Royal Harbor Update: 03/10/2016

I have been in ongoing talks with the city regarding our security cameras at the entrances to Royal Harbor. It is my goal to have the city police force take over this project with a full-time,live-feed system that will use the Internet/cell tower to feed monitors in the police dept on a 24/7 basis with live feed of the intersections. In case of any outage, the police would know immediately, all crimes could be immediately accessed at the station and police alerted to the videos, license plates, type of suspected vehicle, etc. And, mostly, this would take Royal Harbor out of the monthly fees, maintenance costs and replacement business. It would also stop the time lapse getting the video company out to the pole, run off the video and then transport it to the police, then them watching it. This was taking a week or more. Follow up and calling around to get this done was frustrating and time consuming. This is Police work and should be done by them.

We know we have 2 locations for cameras. Since we know cameras at the main location on Marlin were vandalized and will need replacement, we started by looking at this area first. The city has now agreed if we could put in the equipment they need, and it is an upgrade to what we have now, they would then take over the entire operation in perpetuity.

I just got the figures from the city. It is just over $21,000 per entrance  We have enough money now for one entrance but not both at this time.  we are short about $15,000.

We get $50 for each membership and with 275 paid members this is $13,750. WE currently have  about $30,000 in our account. Our main expenses have been camera replacement and maintenance. Once this is out of our hands this expense will go away.

We are wondering if we can get members to donate to this upgrade…approximately 150 people  giving an additional $100 or more . I have, in discussing this with a few people already, had pledges totaling over $1000.

Some may say, why doesn’t the city just pay for it? Well, think about it,  if they pay for ours, then they have to do everyone. This is not possible, so this, right now, is a one-time opportunity, a pilot program, and we need to take the initiative and do it. Think of what this does to the value of property in Royal Harbor.

This is a big step and an amazing upgrade for security in Royal Harbor, and it will free us from the burdens of this operation. (which is a LOT for a few of us on the board)

I need to know NOW if you will donate and how much. If the response is enough, we will go forward with both entrances.  If not we go to Plan B, whatever that is?

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