Royal Harbor Update, 12/30/16

I hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a Happy New Year.

Here are a few items to update you on.

First a reminder of the work to be done on Sandpiper Street starting the 2nd. Where the little bridge is in Oyster Bay you can see the temporary patch of Blue pipe that the city installed a month ago. This is a sewer line patch and the city is going to fix it starting next week. They will be doing an under the road bore placing the new pipe so traffic may be slowed or even stopped for periods of time. If possible you should avoid this street. You can go down Marlin and take Palm out to 41 and avoid it all.

Another note on streets. Since the last update I have had multiple people contact me regarding speeding on Sandpiper and on the Streets in Royal Harbor. Especially Tarpon and Sandpiper past Marlin. Several residents say they have identified the habitual speeders and they are residents of the neighborhood. Please remember the people walking along the side of the street, biking the roads and walking dogs are your neighbors. We all need to slow down and realize the speed limit here is 25 in the neighborhood.

I now have about ½ of the people signed up for Royal Harbor association for next year. Next week I will be letting you know exactly who has and has not updated for 2017. Remember this is a voluntary organization. We hope that you feel the board here is helping the community and your membership is worthwhile.

Do you have a loved one that is not computer savvy but would like to receive daily emails? We have a Presto machine that does this.  We gave it to one of our parents who has passed now. So we have it and would like to give it to someone who could use it. It sets up and works over the phone line. Once installed (about 5 minutes) you can use it to send email and it prints out just like an old fax machine. So the recipient can stay in touch and receive emails from  the family. There is a very minimum monthly charge to Presto. If you want this call me and come pick it up. It worked great for us sending daily updates to grandma up in Illinois .

A resident on Tarpon contacted me last week and said someone took a Hobi Kayak off their dock. Sad to say they just missed it and do not know when, why or how, but use this as an alert to secure your stuff and keep an eye out for anything suspicious. Obviously someone just put it in the water and took off.

Lastly, it is nice to see you all back and the community full and bustling.


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