ROYAL HARBOR Update,09/04/17

I am sure you have seen the last forecast for hurricane Irma. Current cone has it in Cuba just below Florida on Saturday. Some of the track has it coming North and moving up through Florida. The track has changed daily for the last 5 days so chances are this will not be the track of the actual event. But there are some things you should do now just in case.


if you are not signed up for CODE RED on the city of Naples website then you should do it.( ) This is where you give the city your phone numbers. They ask for your land line and all of your cellphones. They will then send you alerts about the neighborhood if events warrant. These may be recorded messages from the  mayor or City manager or they may be text messages. They will tell you what is happening in the city and can even be neighborhood specific. This is how you will be told to evacuate the area or when it is safe to return. They will give updates as they are needed.

You should also check your boat. Make sure that it is secure and lines are doubled. Allow scope for the possibility of rising water. If you are on a lift then check with the manufacturer or installer and ask them the best way to leave the boat. If you have a big boat you may call and try to make plans to have it hauled into dry storage. (Boat US will pay for part of this if it is a named storm. You need to call them to check how much and details) I am not suggesting you do this but check into it and reserve a spot if you think you will need it. If you have a sailboat plan the day when you remove all canvas and sails. If you are up North get someone to check this for you now so it will not be last minute and then everyone will be doing their own preparation.

Look at your yard. Strong winds can blow even heavy stuff around. Make a plan to get it stored and secure if need arises. If you have hurricane windows you are golden. If you have electric shutters even better. Close them when you leave. If not plan when you will put on plywood or plastic storm shutters. I use plastic overlays and it takes me about 3 hours to put them up. If it looks bad I will be doing it on Friday afternoon.

If you would have to evacuate you will want to take valuable items. Plan ahead what you want to take and see if you have room to take them. If you are flying out plan early because all flights will be booked. Also driving will be very difficult as everyone will want to go North at the same time. Just be ready for this as it is frustrating crawling along I-75 at 30 mph.

I have been here 15 years and my parents were here 15 to 20 years before that so I have some history. Chances are this will not be a problem but as a Boy Scout I had “be prepared” the Scout motto, drilled into me at an early age.

I will send more info as we go along.

This is the new directory. All new residents get a free one. If you have a new neighbor have them contact me for theirs.

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