Royal Harbor Update, 02/15/2016

Last night there were some boat electronics stolen off boats in this area. Whoever it was, disabled the video cameras. It appears  we do have some footage on hard drive and the police are reviewing this. The video shows that the burglars parked their van at the newspaper boxes just down the street from the intersection. Then someone from the backside of the cameras moved them so the cameras could not get the license plates or clear views. Then they entered and stole off the boats. This was just before 4 am. One camera was destroyed. All are now up and running again tonight and the police are doing extra vigilance on the area for the near future.

Each of you may want to check your boats to see if you were hit. Some boats were high on lifts and owners just happened to check and find the stuff missing.

Lastly, after 7 years as President of the Homeowners association I have decided to step down  and let someone else take over.  I am a believer in term limits and think my tenure should be up. I plan to continue serving out my final year on the board, but not as president,  I have enjoyed working with the residents and the city  but I need to spend more time in my real job as a REALTOR and prioritize my family.

Terry Forshier

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