Royal Harbor updates: December 3, 2014

You have now seen the new lights we have up for Christmas. Thanks to Harry Zea, who lives on Marlin, for these. Harry is the person who built the homes under the IHC banner in this area. Tell him thank you if you see him.

This is not a small undertaking and we have been working with the city for a year to get the electrical working correctly in the medians. (this last upgrade was done by Harry too)

 In this theme we are again going to have a Christmas decorating contest in Royal Harbor. Please share the joy of the season with your neighbors by decorating your home or yard. Nothing is more inviting in an area than seeing it all lit up for the Holidays. If you want to see an area that really goes all out, go to Victoria Park and drive around. This is a fantastic display. (it is located north on Airport about a mile past the Tiburon entrance and is on the West side of the road. It is worth a trip up. We will be giving three prizes this year. A $100, $50 and $25. Our judging will be done by our community police officer Officer Tyrone Davis and his daughter.

 Occasionally we get some vendor who does an outstanding job and the resident will want to share it. I add the following email I received from a resident as an example. If you also have had great service, please let me know and I will start a list.   I have no experience with these people so understand this is not coming from me or the board.

As a boat owner, I am sure you know how difficult is it get a party to your house that will do a stellar job.  I lucked out and hired Affordable Professional Detailing.  The person that recommended them is the one that dives under my boat monthly to clean the bottom.  Affordable Professional Details removed the oxidation from the hull and deck fiberglass with a light compound.  They then sealed the surface, waxed the boat fully and cleaned the stainless steel.  They also cleaned all the isinglass.    The result is just great.  For a 35 foot Island Packet that was built in 1998 the result is just fantastic.  I paid $650.00 for the entire job.

 Affordable Professional Detailing would like to provide customers in Royal Harbor with a special pricing.  They currently detail boats on Port Royal and have customers in Collier County including Marco Island.  The contact information for Affordable is as follows:

 Affordable Professional Detailing

(239) 601-2905

Kelvin Escalante – President


As another example I get quite a few calls about needing a plumber to install a faucet, repair a leak or whatever. I have had great success using the installers at Home Depot. Last week, for example, Rhonda wanted a new faucet so we picked one out at Home depot and for $99 they sent out a plumber who did an excellent job. He looked familiar and we remembered he was the same person who installed new bathroom fixtures for us some months back. I have this guys card and he does other work in the area besides Home Depot.

 I have the new RCC cards. If you want yours early you may stop and get it. Call first if you want to be sure I am home. 732 1238 (Terry or Rhonda) we will be mailing them later on this month but with Christmas mail etc ???

 I am sure you know about the big discussion at the city council and the staff over cost of researching data.. There was a big article in the newspaper this week about it. It seem that the city now wants to charge city council members for collecting data if the process takes over 30 minutes. This is a direct reference to Doug Finlays many fact finding searches that he has done to check the costs, budgets and monies the city spends and then putting it into an understandable format and emailing it to the various people who then distribute it to residents. I get a lot of my material I share this way. To compromise they (the city)  have said 4 council members are required to sign off for this if they want it free, otherwise they council person will be accountable.

My question is “if the city is making decisions on money matters and items costing millions of dollars wouldn’t you think they would have already researched this information and have it ready to support their decisions?”  The most recent inquiry was regarding how much we are paying in legal fees to the city attorney and his law firm. While the line item on the budget seemed fairly reasonable after digging it proved to be much higher, closer to a million dollars. I ,for one, think Doug is doing a great service to us and feel this action is not in the best interest of we residents. I would hope you too feel his watch dog attitude and attention to detail a good example of what a Council person should be doing. You can make your feelings known by emailing you may also refer to the Brett Batten article in the paper a couple days ago. So you know, when I email council,  I always get a response for the Mayor, Finlay and Saad. Remember this when we vote.

 On this also, I am told that right now we have no one living in our area running for council next round. In fact no one from Royal Harbor, Oyster bay, Port Royal, Aqualane or Old Naples will be represented. We need to put on our thinking caps and find someone to run to speak for our interests. If you agree and would like to be part of a search group let me know.

 Dredging…Well we are still not any closer to having the dredging project finished. Most of the Royal Harbor canal system was left untouched in the last project and the city  allowed the contractor to leave without finishing the job. So here we are. After some discussion at our last board meeting we decided our best interest was to try and dissolve the taxing district and form our own. That way we may have more control over the project and will not be funding Oyster Bay’s project again. This has been a big disappointment for Royal Harbor.

 I think the waterline project is moving right along. I have had very few complaints. All that I know about were resolved.

Terry Forshier



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