Royal Harbor Update: 08/25/2016

As tropical system 99 approaches you should all check to see if you are registered with CODE RED in Naples. See Below from Bill Moss the City Manager.  Also a note on water quality and testing scams.

We know that residents are, once again, receiving letters or other solicitations regarding free testing of drinking water.


Please see the below message from your City’s Utility Department regarding these solicitations and the quality of the City’s drinking water.

On a different subject, we are currently observing the development of several tropical storms.  Residents are reminded to register their telephone numbers with CodeRED, the City’s emergency notification system.  Registration of telephone numbers is available through the City of Naples web site  Click the Code  RED tab in the upper right-hand corner of the home page.

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Thank You

Bill Moss, City Manager

Solicitations for water quality testing.

Residents may receive notices from companies promoting free water quality testing of drinking water in their home. This may include inspection of any in-home treatment devices such as a water filter, water softener, or any type of water purifier. The end-goal for these companies is the sale of a home treatment device, whether needed or not.

The people marketing these products may rely on high-pressure sales tactics using skeptical water testing tablets intended to change the color of the water. They may then inform a homeowner that the water is contaminated and should be filtered with their product.

We are aware of a tactic used that gives the impression that the company is affiliated with the City’s Utilities Department. This is not the case. The City of Naples Utilities Department does provide a service for our customers in instances where there are concerns related to water quality. However, that service is initiated by the customer and not through mail or a personal visit.

The City’s water supply is regulated by the USEPA Safe Drinking Water Act and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  The City’s drinking water meets or exceeds all drinking water requirements set by the Safe Drinking Water Act and Florida Administrative Code.  There are approximately 96,000 water quality tests performed annually by licensed staff in the City’s certified environmental laboratory. Other tests are outsourced to state-certified laboratories.  All drinking water sampling and testing procedures conform to the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program.

If residents are interested finding more information on the quality of their drinking water, they should contact the City’s Water Treatment Plant at 239-213-3004 and one of our licensed personnel will be happy to assist. In circumstances where a visit to the residence is required, homeowners will immediately recognize the city uniform and badge worn by Naples employees.

Furthermore, upon receiving any form of communication or advertisement from one of these types of businesses, an internet search of the company may reveal reviews and comments on the history of the company.  We would encourage city water customers to research such companies prior to purchasing any home treatment systems.

On another topic of relevance. Here again on Mosquitoes and our area. From the county.

Hello Residential Community Partners,

As we enter the rainy season, the Department of Health in Collier, Collier County Emergency Management and Collier Mosquito Control District would like to share ways to prevent mosquito-borne illness.  Please consider the following public safety message. 

“We are fortunate that most mosquitoes in SW Florida do not carry disease. Most are only a nuisance. However, there are a few types of mosquitoes that can carry disease, which are collectively referred to as Arboviruses. The diseases potentially carried by mosquitoes could affect you or anyone in your family, including horses and canines. The diseases include Dengue Fever, Chikungunya, Zika, West Nile, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, and Dog Heartworm. The best method to prevent arbovirus transmission is to prevent mosquito bites.  DRAIN standing water from garbage cans, buckets, pool covers or any containers where sprinkler or rainwater has collected. COVER your skin with long pants and long sleeves. Apply mosquito repellent with DEET to exposed skin and use mosquito netting to protect children younger than 2 months old. This “Drain and Cover” approach reduces mosquito reproduction and your personal exposure, reducing the risk of an Arbovirus. Stay safe by planning now!”


Lastly, many of you have asked about the primary elections and who to vote for and who I think is looking out for this area. . If you want my opinion and picks just email me and I will gladly send it to


It’s always something

Terry and Rhonda


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