Royal Harbor Update:04/20/2019

There are things in the works that I think you will be interested in. We had our last official board meeting for this season last week and the following items are things we are working on over the summer.

First is parking. I know many of us are not happy with the way service trucks park in Royal Harbor. Many times there are multiple trucks with trailers lining up along the roadway, around turns, blocking driveways and shouldering on both sides of the road making it nearly impossible for a large car, another truck or other large vehicles to pass by. This is complicated because of pedestrians and bicyclists that use the roadways too. When a combination of all these is present it clearly becomes a problem and if one driver is in a hurry or is on the phone, is texting or has his or her mind elsewhere it could turn ugly quickly.  The situation has gone from inconvenient to a problem in the last few years as more and more lawn trucks are carrying long trailers and as more and more home builders are present. So we need to look at this and see what we can do.

In Port Royal, the city adopted a no-tolerance policy for trucks–In this subdivision, all trucks are banned from parking on the roadways. They must find a spot in the homeowner’s driveway or property somewhere or they must stage their trucks loading and unloading then parking elsewhere. So far, (about a year) this has worked there.

If you go there and drive their roads you see there is more room there in yards for this solution. However, many on our board feel that if enacted in Royal Harbor, the lawn people and service providers would find a way to comply or lose the business. Ideas like staging equipment, using smaller trucks, banning trailers other than loading and unloading and so on have been discussed. You may have noticed the Police have put up an electric billboard that asks vehicles not to block the road.

We hope to get ideas from you and the city staff and be able to present to the city council some recommendations this fall before the season. This way next year will be better. Please send us your ideas. You may send to me or any of the board members listed in your directory. If you want, you may call or stop and visit and discuss this with any of us.

Next is underground electrical service. Our board has been interested in this for years. We have met with the city, FPL, and other communities over the past many years to try and get at least an estimate of cost and feasibility from FPL and what it would take to get the city’s blessing to go forward. We may have a small window of opportunity at this time and we have a couple of board members working on it. Now, do not get all excited yet, but at least one other Naples subdivision has launched an effort to do this. We are talking to this community and to FPL and to the city at this time. This is not cheap and there are pluses and minuses to underground wiring and we hope to have most of this researched in the next few months. If successful, we may, and I emphasize, it is a big MAY, have some numbers and data we can present to you all before the year-end.

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