Royal Harbor Update: June 15,2015

A neighbor stopped yesterday to tell me they think they were visited by “gypsies”. He said he answered the door to find a man making inquiries about lawn care. He was very engaging and they talked for several minutes. When done the neighbor noticed that four youths came around from behind a neighbor’s home and got into the white truck and off they went. He later thought this was odd that maybe he was being distracted while the others were casing the backyards for entry or things to steal.

I notified the police of this incident and they will step up patrols but asked me to remind everyone that if they notice anything suspicious to call them right away. This is the type of method used in the past, so if we can notify police early enough, they might catch them in the neighborhood.

Since we introduced the security cameras, our instances of theft in Royal Harbor is next to none.  Now, this is a very low crime area and we who live here year-round feel safe 24/7, but we still need to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police. The number again is 239-213-4844. Please post this number by your phone and list it in your cell phone contacts.

 For those on Sandpiper south of Marlin and on Sheepshead, the discussions on the upkeep of this road are ongoing. I am pushing for a resolution but ????

Those staying this summer will be glad to know the fishing reports I see look good. Some big catches reported. Summer is a great time for coastal fishing but watch out for afternoon storms. Most go early in the AM and return before 2.  Remember, if you hear thunder, head home immediately, as lightning can strike up to 12 miles AWAY FROM the storm clouds.

 Restaurants are not so crowded and this is a good time to try out the new places. Most run early bird dinners at discounted prices and for those who like it, many offer a free bottle of wine with 2 dinners. Watch the newspaper for these specials.


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