Royal Harbor Update: November 19

These are busy times. Lots going on.

 Thanks first to those residents participating in Halloween this year. Everyone who attended thought it was great. At our last meeting we discussed next year. It appears that next year the water mains will be going in to the North entrance side of Royal Harbor so we plan to switch back . Then maybe alternate each year back and forth if we get enough enthusiasm. As always, plans pending, BUT this year was great.

 Resident Club cards.  The cards for 2015 have been printed and we are soon to receive them.  Distribution again will be the hard part. We wanted to do this at the annual meeting but  that may be too late. We will see about maybe mailing again. There was some discussion as to whether residents were using them. Since the price of the cards had risen to $10 each, (discounted to $8 for us) it was suggested we not include them in the membership for next year. (2016). We will see, but right now we think residents want them and we have them coming.

 There was a lot of discussion about sea walls, replacement and repair. Our subdivision is all sea walls and our regulations for repairing and replacement are also different. We are looking into alternatives remedies for this. More on this later.

 Commissioners approved to move forward on the plans for the big Hotel complex at the triangle at 41 and Davis and Palm. We will see. More on this later also.

 I saw our city Fire Chief on TV last week again pleading his case for more staff. More on this as we get into the new year.

 The outer marker light at Gordon Pass and the outer marker light at Marco have both been removed. According the officials there is no need for them. I think this is crazy. More on this as we find out more.

 Our dredging plans to finish up the project in Royal Harbor has come to a halt. No one is actively searching anymore for contractors to finish up the work left undone from the last round. Our board has discussed this at length and we are planning to propose a new approach. Stay tuned.

 We plan to have the Christmas decorating contest again this year. We hope you all will try to do a little lighting and decorating to help promote the spirit of the season. The prizes will be $25, $50 and $100 and will be judged by or community officer, Tyrone Davis and his daughter. Awards will be given at the annual meeting. You must be a member to win.

 Have a Happy Thanksgiving..

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