Royal Harbor Update, 11/17/2016

I know many of you are now arriving back in Royal Harbor. One thing I always found when I would get here was that I need to do some work on my boat. Seemed like no matter how well I thought I had put things away I always forgot to do something or something just broke over the summer.

Many of you already have a relationship with a boat repair person and many of you may still be under a warranty with the dealership. But those of you who are like me and  have a now older boat may need to have a repair man come to your dock and fix things.

I do know of some of these mechanics who work out of their Mobil trucks. Some have been good others not so good. If you contact me I can direct you to a good outboard specialist that I use with good results. I also can recommend a good diesel mechanic for you boat. Then too if you need something like an item put on like a new sounder or voltage regulator or whatever there are a few places I could steer you to. Also If you need bottom paint or repair I can recommend a good place that will offer you a Royal Harbor 10% discount.

So Just a heads up. Feel free to email me and I will be glad to share these contacts. I have no relationship or financial interest in any of these people. I do not guarantee you will like them but I did and I use these people and trust them to do a good job at a fair price.

Terry Forshier


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