Royal Harbor Update March 11, 2020

We certainly live in interesting times. We have a city election underway, and a National presidential election coming along with the all the negative ads we will have to be seeing. My phone rings 20 times a day and its either a robocall where no one answers,  a political survey or someone with a new scam trying to get my social security number or get me to send gift cards out to them to pay an old IRS levy someone just found. I turn on the TV and all I see is we are being attacked by the coronavirus and we all need to get hand sanitizers or be prepared to die. But is this getting me down? NO, because living here in Royal Harbor and Naples makes me one of the luckiest people in the world.  Rhonda and I road trip somewhere every summer and I have yet to stop somewhere where I would trade places to live. I hope you feel the same.

You know Naples didn’t get this way by accident. It has had really good leadership. The city of Naples Staff, from the city director on down to the people driving the street sweepers, are all good at their jobs. I have had a chance to work with a lot of them and please take my word for this, most try to be the best they can at their jobs. Then there are the public officials. Naples has been blessed with conservative leadership. We weathered the recession here in Naples by trimming city government and cutting non-essential personnel and services. Did any of you notice a lack of anything during this time? Likely not. I like Naples, I like where we are now, where we are going and the leadership that has brought us here. Can you believe the many number one spots Naples now sits in? Like most desirable to retire, healthiest city and happiest city in the whole country. Again, this did not just happen because we have a good beach, a nice bay, and sunny weather. It happened because people thought things through and planned it that way. This is what got us here. Only one thing can make us change course.

That is if we elect officials who want to change direction and who want to grow government at the taxpayers’ expense. So before you vote for change, take a few hours and drive around town. Go down Sandpiper and take a left and cross the bridges and see the new Hyatt on the right and Naples Bay Resort on the left. Both new beautiful resorts. Go on to Fifth and drive down the street. Do you see lots of buildings that do not fit in or look out of place? Do the streets look cluttered and messy? Do you feel safe? If you decide you want to stop and look around, can you find a place to park for free?  Try this anywhere else.

Go down Third Street and see the restaurants and stores. They are beautiful, go to the Pier, its new, beautiful and free, too. Swing around to the city dock. It is also new and inviting. Stroll down the dock, check out the boats, use the public toilets, clean and nice. Everywhere you go someone has taken the time to do things right… to make the city a more beautiful and a more pleasant place to live in.

Your vote is really important in Naples this election. You can decide which Naples you like best. You can vote for the one we have now, or something else. But please vote. Right now early voting is at the Norris Center. No lines..

(the above are my opinions alone) Terry

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