Royal Harbor Update: January 14, 2015

RCC cards are mailing out today to those who have paid their dues. You should get them in a few days. Those who picked them up will not get one in the mail.

Tomorrow, Thursday, January 15, there is a big airport meeting at 8:30 am at city hall. At this meeting the group wanting to change the flight path is planning a big presence. The summation of this is they want to move the flight path down the bay then out over the gulf. This then would affect Royal Harbor, Port Royal and Aqualane Shores. Residents in these communities feel that things should be left alone and that people who purchase homes are responsible to check these things prior to purchase.

The flight path is regulated by the FAA and the city can only ask for a change. I do not think most of the city council are in agreement with changing, but this group is trying to intimidate by attending in large numbers.  We have two of our board members, Dave Gardner and Don Miller, who are attending and will speak on behalf of Royal Harbor, but anyone interested who would be willing to speak out or just show up would be more than welcome. If you are so inclined, please show up.

Membership is progressing, but the last 75 or so of you are pretty slow and some will miss out on being in the directory. We have had a few apps cross in the mail and by delivery but we are trying to sort all these out. Some on this list are possibly moved since we have not culled out all those, but are getting there.

 We have set the annual meeting for Feb 2 at 6:30 at the Naples Sailing and Yacht club. All are welcome to attend. We will have many of the city council and other city officials present. This is about an hour and a half meeting and will contain reports from our committee chairmen.




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