Royal Harbor Update, 07/22/16

Last night a car on Bonita Lane was broken into and the contents rifled and a few items were stolen. The owners reported that the car was left unlocked. I have to admit last year I had the same thing happen to me with my truck sitting right outside my front room window in my driveway. I lost all the cash I had in my wallet as I somehow had left it in the car. Fortunately the wallet was left.  I know of one individual a few years ago who left a pistol in the car and it was also stolen. Right down the street on Marlin drive a resident caught a young man rifling through his car a couple of years ago. He heard something outside, opened his front door and saw the boy in the front seat going through his stuff. The boy fled and he chased him and saw where he went.  The police were called and eventually the young man was caught and went to jail.

 We all get distracted and forget to secure our property. we have to lock our vehicles and be aware that there are people out there who think it ok to steal from us. When you are a victim please call the police and report it. Vigilance will enable the police to apprehend the criminals. Better to call and nothing result than to ignore and have this continue. This is Especially important now that many are gone.  Police Number is 213 4844  (emergency is still 911)

The new video cameras are great and police can search through them to see suspicious activity and have a better chance to apprehending someone.

Also do not forget to put up motion sensor lights in your driveway. If someone stalks around your car, many times a light in their eyes will deter them .

Once a community gets a reputation of policing their neighborhood word gets out and that community becomes less of a target.



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