Royal Harbor Update:12/14/2018


There are a couple things to  update you on.

Most are aware by now of the doctor/ Hospital feud that is being waged in the city. There has been a lot of this now on the TV and in the Naples Daily News. Full page ads from both sides of the issue have been printed and yard signs have sprung up and most people have picked a side to support. Since this issue will affect any of us who may need medical services in Naples I urge you to research the issue and weigh in on it. Both the City council and the county commissioners have sent letters to the Hospital asking them to rescind the newly instated policy’s and try to find a compromise or solution.  I am unaware of any resolution in sight at this time. However, you may wish to contact your local doctor or anyone you know at the hospital and talk to them. We really do need to resolve this issue in the city.

Naples has also decided to update its vision plan. What is a vision plan you may ask? (I did.) Well, Naples has had a published 42 Page vision plan that it has used as a guideline over the past decade. This written guide deals with the way city government is to steer the city in all of its various functions. By this, I mean in physical growth like city codes for buildings, homes, density, and how to handle non-conforming buildings and requests for variances and zoning changes. So how it will physically look. Then it deals with things like the Bay, the gulf and our waterfront access and how we are treating this resource. Are we following good stewardship and how best to keep this asset pristine and beautiful?. Then they look at the overall welfare of citizens. Are we keeping a good, clean safe environment for our residents? Are we governing our parks, recreation areas and streets and neighborhoods in a manner that reflects the way our residents want? The new statement will try to find out what kind of Naples you want to be living in in the next 10 years. New surveys will go out, there will be town meetings you may wish to attend and other means you, as residents can weigh in and give your opinions. Remember this is our city. We select the govern sment we want to lead us and the path we want them to take. This is your opportunity to help make Naples even better than it is now. Information will be coming  to you all regarding when and where and how to be heard as we move through this process. For now, be thinking about this. You may have ideas no one has thought of yet and your ideas might be something that could change things for the better.

****If you have paid your homeowners association renewal by mail, PLEASE STOP BY OUR HOUSE and pick up your RCC Card and American Flags.****

There are still people we are waiting on to reaffirm if you want to be in the directory. If you already renewed this will be the last time you should see this. We will send only to those we have not heard from. If you are living next to new owners how about stopping over and handing them an application to fill out. Since we give the first year free they need only drop the application off and we will give them set them up with an RCC card and set of flags. Be a goodwill ambassador.

Real estate activity since the last post…

12/3   1860 Sandpiper      Terminated              $1,595,000

12/3   2310  Tarpon          Terminated              $3,495,000                     

12/4   1807 Snook             Price Decrease        $2,885,000

12/8   2140 Shad Ct           New                           $2,795,777

12/10 1555 Dolphin Ln     Terminated              $3,275,000

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