Royal Harbor Update, 07/26/16:

Thanks to those of you who contributed earlier this year to the video camera project we just finished and installed in Royal Harbor. The following is proof that this was and is a great idea and is paying off. Feel proud that here you have made a difference. Read below..Terry


 The below information recounts an arrest related to construction site burglaries.  The referenced LPR cameras are those funded by the Port Royal and Royal Harbor Associations and recently installed by Tech Services.

 Bill Moss

City Manager

 —-Original Message—–

From: Thomas Weschler

Sent: Monday, July 25, 2016 4:17 PM

To: Bill Moss; Roger Reinke

Subject: Excellent arrest

 On July 22nd, detectives arrested a subject that committing construction site burglaries in Port Royal, Royal Harbor and other locations throughout the city.  The investigators did an excellent job of reviewing the license plate reader (LPR) cameras and pawn records to identify the subject.

 Lt. Fletcher’s synopsis of the investigation is included below: 

 In July 2016, the City of Naples experienced a string of construction site burglaries, particularly within the Port Royal and Royal Harbor neighborhoods. At a burglary of a construction site on Rum Row, Detectives obtained video surveillance which captured the burglary suspect and suspect vehicle. Detectives spoke with a witness that described a small red vehicle leaving construction site occupied by a male and female. Detectives utilized the license plate reader (LPR) cameras located at the entrance to Port Royal to identify the vehicle as a Red Toyota Rav4 and the vehicle’s owner.  Through further investigation detectives were able to identify Kyle Nochta, 26, of 1775 Kearny Avenue, Naples, who was responsible for the burglary, grand theft and subsequent sale of the stolen tools.

 On July 22, 2016 Detectives observed that Nochta’s vehicle was in the area of Royal Harbor after passing the Royal Harbor Association’s LPR cameras.  Detectives responded to the Royal Harbor area and located Nochta and his vehicle.  During a traffic stop involving Nochta, Detectives observed several construction tools in his possession.  After further investigation, Detectives learned that he had just committed a burglary of two construction sites on Dolphin Ct. and Dolphin Rd.  Detectives arrested Nochta and recovered the stolen property.

 Detectives have charged Nochta for 3 counts of burglary, 2 counts of grand theft, and 1 count of petit theft related to these two cases (16-01593 and 16-01668).

 Additionally, Detectives have reviewed recently reported construction site burglaries within the City of Naples. Through pawn records, Detectives have probable cause and have linked Nochta as a suspect in relation to 6 additional construction site burglaries reported to the Naples Police during May and June 2016.  Additional charges on Nochta will be completed early next week. These burglaries occurred on Gin Lane, 3rd Street South, Spring Line Dr., Banyan Blvd., Cutlass Lane, and Tarpon Rd.

 During the month of July 2016, Nochta is suspect in 23% of the reported Part 1 crimes.  Nochta was released from prison in April 2016. 

 I met with Lt. Finman on Friday regarding a potential press release.  It was decided that we intend to issue a release early next week when the additional charges are filed.

 Chief Tom Weschler

Naples Police Department

(239) 213-4853


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