Royal Harbor Update, 01/10/17

I have the new RCC cards and I am planning to mail them out next week when I can get volunteers to do it. If you want yours now, you may stop here and pick yours up. We ordered each family one card. They cost us $8 each so this will be your cost if you want another or extra one. Call me ahead so I here to get yours ready for you and make a note you have picked it up.

The new entry into Royal Harbor sign is now installed on Sandpiper Street. It took forever to get the OK and permit from the city to replace this sign. Working with government is frustrating, but thankfully our liaison from the city, Bob Middleton, helped and we got this done. We paid for this out of your annual $50 dues, just like we paid for the other two monuments and our electricity used there for lighting. This is a good reminder to all for when you are entering Royal Harbor.


Work on the sewer line is going on and should be completed soon so the detour sign will go away. It has led to more people stopping at the 4 way though.

I still have about 50 people from last year who have not renewed their membership. Please get this done this week if you can. Next week we will be sending out our board members to finish up this drive. They will be knocking on your door to get you signed up. I do not know why this is always such a monumental task.

ANNUAL MEETING  Since this is an ‘off election’ year we are not going to have an evening annual meeting and invite the city manager, Mayor, council persons, police chief and fire chief etc. Last year we had as many people on the agenda as we had from the community which shows there is not a lot of interest in coming to meetings. So we will have our ‘regular’ February meeting be the ‘annual’ meeting. All members are invited to attend. We will send our financial report out ahead by email. More details to follow after we meet next week to iron out the details.

Another change in our normal operation is that we are now going to offer the first year membership to the association free. So if a new member moves into Royal Harbor all we need is you to get their names, email and address and send them to us and we will put them on the membership rolls. This will recycle every calendar year. So please help us get everyone enrolled.

As you can see I am still acting as president of the association. I have agreed to continue awhile longer. Like it or not. HA HA


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