Royal Harbor Update:12/3/2015

Tonight is the 5th Ave lighting up for Christmas. Should be lots of happy people there and its free and free parking in the garages. Take your camera and shoot some happy warm photos to send up North.

A resident reported last week they found some keys in the Northern area of Royal Harbor. If they are yours call me and I will give you the phone number of the people who found them. Picture attached.

I have about half of the residents in Royal Harbor now signed up in the Homeowners association for next year. We need the rest of you to come forward so we can get the RCC cards ordered and also get the directories underway.  We have separated people on our list who have yet to reenroll. I am sending them a separate email with the APPLICATION ATTACHED. If you do not get a second email, then we more than likely have you in and paid.  IF YOU HAVE A NEW NEIGHBOR, PLEASE PRINT OUT THE APPLICATION HERE AND TAKE IT TO THEM AND ASK THEM TO ALSO BECOME MEMBERS. Thanks.

Last month while out on the boat  I went past the “new police boat” that the city asked for. As you know, a new fireboat was voted down several times. Then the city requested a new police boat. What do you think of this?


Our Christmas decorations on the entrance look great, don’t they?  Again paid for by a resident giving back to the community.?


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