Royal Harbor Update, 01/27/2016

AnnualHeadingRHannualMTGThe Royal Harbor Homeowners Association will have its annual meet­ing Tuesday, February 9, at the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club. 7 pm to 8:30.

 All members are invited. We will introduce the 2016 slate of board members and elect them at this time. Committee chairmen will give a short overview of their accomplishments last year. We have already emailed the financial report but will approve it at this meeting.

City Manager Bill Moss will attend and give us an overview of some of the city’s achievements and ongoing plans. Mayor Sorey will also speak and add to this. This is your chance to get straight answers from our leaders to questions you may have.  Our neighborhood Police officer Ty­rone Davis will be there, say hi, and you will have a chance to meet him. Also several council persons wish to address the group and say hi.

Then you may know, we have a number of city council candidates vying for 3 spots. Most of these are planning to attend and tell you why you should vote for them. (we have asked them to be brief)

This is an important informational meeting for you. Here you can see what we as a volunteer group are planning to do to help the community become even better.  Every one of our board members  has selflessly given their time to this endeavor and tried to make a difference.

Please try to attend.

Questions?? Call me, Terry Forshier, president   239 732 1238 




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