Royal Harbor Update:09/26/2019

Summertime and we all spend a lot of time watching the weather to see if we appear in any cone of hurricane probability. So far things have been pretty quiet here. Karen looks like she is going north for now as does Lorenzo both on the radar already. We have turned the corner on the season though and are now on the backside with only a few more weeks of continuous waves coming off Africa. Not to say a storm cannot happen at any time but the probability goes down and vacationers and would-be home buyers are more likely to be here in fair weather times.

If you are here and driving around you likely have seen the many new housing and commercial starts in our area. Rhonda and I went last week to preview the new Mattamy Bay Arboretum, that is now up along Bayshore Drive down by Botanical Gardens/Windstar area. These are 1400 SF and up units that are villas and townhomes. They are connected units in row homes. These models were all decked out and priced in the $300k to $400K range. They were very nice with tall ceilings, big bathrooms, pretty nice views and all come with garages. There is a sales center set up but you would be well served to go with a REALTOR if you are looking to purchase. They might have some ‘Open to the public’ days so watch the paper. They have other developments in SW Florida and they have a web site.  For renters, there is the Springs at Hammock Cove. They are down by Publix on Thomasson Drive. They have a web site if you would like to see what to expect. They have a lot of locations in Florida. We noticed they are wood Frame buildings. Mattamy Bay is cement block construction. We think these will be competition for the condos in our area. Royal Bay, Royal Arms, Sandpiper Bay Club, etc.

There is a new owner for the vacant parcel attached to Sandpiper Bay Club that borders Marlin and Sandpiper. You may have noticed the stretch of land between the road and the mangroves along Sandpiper has grown into weeds. Several residents have called the county and city to see who is going to maintain this and when they are going to do it. Right now it continues to be an eyesore.

Back in June, the East Naples Bay Taxing District hired a survey firm to go through the canals and do an underwater survey to determine depth and debris in the canals and I guess to see if dredging was needed since the last round this was left undone. I do not have any data on this, but expect we will hear something soon.

I told you all at the beginning of the summer that we were talking to FPL about underground wiring. We were not the only area interested as you well may ascertain and the outcome is that we were not selected at this time by FPL as one of the areas they may “experiment” on and do a trial area. This does not mean we are doomed forever to power lines but it does mean we will likely not be the first to get this done. Bummer.

Also we talked last Spring about the truck situation in Royal Harbor. To refresh your memory this concerned the blocking of the roads by service providers trucks. I mentioned that in Port Royal the city allowed a ban of truck parking over a certain size. While a few people felt this was a great idea some felt that banning truck parking was over the top. To be fair only about 10 people responded so maybe there is not enough of a problem for residents to care about.

As we gear up for this season, we are, as always, looking for people interested in Royal Harbor who would be willing to serve on the HOA board. If you are such a person and would please identify yourself, someone from the board’s nominating committee would contact you about serving. Our terms are for 3 year periods but reaffirming every year.

A Royal Harbor resident sent me this photo a few weeks ago. Keep an eye out for these as we have some volunteer trappers who will come and try to catch and remove them. They have multiplied and become a problem on Marco Island.

Real Estate Update.. (over the summer)

5/23   1696 Sandpiper      New                             799,000

5/29   2061 Snook             Withdrawn              4,495,000

5/29   2140 Shad                Price Decrease        2,599,777

5/29   1696 Sandpiper      Pending                     listed 799,000

6/1     1520 Sandpiper      Expired                      2,299,000

6/1     1810 Kingfish          Expired                      1,250,000

6/1     1498 Marlin             Expired                      2,995,000

6/3     2100  Snook            New                           1,295,000

6/7     2211 Kingfish          New                           2,295,000

6/10   1580 Bonita Ln        Sold                            2,900,000

6/11   1850 Kingfish          Price Decrease        1,599,000

6/11   1820 Kingfish          Pending                     listed 1,450,000

6/24   1560 Bluefin            Pending                     listed 1,849,000

6/24   1920 Tarpon            Withdrawn              3,250,000

6/28   1920 Tarpon            Terminated              3,250,000

6/28   2111 Tarpon            Price Decrease        2,145,000

7/1     2061 Snook             Expired                      1,334,000

7/1     2156 Tarpon            Expired                      4,495,000

7/1     1807 Snook             Withdrawn              2,885,000

7/5     2111 Tarpon            Price Decrease        2,095,000

7/8     2156 Tarpon            New                           1,344,000

7/8     1820 Kingfish          Sold                            1,375,000

7/10   2140 Shad                Price Decrease        2,499,777

7/11   2345 Tarpon            Sold                            1,900,000

7/13   2100 Snook             Price Decrease        1,250,000

7/16   2290 Tarpon            Sold                            4,450,000

7/18   2111 Tarpon            Terminated              2,095,000

7/18   2275 Trout               Price Increase          4,195,050

7/20   1571 Bonita             Price Decrease        2,895,000

7/22   2140 Snook             Pend w/ Cont          1,195,000

7/22   2180 Sandpiper      New                           3,200,000

7/29   1505 Dolphin Ln     Terminated              5,595,000

7/30   2185 Sheepshead  New                           1,695,000

7/31   1696 Sandpiper      Sold                              799,000

8/5     2180 Sandpiper      Price Decrease        2,999,000

8/7     1250 Tuna                New                           1,200,000

8/8     2615 Tarpon            Pend w/ Cont          listed 7,950,000

8/19   1250 Tuna                Pend w/ Cont          listed 1,200,000

8/20   1560 Bluefin            Sold                            1,750,000

8/27   2100 Snook             Sold                            1,075,000

8/27   2160 Snook             Expired                      1,350,000

9/9     1250 Tuna                Withdrawn              1,250,000

9/9     2150 Tarpon            Withdrawn              1,299,000

9/9     2360 Snook             New                           2,350,000

9/10   2150 Tarpon            Terminated              1,299,000

9/11   2140 Shad                Withdrawn              2,499,777

9/16   1505 Dolphin Ln     New                           5,595,000

9/17   1505 Dolphin Ln     Price Decrease        5,395,000

9/24   2295 Snook             Terminated              5,500,000

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