Royal Harbor Update, 09/20/2017

Things are a lot better today. To my knowledge power is on in most or all of Royal Harbor. Some streets like Pelican in Oyster Bay reported no power yet. There may be some individual homes not on due to downed lines. I know many parts of Port Royal and Old Naples are still not on yet. Last night coming home about 7:30I passed many lineman trucks throughout the city. 7or 8 coming out of Royal Harbor area on Sandpiper. Hopefully the power issue for all is behind us.

Collection of trees, limbs, branches, fronds, bushes, etc. will start on Friday in Naples . This does not mean it will start here in Royal Harbor then so if yours is not picked up that day, have patience, it’s coming. You need to have it in a pile at the end of your yard and not on the street. Also, if you pile it with other debris such as shingles, tin, furniture, carpet etc they will pass you by and not pick yours up. You need 2 piles—separated. I know this is a pain and some yards just do not have the room. I am just passing this on.  If you drive around, you can see this ranges from large logs to half trees to palm fronds. This will be a big undertaking and I cannot imagine where they will haul and dispose of all this. There is an internet flier circulating that goes into depth with pictures on this if you need more clarification.

Also if you need help and do not know where to get it…the paper has been printing a page full of documentation on what services are out there and phone contacts. This is a good resource to cut out and keep handy.

Collier County lifted the boil water ban. I have not heard from the city other than they are planning to get results of their samples Friday.  I would hold off drinking the water until then.

Mail delivery is way behind. They are trying, but the back up is all up the line as deliveries had not been made to our area even before the storm and all that mail has to come through the pipeline. My data plan with Verizon emailed me last week that I was exceeding my limit. We called them and they said that they would forgive any overage due to the lack of wifi and the hurricane. But you have to call them and ask for it. So if you are using your phones, ipads, kindles etc without wifi and using up your data plan, you need to call and see if you can get that fixed to save some $$$. I think all carriers are doing it.

Both Publix and WalMart are open, but some shelves are still bare. They tell us that shipments are coming.  They should be back to normal by next week.

Hurricane Maria is turning North and should not be our problem. Thank goodness for that. Still, what a season. Really, very few homes were demolished in this area. Some older ones and those in low-lying areas suffered most of the damage. Assessments are not all in, but overall we fared very well considering there was a 142 MPH wind clocked at the airport only a few miles from us.







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