Royal Harbor Update, 05/26/2017:



First I am sorry to report a home burglary in Royal Harbor. A neighbor told me that he went over 2 days ago to check on a neighbor’s home for them as they live abroad. He found the house had been broken into and TV’s and many other items were stolen. He called the home watch company who then called the police. This was at the corner of Kingfish and Trout. The police did a thorough inspection of the property and were on site most of the rest of the day. The neighbor then said he followed up yesterday as he saw an older Mercedes in the drive. He drove in, blocked the car, and talked to the driver who had a story about working on pavers. He took the license number of the car  and the guy left. Later he noticed a broken window and then he called the police. The police came again and found that the car’s plates were from a stolen vehicle. The neighbor was able to give a description of the driver. Young in 20’s, Latin looking. (he said Spanish/Cuban)  The thought is the second break-in was likely someone coming back for the cars as the keys were secured in the safe that had been stolen the first time. I think the neighbor said the owners were listed in VBRO as for rent.

So he speculated that the burglars knew the property was vacant.

I urge all of us who live here to increase vigilance as the neighborhood empties. After season we probably lose half of our residents as they go North to cooler climates. Our police are good about driving the neighborhood and you can call them and request that they stop and check you home throughout the summer. This usually involves them driving around the neighborhood with a list and stopping and walking around the property if anything looks out of place and occasionally just for a look see. I have talked to the police on this matter and they tell me they do not mind doing this. They also want you to call them on ANY activity that you see that is not normal. The number to call is 239 213 4844.and then send them to the police. Do not wait until the next day to report something, and please do not think you are being silly by reporting something that does not look right.

As always, in an emergency call 911.  Remember, too, you probably do not want to confront someone, so use your phone camera and take pictures of cars, people and license plates

CODE RED… Naples has a new website. If you go there you will see how user friendly it is. On the very first page it has a red square near the bottom that has the name CODE RED click it. Here you can register your phone numbers with the city. In case of an emergency the city manager or the Mayor can call everyone at once with updates on the community. They can also select various neighborhoods and zip codes. In cas e of, say, a bad storm or hurricane, you will get telephone updates of what is happening, what happened, and what you need to do, or when you may be able to return home.  Include all your phone numbers, as it can ring them all, home land line, and cell phones include you, your spouse, and any family members who need to know.

The mosquito hotline number is 239 436 1000The squeaky wheel gets the most grease. If you are getting bit, call them and report and ask for more spraying.

Also this is Alligator mating time.. (oh goody) if you see a gator you can call 800 432 2046 for removal.

In the summer we have lots of thunderstorm power outages. To report your area to FPL call 800 468 8243

When you get to the corner of 41 and Sandpiper, you see the stop light mast arms there are very shabby as the paint has peeled over the years. I just found out the city now is repainting some of these. We were always told that this was a FDOT function, but now it seems this is not the case. I just put these on the list to be painted, but if a lot of people complained, then maybe we would get higher on the list. If you are inclined, send an email to

And ask Greg to please paint these as they are at the entrance to not only us, but to Naples Bay Resort as well, and they paid for the parks there.

More Later…


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