Royal Harbor Update:01/23/2020

You may have already heard but there has been a person walking and riding a bike around Royal Harbor that has been seen looking into peoples windows and accessing their back yards and sea wall areas. Several people have reported this to the police as non-conforming behavior. If you would see something like this just call the police. They will come out right away and check it out.

You may also know that there is a big city election coming this year. There are 7 people running for council seats and the mayor has a challenger. It appears some do not like the present course the city is on. To help you understand the issues there are several forums being held where you could go see these candidates. Here is one.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 in City Council Chambers; 735 8th Street South

4:00 PM – 2020 City Election – Mayoral Candidate Forum

6:00 PM – 2020 City Election – Council Member Candidate Forum

At our annual meeting, we will also have a time set aside for this. The annual meeting will be held at the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club on Monday, Feb. 24. We plan to start at 9 am and dedicate the first hour or so to letting the candidates introduce themselves and give a short (5 minute) introduction and election speech) Then at approximately 10, we will take a short break and then resume with our annual meeting. So this will take a little longer but may give you valuable insight into the various candidates.

Do not forget the Royal Harbor garage sale will be Feb 8. Applications can be received from Donna Krall by emailing her.    (

Everyone needs an application as they are free but required from the city. This is a good time to clean out the garage/attic, spare room etc. We usually have a LOT of people come to this.

We have Royal Harbor slate of nominees that will be voted in at the annual meeting. They are: Maureen Minker, Kimberly Alvord, Gayle Napoli, Debra Alvarez, Greg Guliani and myself. Those who will be continuing three year terms are: Mike Kehoe, James Doane, Ed Thieme, Mike Rinaldi, Fred Hoffman, Donna Krall.

We are getting ready to close up the membership list for the printing of the Royal Harbor Directory. Board members have been trying to locate all those who have forgotten to sign up. Hopefully you are not one of them.

Lastly, I am asked to remind you that there are lots of people here now and many of them take evening walks because the weather is so nice here. Many times they are also walking dogs or grandkids and are not wearing light or reflective clothing and are not carrying flashlights. They are hard to see.

Keep this in mind as you rush to get home. Nothing will ruin your day more than an accident.

More later,


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