Royal Harbor Update:December 3,2018

We now have about 1/3 of our past members renewed with their checks and data sheets. Several of you have notified me that you will be coming by and dropping yours off when you get into town. This notice is going out to everyone so you may have already renewed, if so, just ignore this part. Starting next week the notices for renewal will only go to those who have not renewed. So after this, if you get an email we do not have yours. Also after that, we will be asking our board members to contact those of you who we still have not heard from. To remind you to renew.

*** If you have MAILED your check, or DROPPED OFF your check when I was not home, PLEASE STOP BY and pick up your RCC CARD and YARD FLAGS.  This will save us having to distribute by hand.***

We need your data so we can include you in the Royal Harbor directory. If you are renewing and your data is the same, you do not have to fill out the form. Just let us know about your proxy for the annual meeting. Presently our nominating committee is preparing the slate for 2019. Know anyone that would like to apply to be on our Royal Harbor Board? Email me and I will pass it on.

Are you wishing you knew more people here, would you like to be more involved in what is going on in Naples? Here is an invitation from the city for you to become an ambassador.


I would like to reach out to the local housing associations in Naples to see if there is any interest from community members in getting involved with various activities around town. We are looking for people to help at the Naples Preserve, the parks and beaches, afterschool programs etc. If there are any upcoming association meetings that it would be possible for me to come to talk please let me know. If you have any space where we could post a flier about our Volunteer Ambassador program I can send that as well. If you would like any more information let me know or give me a call: 239-213-3061

Thank you and best regards,


Douglas Mitchell

Recreation Supervisor – Norris Community Center / Cambier Park

Community Services Department

755 8th Avenue South – Naples, FL  34102

PHONE: 239-213-3058   |  FAX: 239-213-3053

For those following Real Estate sales, there was nothing reported sold in Royal Harbor in November. Pretty unusual. Below is the activity on new listings and price decreases and terminations since my last update.

11/21             2100 Kingfish          Price Decrease                    $2,975,000

11/23            1555 Dolphin Ln     Price Decrease                    $3,275,000

11/22            2295 Snook             Back on Market                  $5,500,000

11/24            2150 Tarpon            Expired                                  $1,349,000

11/26            1810 Kingfish          New                                       $1,350,000

11/28            1860 Sandpiper      New                                       $1,595,000

11/30            1660 Dolphin Ct      Terminated                          $4,850,000

11/30            1355 Marlin             Terminated                          $4,550,000

11/30            1650 Dolphin Ct      Terminated                          $3,295,000

Many residents are now returning to Naples from their summer places. They come home and find that their boat won’t start, a tree has fallen down in their yard, they have toilet leaking, they find a wet spot on the roof, their dock needs repair and the list goes on. Many of these people call me and ask if Rhonda and I know or can recommend someone or company that can solve their problem. Here is where you come in. Do you have a provider that has done great work for you that you would recommend. If you do and will email me the information I will pass it to these new people when people ask. I will tell everyone that we do not guarantee anyone but that these providers have done good work in the past. I will then just keep an informal list and pass on all recommendations and any comments you wish to include.

Terry Forshier… president

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