Royal Harbor Update, August 6,2018:

I got word this week that the deal on  the property at the corner of Sandpiper and Marlin, the 13 or so acres, that the county agreed to buy as preserve, has fallen through. >From what I saw in my email the seller wanted more money. The county explained it can only offer fair market value and that after the appraisal was done the seller did not take the deal. How disappointing.  I have no other details but will send them on when I do get some.

Most of you have received your sample ballots for the primary. It appears to be a crowded field. I always am confused when it comes to electing school board and judges because you never get any feedback on them. I just do not know them. I have reached out to some of my friends in political circles to find out which of these thinks most like I do. If you are like me, and want help in deciding, I will be glad to send you my picks. If you have a special candidate you like, then please feel free to share that. I know we do not all like the same things and am just offering.

I met with a potential customer this morning and talk centered around the coming market. He felt that the climate for selling would be good this season and was wanting data and my opinion on his property. Thinking some of you might also be in similar circumstances, I can tell you the feeling in this conversation was that the market will be good for sellers this year. We have a low inventory on the market and now many Northerners are starting to sell out and come down to get their slice of paradise. I know of several homes that were and are held off the market still waiting for the effects of Irma to be repaired. These will likely be up for sale as the season comes. So remember higher inventory means prices go down, and lower inventory means prices rise. In 2007 the bottom of the Royal Harbor market was approaching 1.3 million dollars. Now after the recession and bottoming out at in the $600k mark, we are seeing Royal Harbor prices all over a million dollars again. Some asking prices are in the 4 million range right now. Whew!

Since many of you are boaters I want to share with you the ongoing process I am in after lightning struck my sailboat. I admit as this started I was skeptical of the process and the people I would have to deal with. First, I have BOAT US insurance (by Geiko).  I called and they were right on it. In a day or so they sent a surveyor out to verify the claim. She helped with getting the boat hauled for inspecting the bottom where the lightning bolt probably grounded. Next, she recommended a company to do the appraisal for the damage and helped with the logistics in setting all this up. After conferring with the people on the damage and agreeing on the repair, an estimate was approved by the surveyor and sent to Boat US. They called a few days later and approved the claim. 
Within a week they mailed out the check for the repairs and assured me that if other items appeared after this first evaluation, I could apply for further repairs. Repairs are now underway and hopefully, in a week or two I will be back on the bounding main. Ha Ha  Seriously, this has gone too smoothly, surely something will mess up.

It is still hot and this is the rainy season, but we have had to use sprinklers because the rain is not often reaching the coast. If you are gone for the summer you may also be experiencing higher than normal water bills because of this.

Lastly, we do have a few volunteers out with traps catching Iguanas. If you are seeing one or more, let me know, and I can have someone come over to your home and set up a trap. Reports are that iguanas are really taking a foothold in Marco Island and many have been seen now in the islands between us and them.

More later

Terry Forshier

President Royal Harbor Association

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