Royal Harbor Update: 11/22/2018

First let me wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Holiday season is always busy but there are a few things you should know so please take a moment to read through this.

Many saw in the paper that Port Royal was able to get the city council to pass the parking ban on commercial vehicles and trailers. They are especially targeting the big landscapers trucks with large trailers that can collectively hold a weeks work of clippings in their beds. These will no longer be allowed to park on the street, toss out a couple cones and stay there for hours taking over half the roadway. On other vehicles like builders trucks, suppliers trucks etc; they will also have restricted parking. This community has been working on getting this passed for several years. It may well be that the rest of the city will follow suit. You may want to think this over because we will be looking at this in Royal Harbor too.

Next there is a major change happening at our local community Hospital. It has to do with NCH changing how your doctor will be allowed to administer your care in their facility. The Hospital is now assigning each patient one of their doctors called a Hospitalist for your stay there. My personal doctor feels he is being “shut out “ as do all of the doctors I have spoken to. If this new policy stands, then I am told many will begin using the “other Hospital” for their patients.  All of the homeowners associations in Naples that I have spoken to or had email contact with are against this. Our board voted to join with them to ask the Hospital to reverse this decision. I urge you to follow this as it unfolds and consider your health care and how this will affect you should you need to be hospitalized. There is a lot to this and not nearly enough time or space for me to really go into it here. I will report more as it unfolds. For now please join in the protest however you can. If this really is a community hospital shouldn’t it reflect the will of the community it is to serve?

Our membership drive has started for 2019. It really is mostly a renewal but there are new people and we want them to be a part of our association. Attached here is an application. You can print it out and fill it out and return it to me. If you have a new neighbor, please consider taking them an application. The first year here is free, so all we need is the application. If they will stop it by, I can then give them the card and flags and explain what we are doing to better the community. So Far I have about 75 renewals. Starting next week board members will be contacting people to remind them to renew. We need the renewals in so we can order the directories. If you have questions, contact me or any board member listed in the directory.

Many of you who came to the door last week with your renewals asked about my boat and the lightning strike. Well, I am happy to say all is well. It did take 4 months to get things corrected and working again but Boat US insurance was easy to work with. I had SEA TEK do the work and although they were slow they were thorough. I guess all is well, now just finding time to get out on the gulf and raise those sails.

A short personal note here…

Sometimes it’s hard to keep a positive attitude. Things in life seldom go the way most of us would like them to, but we all plow on and deal with life in the best ways we know how. Another Thanksgiving is here and a time when most of us will probably spend at least a little time thinking of the things we have to be thankful for. This is the positive part we like to remember. It’s good we have a day like this especially in times like we have now. It is easy to watch the news or read the paper or your favorite magazine or surf the net and get bombarded with tons of negativity. This past month I was amazed at how mean and hurtful some of the political ads were. I am glad that is in the past.

I hope for each of us that on Thanksgiving we all can take a moment, maybe at your dinner table, maybe playing with your kids or grandchildren or maybe with your spouse as you turn out the lights at night, to just say thanks for the things and people making your life worth living and bringing joy to your heart.

If we would all do that we might wake up Friday with a better, more positive outlook.

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