Royal Harbor Update, 06/26/2017

We have passed the summer solstice now and the days will begin getting shorter. That does not mean cooler though. It seems that July, August, and September are the hottest months in SW Florida. As I get older I appreciate this less and less. I now find I need to get up and get my yard work and outdoor projects done before lunch to avoid the heat and humidity of the afternoons. Soon now, this will translate into afternoon thunderstorms. These do cool things off but only briefly. They also mean you need to watch the weather if you are fishing offshore. What did people do here before air conditioning?

A few things are going on. First, we had an incident last week where a couple of guys were caught stealing the plantings that the city put in, in front of the monument at the Dolphin Entrance to Royal Harbor. A resident saw the men taking some of the plants and called the police. I guess the first day nothing happened but the second day when she saw them she photographed the incident and called the police again. They responded but to her dismay, the police asked if they were her flowers and said they could not file a report unless the owner of the flowers signed it. Well, she called me and I went to the corner. The police then asked me If I owned them.  After a bit I just called Tyrone, our neighborhood officer, and explained what was happening. He then took over and handled the problem. I will be speaking to the city manager about this.  As Tyrone said, theft is theft. We all pay for the flowers and to just think these are free for the taking?

The city replaced the old electrical box that housed the electrical equipment on the Marlin entrance monument. They brought me the old one as we had paid for that one. If anyone would like this let me know. Free for the taking. First come, first served. It is heavy.

Rental homes are still being discussed in the city.  There is a difference between renting your single family home and renting a condo. Each has its own set of regulations in the city of Naples. Condos are usually governed by the condo associations within the restrictions imposed by the city. If you are thinking of leasing your home out for a month or two, you really need to contact the city and or the city website to see if you can first understand the rules. This topic is heating up since it involves money. Really, there are two issues. One is the city priority, which is how they can collect the bed tax money and the second is the neighborhood concern of having “party houses” in normally quiet residential home neighborhoods. Imagine, if you will, a College fraternity renting your neighbor’s home for a week. Think you would get much sleep?


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