Royal Harbor Update: 06/12/2019

Friday, June 14 is Flag Day. Please remember to put your flags out that day. Memorial day was great as at least half of the residents had their colors flying. Several people mentioned it to me.

I  was notified by the city that the East Naples Taxing District is having a survey done in our canals. They will start on the 24th of this month. Their mission is to determine areas where rocks and depth do not meet the guidelines set in our permits and which permits will need to be applied for again to complete this job.

You may remember our last attempt at dredging did not turn out well for Royal Harbor members of the taxing district. When the previous contractor surveyed they went along the canals taking depth soundings every 200 feet. Naturally, a lot of bottom was missed in the survey. Also, the canals in Royal Harbor south of Marlin did not have any maintenance dredging. They did have private dock dredging paid for by homeowners.

If you know your canal has rocks and you know where they are,  it might be helpful if you could draw and map out where they are. We could then take these to the committee or the city and hand them to them. This way we will know that the spots causing trouble have been identified.  If we are to do this, we need to do it next week.

You may send or drop off to me any information and I will send it on.

I told you all last month that we were investigating a possible opportunity for underground wiring in Royal Harbor. Unfortunately, Royal Harbor was not one of the areas that were chosen by FPL for possible testing of this program. We have not given up, but it now looks less favorable.

I know the roads look deserted now with a lot less traffic. This leads many of us to go a little faster and also maybe not be so attentive. Please remember school is out and kids are out playing, riding bikes and running around. So its 30 mph on Sandpiper, 25 on all feeder streets. Just a reminder.

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