Royal Harbor Update:12/05/2018

Right after the last update I sent out, my email quit working. After some unsuccessful attempts by me, I turned my phone and iPad over to Rhonda. She immediately found the problem. It seems, according to Xfinity, someone had tried to hack my email, and Xfinity (Comcast)  had closed my account. Well, long story short she got me running again. But I tell you this because several times these past few years someone has hacked in and tried to use email messages to scam money from our Royal Harbor Treasury and from some of the board members. As examples, someone on two occasions wrote to Mike (our treasurer) under my name asking him to send a check for ($5,000) to an overdue account. Then someone used different board members names asking from one member to another if they could go out and buy multiple $50 iTunes and Amazon cards. They wanted them mailed somewhere and that they (using another board members name) would reimburse them when they returned home from out of town status. So to all of you beware of things like this.

The biggest scams though are happening in the real estate business. This is how it works. Most transactions today are on email. Contracts are emailed, filled out, scanned and returned. Negotiations are emailed back and forth and, when resolved, are finalized in contracts that get emailed. So during transactions, emails go from REALTORS to attorneys, to buyers, to sellers, to lenders and to appraisers. Contracts and parts of contracts go back and forth many times. Here is the tricky part. Hackers somehow get into the loop of these back and forth emails and follow along on these transactions. Everything appears fine and the closing gets set. Then right before the closing, the lender for the buyer gets an email directing them to wire the funds to a numbered account for the closing. The next day, closing day, everyone is waiting for the arrival of funds. They call the lender. Lender says they sent the money yesterday and show the transfer. The numbered account is the hackers and the money is gone. So whose money was lost? Buyers? Sellers? Banks? Guess you need to ask your attorney on this one, but you can bet there are lawsuits from everyone blaming everyone. In Naples, this can mean millions of dollars lost and to my knowledge, I have not heard of a single hacker being caught. So be careful out there. Be sure your transaction is safe. Check it, check it again and finally check one last time.

Next, we need to look at the Naples Community Hospital situation. If you are here and if you listen to the news or read the newspaper you are undoubtedly aware of the situation created when NCH decided to ban independent physicians and assign “hospitalists” to new patients. There has been a lot of discussion on this in the paper and online and in the media. Briefly, the local medical society, which is made up mostly of independent physicians (your doctor, my doctor etc) have been opposing this move. Most residents have independent physicians as their primary care doctor and they do not want to have a new and unknown physician assigned to them, they want their own trusted doctor.

At this time the Hospital has refused to meet with the local doctors and or community groups who want to stop this. The hospital board, as I know it, does not want input. They are just making the change and that is that.

I understand the City Council is going to have a discussion on this.

***Please take a minute to catch up on this issue and then send an email to (you can just click this link.) to ask them to support our local physicians and residents in this endeavor.

Nissan keys found at end of the drive at 1875 Tarpon. Claim them here..

Lastly, I know I send this one out every year. Its funnier to me than to Rhonda. Huh?

Terry Forshier


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