Royal Harbor Update: 02/03/2019

First is the NCH (community Hospital) problem between the Hospital and the independent doctors. The policy has been reversed and back to its former status where your doctor will be allowed to admit you and be part of your medical care team. Hopefully, those in this dispute will be able to put any hard feelings aside and they can all concentrate on patients wellbeing.

If you follow the city government you know there is a vacant seat on the council.  There are 3 announced candidates now and a 4th coming Monday. Bill Moss, former city manager, has put in his paperwork and running for the seat. The official announcement will be Monday. This will be a very interesting dynamic if he is elected, as he probably has more firsthand knowledge about the city than anyone.

We are now finalizing the agenda for our annual meeting. It will be at the Sailing and Yacht Club again this year and will be at our regular meeting time of 9:30 am. February 19. I am enclosing the financial statement from last years collected funds for all to see here. At the meeting, we will be able to answer any questions you may have and the approve it.

Our slate of officers from the nominating committee are..

Terry Forshier…….….1750 Sandpiper

Mike Kehoe…………..1407 Marlin

Maureen Minker…..1525 Bonita Lane

Donald Miller………..2350 Snook

Ed Thieme…………….2170 Snook

Fred Hoffmann……1303 Wahoo

Katie Reese…………..1303 Cobia

Kimberly Alvord…….1580 Bluefin

Mike Rinaldi…………..1667 Bonita Ct

John Heinze………….1800 Sandpiper

Jim Doane……………..2240 Tarpon Rd


I have had a lot to say on the Vision statement over the past month. Now it will be your turn to have a say. The city will be mailing each of you a survey postcard asking you to log in and voice your opinions on various issues. This is your opportunity to have a say in how you wish to see the city grow and operate and where you think we should be heading. Everyone will have a log in number to identify you as a city resident. This will not, however, identify you, so your opinions will be anonymous, just as a resident. The reason for this is so non-city residents cannot control the issues in the city.

Many have heard about the Bay restoration projects. Here below is the scoop. Please follow up with the appropriate persons as indicated in the article. I hope this answers your questions.

Restoring Oyster Reefs in Naples Bay

A new oyster reef restoration project involves creating 5 acres of oyster reef habitat in Naples Bay.  Over the past few decades, oyster reefs in Naples Bay have experienced an 80% decline, due to urbanization and channelization. This oyster reef restoration project aims to place oyster habitat substrate (concrete, limestone rock, and shell) at three sites in Naples Bay to provide habitat for oyster colonization.

The goals of this project are to:

  • Restore a portion of the oyster reef community
  • Improve shoreline resiliency through protection from storm and wake surge
  • Improve water quality through restoration of filter-feeders
  • Restore other ecological components e.g. fish and invertebrate populations
  • Increase community awareness of the benefits and ecosystem services provided by living shorelines

This project was made possible through funding by:

  • The City of Naples
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Restoration Center, Office of Habitat Conservation, Coastal Resilience Grant Program award #59-6000382 ($484,244)
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Florida Coastal Management Program with a grant from the NOAA Office for Coastal Management awarded under the Coastal Zone Management Act; DEP Agreement No. CM820 ($30,000)
  • Community volunteers and donors, including local residents and businesses, Naples Chapter Coastal Conservation Association of Florida (CCA Florida)

Construction has begun on the largest site of the project, Site 1, which is just north of Bayview Park.

The map on the left below shows the locations of the proposed oyster reefs. The diagram on the right shows the layout of the reefs at Site 1.


The community may get involved by volunteering at our oyster reef events. We held our third oyster bagging event last Saturday (26th January), with over 40 volunteers helping to create oyster bags. We will soon be posting a fourth oyster bagging event to complete the bagging prior to deployment for reef construction at Site 3 (just north of 41 bridge, near Rock Creek entrance).

Volunteer Opportunities:

      Oyster bagging – TBD 2019

Reef building Site 3 (oyster bag deployment north of the 41 bridge – near Rock Creek entrance) – Saturday 4th May 2019

Please contact Katie Laakkonen for more information or to sign up at


Here is a link to Natural Resources Division website:

In the Environmental Management section more information can be found on our Oyster Reef Restoration project:

Stephanie Molloy, PhD

Natural Resources Manager

City of Naples

295 Riverside Circle

Naples, FL 34102

Ph (239) 213-1031






Real Estate Update:

1/21   2211 Kingfish          Price Decrease        $2,495,000

1/22   1571 Bonita Ln        Price Decrease        $3,095,000

1/22   2275 Trout               New                           $4,195,000

1/25   2111 Tarpon            New                           $2,195,000

1/26   1660 Dolphin           New                           $4,975,000

1/26   1355 Marlin             New                           $4,675,000

1/28   2310 Tarpon            Sold                            $3,400,000

1/28   2120 Sheepshead  Pending                     listed at $2,495,000

1/29   1366 Marlin             Terminated              $1,697,500

1/29   1366 Marlin             New                           $1,375,000

1/31   1810 Kingfish          Price Decrease        $1,275,000

Terry Forshier

President Royal Harbor Homeowners




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