Royal Harbor Update 08/29/17

The sun is out and no clouds in the sky here today. After the past 5 or so days of rain, it is welcome. Parts of Cape Coral had over a foot of rain. My rain gauge showed nearly 10 inches overall in the 5 day period.  It is very low tech. A tube with a large mouth and shows how many inches of rain fell as the tube fills up. I have to empty is at just over 5 inches. The news reported less in this area but ???

If you are up north, then you have seen the weather and flooding. Here in Royal Harbor we really had nothing to speak of. A few streets accumulated water but soon drained. Nothing like the folks up north and inland who were water-skiing in the road. Even today some residents in Lee county were being evacuated. Some boats were reported as filling up and breaking lifts and/or sinking at the docks, but none here in our neighborhood. (you  need your bilge pump on)

We are all thankful that we had nothing like those folks in Houston. Most of the people here were fixated on The Weather Channel. We are lucky it is not us.

The Tree Trimmers are out again. They are hired by FPL and come and chop all our trees that are close to the power lines. It looks really bad where they have been. Still, whenever we complain about outages, the folks at FPL always blame it on a palm frond or a branch crossing the line. So I guess for now we have to put up with it. If you are new to the area, I am sure you will think that the power company should just bury the lines. We have tried for years to kick start this, but to no avail. Port Royal, Aqualane Shores, Old Naples, Coquina Sands and others all have the same problems and all have tried. I even sat in a meeting with the FPL president and the city manager and other presidents of Naples subdivisions and we discussed this, but nothing was resolved.

There are no homes now on the market in Royal Harbor under a million dollars . Ten years ago we sold some lots in here in the $400k range. Now it is not unusual to see 3 and 4 million dollar price tags. All my sources tell me this will be a good year in the RE market. Already many markets are selling better right now than even last January or February.

Naples Bay Resort has presented its plan to bypass US41 (at the corner of Sandpiper and 41) to the city council. I mentioned before they want to discontinue shuttling people from the Resort to the Cottages recreation area using their bus. They want to use golf carts and come across the little park that they built and bypass 41 altogether. I think this will pass council, as it seems like a good solution to avoid more crossings of US41. They also agreed to put in a parking lot for carts and open it up to local resident use.

Home Rule..As you may be aware Naples is a very well run city. Leaders in Naples for the most part have the mantra, of keeping Naples with a small town feel, and with that in mind they try to look at the big picture. They can do this because we have home rule. This allows communities to set up their own guidelines a to how they want their city to operate. There are, however, restrictions and one of these is that the State can overrule. We have seen this recently in the pension situation in Naples. The city had met with the various city workers and their representatives and worked out a long term solution for the unfunded pension liabilities that the city will face. But along comes the state and passes a law prohibiting cities from acting on some of the agreed changes. So now we are back to the drawing board. Now we see that the state again is exercising its muscle on signage. As you know Naples has a very strict sign rule to keep signs from overpowering the beauty of Naples. Now the state has come and signed into law that certain signs must be allowed and may overreach the limits that Naples has set. So do not be surprised when you see them crop up.

If you are a new resident, I have resident directories for you and also your discount RCC card. Please email or call me and stop by and pick yours up.

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