where sprinkler or rainwater has collected. COVER your skin with long pants and long sleeves. Apply mosquito repellent with DEET to exposed skin and use mosquito netting to protect children younger than 2 months old. This “Drain and Cover” approach reduces mosquito reproduction and your personal exposure, reducing the risk of an Arbovirus. Stay safe by planning now!”

Below, I have provided a mosquito graphic you may want to incorporate in your newsletter. Please consider reproducing the attached DOH mosquito protection flyers which are in English, Spanish and Creole for your community residents. I also have mosquito posters in Eng/Span/Creole. If you would prefer a poster, let me know and I will send them to you immediately.

As always, DOH-Collier and Collier County Emergency Management are here to assist you with your community’s and residents’ preparedness efforts.

Stay safe by planning now!

ZIKA Mosquito


City web site CodeRED


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Royal Harbor update: 04/12/2016

Again thank you to all who donated to the camera fund. The install crews will be on site at the 2 corners on Thursday andFriday to do directional bores and to install the poles. We are all good to go.

Also, if you did not get this before…the donations you made are tax deductable since we are a non profit organization. We can provide you with our number if you think you need it.

Also, I am in discussions with another association in the area interested in buying our present camera equipment, so it will not just be discarded.

Attached is a garbage gram from the city.

I hope you have a great summer.

Terry Forshier

GG-Electronic Recycle Event-Earth Day 2016

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Royal Harbor Update of Update: 03/10/2016

I am happy to tell you all we have had enough pledged  so far to do both entrances to Royal Harbor with the video cameras.  This is not saying we could not use more and not exhaust our reserve. So if you are still planning to help, please do.

I spoke today to the City Police technician who will be designing and putting the systems in place on our two corners. He told me they would be out this Friday taking measurements for placement of new poles (20 footers, 5 feet in ground) and measuring for the electrical trenching etc. His time table was anywhere from a month to 6 weeks depending on the permitting process.

Those of you who are contributing can drop off your checks here in the Royal Harbor drop off box on my house under the flag like you did your applications. OR you can mail checks to me. We need them within the next 2 weeks.


Terry Forshier

1750 Sandpiper St,

Naples 34102

Make checks to Royal Harbor Homeowners association .

We will send everyone a receipt by email. (we think these might be tax deductable since we are  a 501c(4) non-profit corporation.) 

To answer some questions:

The camera system is to cover all entrance streets into Royal Harbor. I do not know where the pole on Dolphin will be, but the one on Marlin entrance will be in my yard for best coverage. (so I am sacrificing yard again) When I get more information, I will provide it.

The city people I am working with are as excited about this program as I hope you are. Once again, we are in on a new and  innovative system and one that will add security for all of us.

For those who expressed disappointment that not everyone was contributing, I agree. However, let me share ,  your many positive responses and willingness to pitch in has really “made” my last few days. When we first sent out the request, Rhonda and I wondered if we would get many positive responses.  We could not believe so many of you responded so quickly. When you are on this end of these messages, one often wonders if anyone out there is really interested in reading what you are sending and interested in what you are doing.

We are also trying to get the booklets out. I know I am cheap but you know the post office charges us $2.54  to mail each one. It would sure be less costly if those of you that are here would either pick one up, or if you let us know you are here now, we could send someone around and leave it at your home (if you are here) Then we could mail the rest. Some of you still have RCC cards coming in the booklet envelope too.


Let me know. I have to get this stuff off my desk this week. Please go vote early and get it done.


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Royal Harbor Update: 03/10/2016

I have been in ongoing talks with the city regarding our security cameras at the entrances to Royal Harbor. It is my goal to have the city police force take over this project with a full-time,live-feed system that will use the Internet/cell tower to feed monitors in the police dept on a 24/7 basis with live feed of the intersections. In case of any outage, the police would know immediately, all crimes could be immediately accessed at the station and police alerted to the videos, license plates, type of suspected vehicle, etc. And, mostly, this would take Royal Harbor out of the monthly fees, maintenance costs and replacement business. It would also stop the time lapse getting the video company out to the pole, run off the video and then transport it to the police, then them watching it. This was taking a week or more. Follow up and calling around to get this done was frustrating and time consuming. This is Police work and should be done by them.

We know we have 2 locations for cameras. Since we know cameras at the main location on Marlin were vandalized and will need replacement, we started by looking at this area first. The city has now agreed if we could put in the equipment they need, and it is an upgrade to what we have now, they would then take over the entire operation in perpetuity.

I just got the figures from the city. It is just over $21,000 per entrance  We have enough money now for one entrance but not both at this time.  we are short about $15,000.

We get $50 for each membership and with 275 paid members this is $13,750. WE currently have  about $30,000 in our account. Our main expenses have been camera replacement and maintenance. Once this is out of our hands this expense will go away.

We are wondering if we can get members to donate to this upgrade…approximately 150 people  giving an additional $100 or more . I have, in discussing this with a few people already, had pledges totaling over $1000.

Some may say, why doesn’t the city just pay for it? Well, think about it,  if they pay for ours, then they have to do everyone. This is not possible, so this, right now, is a one-time opportunity, a pilot program, and we need to take the initiative and do it. Think of what this does to the value of property in Royal Harbor.

This is a big step and an amazing upgrade for security in Royal Harbor, and it will free us from the burdens of this operation. (which is a LOT for a few of us on the board)

I need to know NOW if you will donate and how much. If the response is enough, we will go forward with both entrances.  If not we go to Plan B, whatever that is?

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Royal Harbor Update, 02/15/2016

Last night there were some boat electronics stolen off boats in this area. Whoever it was, disabled the video cameras. It appears  we do have some footage on hard drive and the police are reviewing this. The video shows that the burglars parked their van at the newspaper boxes just down the street from the intersection. Then someone from the backside of the cameras moved them so the cameras could not get the license plates or clear views. Then they entered and stole off the boats. This was just before 4 am. One camera was destroyed. All are now up and running again tonight and the police are doing extra vigilance on the area for the near future.

Each of you may want to check your boats to see if you were hit. Some boats were high on lifts and owners just happened to check and find the stuff missing.

Lastly, after 7 years as President of the Homeowners association I have decided to step down  and let someone else take over.  I am a believer in term limits and think my tenure should be up. I plan to continue serving out my final year on the board, but not as president,  I have enjoyed working with the residents and the city  but I need to spend more time in my real job as a REALTOR and prioritize my family.

Terry Forshier

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Royal Harbor Update, 02/11/2016

I spoke to a resident yesterday who informed me that driving into her driveway one afternoon she saw a silver 4 door  car parked on an empty lot next to her home. The doors were open as was the trunk, and two men, one in her yard and one on the next door lot, were walking around toward the sea wall. When she approached in the car, the two ran back to their car, closed up the trunk and doors and briskly left the scene. She felt this suspicious and called the police who are reviewing the cameras at this time. They said it is possible these guys were canvassing the area for boat theft. Please be on the lookout and report any suspicious activity at once.

Those of you who did not attend the Annual meeting on Tuesday missed out. Every single candidate running for local office attended and briefly spoke to us. Also attending were Doug Finlay, Linda Penneman and Sam Saad.  I see and talk to many of you throughout the year. Many of you have come up with great ideas and suggestions that could improve the city and our community. Telling me is great and I try to funnel your ideas through to the city but NOTHING beats you meeting the people who make the decisions and telling them yourself.

Those of you who have had problems that we were able to help out on, know that the city does respond, all the way from the city manager to the Mayor. The reason for this is we have become a voice that is heard. Having a hundred residents at our annual meeting may be ok, BUT it is nothing to crow about. In fact, it was disappointing.  Every community gets the government they deserve. If we as a community do not show up, or if we become indifferent, then you can be sure that this attitude will be reflected back to us.

So please , ask your neighbor who attended about the meeting. Ask them if they were falling asleep or ask if it was informative, on time and interesting. Be there next year.

I and the board hope you will take the time this year to become more involved. We are always looking for new volunteers and we have many projects we are working on.

Terry Forshier

President Royal Harbor Association

RH Winter

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Royal Harbor Update, 02/08/2016

Our annual meeting is just one day away. Yes Tuesday at 7 pm at the sailing and yacht club.

Did you know our little subdivision of 415 home sites pays a little over 2.25 million dollars a year in property taxes? Yes and of that over $600,000 goes directly to the city of Naples. The people that are deciding how your money is spent and what city services you get for this money you give, every year, will be attending.

This is your chance to see them and meet them one on one after the meeting.

Please take the time and attend. With nearly 15 speakers each talking from 3 to 5 minutes you will not be falling asleep.

Come and support your neighbors on the board who are volunteering to make this community all it can be.

Lastly, a resident lost his apple watch while walking along Kingfish and I think Tarpon. If you find it, let me know. It can only be used by the owner anyhow.

Terry Forshier      732 1238


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