Royal Harbor Update 01/19/2018

The Royal Harbor Garage Sale is now scheduled for

Saturday, Feb 17.

Application link. Scan0598              See below for instructions. This from Nancy Lockwood.

Need the applications in no later than noon on Wednesday February 14th. 

Questions  239- 250-3897

2150 Shad Court

This is how it works. Everyone having a sale needs to fill out the form as it is required by the city. (and yes they do check these) You are allowed to have one garage sale per year.

Once you fill out the form, email it to Nancy or deliver it to her. She will then go to the city and apply for everyone.

On that day, you may open and close at your time schedule. Royal Harbor will post a newspaper ad telling people of the sale. We then put out Flyer boxes on the corners of Dolphin and Marlin for people to pick up. They will have a map with the locations of the various sales going on. We usually have hundreds of people come, so this is a good time to get rid of that stuff you keep moving around in your home and attic.

As a reminder. City elections are on Feb 6 this year. 

Our voting precinct is on Riverside Circle off Goodlette near the police station.  It is important for everyone to vote. Some have already voted absentee. Thank you for those. One very good reason to vote is so people will take us seriously when we ask for help or need something from the city council. If we request something and the council people look and see that people in Royal Harbor vote, then they will respond quicker and usually give us their attention. If, however, no one seems to care, then the reverse may happen. So in order to keep us up front and the council aware we are here, we need to make our voice heard. So… please vote.

Scan0598 (Click for Garage Sale Permit)

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