Royal Harbor Update, 03/31/2017

I guess you all know by now the RaceTrac gas station decision has been postponed until October.  So everything on that is at a standstill.

At the last presidents council meeting I attended the Fire Dept informed us of a new APP being used now in Naples. It is for volunteer help with people having heart attacks in the city. The app called Pulse Point can be put on your phone and will alert you if someone nearby is having a heart attack. If you have taken the class and have the app on your phone, you will be alerted to where the person is and also to where the closest defibrillator is located. Then you may start CPR and send someone to get the machine. My understanding is that the sooner aid is given the better survival rate the person afflicted has. Persons acting to save lives are not subject to lawsuits according to the instructors. More on this later or you can go to the city website for more information. Pretty good idea though.

Also on the city website is a survey request from the 5th avenue people. We are all aware that 5th is the main street of Naples and the businesses there and the city council are always looking for feedback on how residents feel the street is developing. Some like the new stores; others feel that there are too many Real Estate offices and restaurants and not enough little shops. Regardless, this is you chance to voice you opinion.

The city just did a new solid waste study. The city has not had a rate increase in this area in 15 or more years so a study was needed.  No one has been complaining about the service or the rates, and after a long presentation, it does appear the price may be going up about 70 cents a month. We will see what council votes on.

We will be getting the new directories next week. So, if you want yours and you are here in Naples I should have them by the middle of the week and you can stop by and pick it up. We will also have a “Directory Pick Up Open House” Friday and Saturday afternoon from noon to 4pm.  We will plan to be here at that time until 4 pm so you do not have to call, just stop and we will give you yours. After that, we will hand out some and mail the rest.

Lastly, on the Naples web site there is a short survey regarding storm water runoff. This really is a problem in some parts of the city and when it rains big in the summer many streets get flooded. There is also an issue regarding the 7 out-flow pipes that are spread down the coast that channel street run off out into the Gulf. Most really do not know about these but the State of Florida does not like this procedure. The pressure is on to replace it, but no one seems to know what direction to take. I mean it rains, it collects and eventually it all goes to the Gulf or the bay. Isn’t this just Mother Nature at work?


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