Royal Harbor Update – March 4, 2015

Since we are all boaters this is important to us. Gordon Pass is fast shoaling in and we need people to call our elected officials and ask them to fund this project. This below I copied from one of the Royal Harbor residents who has been active in trying to solve this problem. Please take a moment and make the calls. On your cell these are free calls. Just tell whomever answers why you are calling and urge them to have their office act.

Here are the phone numbers for our elected officials:

 Senator Marco Rubio –           202.224.3041

 Senator Bill Nelson –                   202.224.5274

 Congressman Kurt Clawson –   202.225.2536

Boat owners are encouraged to call about the shoaling of Gordon Pass.  Permits are in place and all that is needed in an appropriation from Congress.  The US Army Corp of Engineers has the responsibility to undertake the dredging effort.  It cannot be accomplished by any other jurisdiction of government.

 The issue with Gordon Pass is that a dangerous shoal has developed.  According to the Naples Harbor Master, at low tide the depth has been reduced to 5 feet, 1 inch.  Without dredging, a marine accident is sure to occur.  Sailboats entering and exiting the pass have already been adversely affected.

New topic…

Today I was notified that there was an attempted break-in on Tarpon Road. An alarm went off and it appears that the slider to the pool area was jimmied as someone tried to access the house. Police were notified and responded. Please be vigilant. Its is season and streets are busy so often people wandering around are overlooked.

I received a communication from Penny Taylor, our new commissioner, today, these items are from her update:

                                         BAYSHORE/GATEWAY CRA

Three issues in the District 4 CRA required my immediate attention in November…the CRA Triangle Option-to-Purchase, the Haldemann Creek issue and the RaceTrac proposal.

                                                 THE CRA TRIANGLE

The CRA Triangle option to purchase was approved at that November 18th meeting and the developer has until May to secure his purchase with a $5 million payment.

                                               HALDEMANN CREEK

The developers of the Haldemann Creek parcel withdrew their original petition for 42 boat docks  after a six hour hearing examiner’s meeting attended by over ninety neighbors and it is my understanding a new proposal will soon be submitted. There will be another neighborhood informational meeting scheduled through the Bayshore Gateway CRA office.  This proposal will contain boat docks, but far fewer. 


The proposed RaceTrac gas station development on US 41 is located next to the Naples Bay Resort.  It was standing room only at the neighborhood informational meeting and the neighbors were picketing the site on a regular basis.  The petition for a smaller twelve pump gas station plus a 6000 square foot  convenience store was withdrawn before it was scheduled to be voted on by the Board of County Commissioners presumably because of lack of support from the Board.  At this point, no other plan has been submitted to the planning department.

Next Topic..                                                                                                                              The Royal Harbor Directories will be done this week. We plan to mail them out next week. PLEASE, we all try to make this as perfect as we can but every now and then someone gets a name messed up. If your name or address or other information is not correct we can send out the email correction for all to change their book.

Next topic.                                                                                                                             Some of you know that Naples Sandpiper Bay Club has contracted with a new fiber optic cable company to provide them with internet and TV. I was contacted to see if I thought Royal Harbor residents would be responsive to a new supplier other than Comcast or Direct TV. I expect to be contacted by the company any time as I informed them many residents had complained to  me regarding these service suppliers. So maybe we can get updated internet and cable.



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