Royal Harbor update 12/08/2017

There are several things happening you need to know about.

I have been contacted by two residents regarding roofers in the area. In both cases people said the roofers were walking around and trying to solicit business.  One case where a woman called to find out the approval process by the HOA. Since there is none I assume the supposed roofer does not know this area, the city codes etc and is likely not the roofer she should use. She also said that the roofer was pushing her to sign up for a new roof and not do the patching job she called on.  The second was last night where 2 men were walking around after dark ringing doorbells and soliciting roof work. The resident notified me and I called and reported them to the police. The police came right out and left here looking for the men. I do not know the outcome. Soliciting is not allowed in the city. Please report any like activity directly to the police.

Earlier this week a resident on Tarpon road called police about rental fraud. She stated someone came to her home and produced a rental contract showing that they had rented her home for the upcoming week. The person was packed and ready to move in. Since the owner knew nothing of this, police were called. It was a case of rental fraud using Craig’s List. The hopeful renter was out $1700. Charges were filed against the unknown perpetrator. This is not the first time this has happened here. Someone takes pictures off the web (maybe from a for sale site like MLS< TRULIA< ZILLOW) then they set up an ad using these, and collect deposits of rental income. They are never seen again, and the renter is out the money. I had this happen to one of my Royal Harbor listings but fortunately the renter called me to ask about some detail in the home. I advised them of the fraud taking place and turned this over to the police.

Many of you have received a letter from FPL about insuring your water line from the street to the homes. After investigating I found that this is not from Florida Power and Light but a sub contractor that is selling insurance that will cover this cost if your water line fails. The City of Naples water district is not part of this. From the letter it looks like the insurance company can tag on the $4 per month onto your FPL bill. Then they somehow collect that from FPL. Sign up at your own risk.

RCC cards are being mailed this weekend. If you are signed up for 2018 you will get yours. If not, then you will not get one in the mail. Right now, about 100 people have not renewed their membership. I am working on getting a printable list from RCC on places the cards are accepted and the discounts available.  You can find a list at

I had several people volunteer to work on the monument entrances. Since they are decorated now, we will do this after Christmas. The lighting at the main entrance to Royal Harbor looks great.

A new resident would like to organize social groups in Royal Harbor based on interests. Our board member for community activities and myself think this might be something many would want, so I attach this request to all of you. Respond directly to her.


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