Royal Harbor Update: 05/23/2015

I have been told that mosquitoes are out and biting in Royal Harbor. You may know that Naples and Collier County has a full-scale mosquito control organization with airplanes, helicopters and other vehicles. This program sprays on a revolving system. However, I have been told that it is also consumer driven. If enough people call and complain, they move you up in the line for treatment. Here is the number to call 239-436-1000. You may have to record your complaint. If you just want to hear when the next scheduled treatment is for your area, there is also a recording at 436-1010. However, if you would take one minute and call, I bet we get a spray plane in a few days.

On this line, here is a note on alligators. Collier also has an alligator service that will remove a gator if it appears large enough to be a threat and if it is not moving away on its own. It has happened that a gator will show up under your dock in the canal. During mating season they move around more than normal. You can call 800-432-2046 or 866-432-2046 if you see one. After many years here in Royal Harbor, there have been very few instances I recall but they do occur.

If you would see other wildlife, report it to the police department. You may recall that just this season a panther was found in the yard of a home in Port Royal. Officials came and tranquilized it and moved it to another location. I personally have seen armadillos, iguanas, coyotes, fox,opossums, raccoons and bobcats in the area.  They are not domesticated and not pets. Do not let your youngsters run and try to feed or pet any wild creature. There are other animals around, but not reported, sighted  here, wild pigs and bears are also on the move on Keywayden and the islands and communities to our east. I point out no person here  has been attacked, chased or harmed by any wildlife to my knowledge. Just beware these are the animals answering the call of mother nature in the springtime.

How Government grows. Here below, from Councilman Finlay, is a sequence of videos showing the city council reviewing the cost of repairing and replacing city dock. If you care to watch these you can see how the price tag goes from a million dollars to now 7 million dollarsestimated.

Below are links to archived, City Council video. Start with the top City Dock discussion on 6/10/13 and advance 6:35, then go to 6/20/14 and advance to 8.58, followed by 5/18/15 and advance to 2:38. You will notice the City Dock capital (for a rebuild) goes from $1,000,000 (or less) to $7,000,000 in two years.


City Council Workshop Meeting – May 18th, 2015

Lastly, the never-ending saga of the dispute over wages and pension benefits and the possible merging of fire districts between firefighters and the city. I see in today’s paper that the firefighters union has successfully stopped a meeting of county officials and volunteers who were meeting to explore the situation and trying to find solutions by filing a lawsuit against the city under the Sunshine Act. Watch the newspaper for more on this. Eventually this situation has to be resolved.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and be safe in your car and on the water. I am going out now and putting out the flags.

 Terry Forshier

President Royal Harbor homeowners




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