Royal Harbor Update: 01/14/2019

This coming Monday is Presidents Day. We are planning this to be our first FLAG WEEKEND.  Plans are to line the entrances with flags but you will need to put yours out too. These are the yard flags you were given when you joined the association. Just line your front yard or driveway. We are excited to see how our neighborhood will look with all the red, white and blue.  we are planning to put our flags out Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Tuesday we will have our annual meeting at the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club. It will be at our regular time at 9:30 am. All members are welcome to stop by. We will have all four of the candidates running for the empty council seat there. They will all have 3 or 4 minutes to address you and after you may wish to personally meet them.

We have already sent out the financial report and the slate of the 2019 board members by email.  We will vote on these at the meeting.

The directories are at the printer but it appears they will not be ready by the meeting but later in the week. We do have some extra RCC cards and you may purchase an extra at the meeting for $8 each. (our cost)  Since Monday is Presidents Day, the City Council has changed their Monday workshop day to Tuesday at the same time as our meeting. So it is doubtful any council members or the Mayor will attend this year. However, we will have our county commissioner, Penny Taylor, attending, and she will give us a short address. (she also has another morning meeting) but she fit us in.

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