Royal Harbor Update, 02/11/2016

I spoke to a resident yesterday who informed me that driving into her driveway one afternoon she saw a silver 4 door  car parked on an empty lot next to her home. The doors were open as was the trunk, and two men, one in her yard and one on the next door lot, were walking around toward the sea wall. When she approached in the car, the two ran back to their car, closed up the trunk and doors and briskly left the scene. She felt this suspicious and called the police who are reviewing the cameras at this time. They said it is possible these guys were canvassing the area for boat theft. Please be on the lookout and report any suspicious activity at once.

Those of you who did not attend the Annual meeting on Tuesday missed out. Every single candidate running for local office attended and briefly spoke to us. Also attending were Doug Finlay, Linda Penneman and Sam Saad.  I see and talk to many of you throughout the year. Many of you have come up with great ideas and suggestions that could improve the city and our community. Telling me is great and I try to funnel your ideas through to the city but NOTHING beats you meeting the people who make the decisions and telling them yourself.

Those of you who have had problems that we were able to help out on, know that the city does respond, all the way from the city manager to the Mayor. The reason for this is we have become a voice that is heard. Having a hundred residents at our annual meeting may be ok, BUT it is nothing to crow about. In fact, it was disappointing.  Every community gets the government they deserve. If we as a community do not show up, or if we become indifferent, then you can be sure that this attitude will be reflected back to us.

So please , ask your neighbor who attended about the meeting. Ask them if they were falling asleep or ask if it was informative, on time and interesting. Be there next year.

I and the board hope you will take the time this year to become more involved. We are always looking for new volunteers and we have many projects we are working on.

Terry Forshier

President Royal Harbor Association

RH Winter

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