Royal Harbor Update of Update: 03/10/2016

I am happy to tell you all we have had enough pledged  so far to do both entrances to Royal Harbor with the video cameras.  This is not saying we could not use more and not exhaust our reserve. So if you are still planning to help, please do.

I spoke today to the City Police technician who will be designing and putting the systems in place on our two corners. He told me they would be out this Friday taking measurements for placement of new poles (20 footers, 5 feet in ground) and measuring for the electrical trenching etc. His time table was anywhere from a month to 6 weeks depending on the permitting process.

Those of you who are contributing can drop off your checks here in the Royal Harbor drop off box on my house under the flag like you did your applications. OR you can mail checks to me. We need them within the next 2 weeks.


Terry Forshier

1750 Sandpiper St,

Naples 34102

Make checks to Royal Harbor Homeowners association .

We will send everyone a receipt by email. (we think these might be tax deductable since we are  a 501c(4) non-profit corporation.) 

To answer some questions:

The camera system is to cover all entrance streets into Royal Harbor. I do not know where the pole on Dolphin will be, but the one on Marlin entrance will be in my yard for best coverage. (so I am sacrificing yard again) When I get more information, I will provide it.

The city people I am working with are as excited about this program as I hope you are. Once again, we are in on a new and  innovative system and one that will add security for all of us.

For those who expressed disappointment that not everyone was contributing, I agree. However, let me share ,  your many positive responses and willingness to pitch in has really “made” my last few days. When we first sent out the request, Rhonda and I wondered if we would get many positive responses.  We could not believe so many of you responded so quickly. When you are on this end of these messages, one often wonders if anyone out there is really interested in reading what you are sending and interested in what you are doing.

We are also trying to get the booklets out. I know I am cheap but you know the post office charges us $2.54  to mail each one. It would sure be less costly if those of you that are here would either pick one up, or if you let us know you are here now, we could send someone around and leave it at your home (if you are here) Then we could mail the rest. Some of you still have RCC cards coming in the booklet envelope too.


Let me know. I have to get this stuff off my desk this week. Please go vote early and get it done.


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