Royal Harbor Update, 12/16/2015

Several have contacted me regarding installing cameras at the canal ends. We discussed this at length at our board meeting. There are so many obstacles to doing this we were not able to come up with a plan. For now we suggest each owner attempt to secure their own property. I will tell you what I did. I went to Dicks Sporting Goods here in Naples and purchased a game trail camera and have it set up to record anyone in my canal or around my boat day or night. These little camera systems run on batteries, they strap to a tree or post and will record anything that moves within a range. Mine reached 75 feet so I can get across the canal easily. It records on an SD card and batteries. Say they will run for up to 6 months. Color daytime, infra-red at night. It will take photos or short videos.

You can get these at any sporting goods store. Might be worth it?

Next a phone was found on Kingfish road this past week


If it is yours claim it at 777 8811

I now have the new 2016 RCC cards. We plan to mail them next week but if you want yours ahead, call me and come by and pick it up. You get one free…the second one at our cost this year at $8.00  I see the organization has a new owner and they are emailing people to sign you up. It is a lot more so get yours here. Call first so I can have it ready. 732 1238


Our boards members say you do not have to activate the card for it to be accepted. It just lets you get on the mailing list.

The garage sale is now set for January 23. We will send in a blanket permit to the city so watch for the sign up sheets in email.

The annual meeting is scheduled for Feb 9 at the Naples Sailing and Yacht Club. Since it is an election year, I suspect there will lots of city politicians there.


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