Royal Harbor Update, 02/03/2018

First, I have attached the year-end financial report from our treasurer.  If you have any questions, you can refer them to Mike Kehoe.     

Next, remember the Royal Harbor Garage Sale is happening on Saturday Feb 17. You can participate by contacting Nancy Lockwood. She has the applications and will be taking them to the city for approval. She needs them ahead of time, so if you are going to have a sale, please let her know next week. Yes, the city requires all participants to register.  

Nancy will put an ad in the paper and make handouts for people coming into Royal Harbor. These will show the locations of all people having a sale. This will be a busy traffic morning, so be patient. Attached is an application for you to print out. PDF format (you may have to click it 2x)

Our annual meeting will be held at our regular time at 9:30 am on Tuesday the 20th. It will be at the Naples Sailing and Yacht club. More on this as we near the date.

I met yesterday with Senator Passidimo at the City Presidents Council. She informed us of several things that were working through the State Senate that will affect us.

First, as I have alerted you earlier in my newsletter, there is a bill now moving to address Beach Usage. You may know Real Estate law gives the landowner title and rights to all land upward from mean high tide. In many cases, this includes part of the beach. In some cases, it does not. It all depends on the size and configuration of your beach. Those who have had beach re-nourishment may indeed have more “owned beach” than those who have had their beach eroded away. Also, Florida has a practice of allowing public use on all the beach. This, while not specified in law, appears to have some standing in the courts. This means, in our language, if people have been walking over and using your land, they may be allowed to continue to do so. Courts vary in interpretation. I am not a lawyer and am only reporting what I heard. But, this problem keeps rearing its head and wants to be heard. 

Vacation rentals are also a hot topic in the Senate. We all know what is happening in residential neighborhoods. Homes are leased for short-term rentals to vacation goers. Many times this is disruptive to full-time residents as these vacationers tend to have late noisy parties and have little regard for neighbors’ peace and quiet. Not only this, but the Hotel industry is upset as they see this practice as stealing their customers. Then the cities are upset as, most of the time, no Rental Tax is collected and submitted. AirBnB, VRBO, and on and on. Although the organized companies are agreeing to collect fees and watch over the conduct of tenants, etc., there is also the Mom and Pop rentals that the city has no way to regulate. Then there are ordinances that are on the books in cities and in Home Owner associations that have to be dealt with. Will these be erased, allowed to continue, or something in between?

So here we are. The state wants to regulate all, and local cities are tired of the State thinking one size fits all and mandating regulations. Then there are the property rights of owners that have to be respected.  Like most things today, this will take compromise. Senator Passidomo seems to me to have a good handle on this, and I feel she will keep us informed and try to keep our neighborhoods as neighborhoods.

This coming Tuesday, February 6, is Election Day for our City Council members.  Four are running for three spots.  I can’t stress enough how important it is that you go out and vote.  The statistics will show how many have voted from our neighborhood, showing the Council how important our voice in Royal Harbor is.  The sign of my favorite candidate is in my yard.  PLEASE VOTE and make your voice heard!

Lastly, we have worked on the entrance monuments and have them looking much better. Still, we need to decide the next step.

Enough for now. But there is a lot happening.









My pride and Joy

Terry Forshier

RH Cash Flow Report for 2017

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